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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wonderful White Wednesday

I hate to be the "bearer of bad news" but all you White Wednesday party-goers were a day early! Yesterday was Tuesday...NOT Wednesday and today is Wednesday NOT Thursday my dears! Oh well...doesn't hurt to have your posts up early, right? As for me, i am a day late on schedule as usual!

So...here are a few whites from around my home....
I know i posted my hallway lamps/desk in an earlier post but it goes with the rest of my "whites" so bear with me! I recently covered my hall lampshades with this "linen-look" fabric and embellished them with vintage lace trim and rhinestone buckles (the shades used to be a yellow-colored and are paper). Well...ever heard of the "ripple effect?" It happens quite often here in my home and i hope i am not the only insane person it happens to!
I change ONE simple thing and and next thing you know...you guessed it..."the ripple effect"!

......the lampshade in the living room which can be seen from the hallway all of a sudden looks hideous "not quite right" and i have to go ahead and cover that one too!

...then...oh my....the sun room lampshade which can be seen from the living room also looks hideous "not quite right" and... well... you get the picture....

..and what about that chair next to the desk? Can i leave it upholstered in that dated yellowish fabric that matched the hideous yellow lampshades....or give into 
the "ripple effect" ....

...can't have the desk chair looking neglected now can i???
...now onto my living room ottoman...
nope....no escape from the dreaded "ripple effect" (sorry the picture is sideways but i have tried until i was so frustrated i swore to flip it and although it appears "upright" in my picture file...it keeps uploading sideways! So if you'll just cock your head to the right, you'll see the picture just fine. Think of it as exercise).

..and what about the kitchen chairs which can be seen from my hallway? can't have them looking

.....time to cock your head again....(you're very welcome for the Exercise Tutorial)....

Well...Happy White Wednesday Mes Amies! Now don't forget to go on over to Kathleens' Faded Charm to see more white inspiration. Gosh...i hope they're not too embarrassed when they see that their calendars are off by a day!!!

Avec Amour,


  1. I love how your ripple effect turned out. The lampshades look gorgeous and all the pillows and chair covers turned out great also. I'm kinda going through the same thing around here, but not done with any of it quite yet. You have inspired me to finish.

    So glad you could join in today.


  2. Everywhere I go they are just about 15 minutes ahead. It's very strange, no matter where I go...same thing!! I wish everyone would get their act together!

  3. Oh, yeah...I was so overwhelmed with the time thing...I forgot to tell you how much I like your redos. Love the little flower on the chair seats!!

  4. I love your ripple effect projects!! You can come to my house and do the ripple effect on my chairs, lamps etc. I wouldn't complain! LOL

    Thank you for the exercise dear Michelle because I sure needed it today!! (I need it every day! )
    HAPPY WW a day late! ha!

  5. Absolutely LOVE your chairs--I need those for my kitchen table! The shades came out darling--LOL, I am working the ripple effect here too but right now it's painting every room in the new house! Groan :) I did get the new pendant lights up though. Thanks for the lovely inspiration

  6. Oh my gosh, that was such a funny post! It does seem that the linky party's are popping up earlier and earlier but I blame it on the summer heat. I've had photo's load sideways also and have no idea why that happens!

    Your whites are so lovely! I love the little table with the tin top, soooo cute!

  7. Oh My Michelle you have been very busy! I love how your ripple effect ended up! All of your lamp shades and chairs look lovely! xx

  8. I like everything about your whites and your post including the sideways pictures. I'd be in pretty big trouble if anyone could hear me when I'm having trouble loading--which is almost all the time--Your chairs were worth the crick in my neck I want you to know! I had a good couple of laughs too! Thanks! Your place looks great! And now that I think about it I do often have to stop and figure out what day it is! Jacqueline

  9. Oh Michelle I love your lampshades! Your home looks so lovely ~ I spied the tin backsplash ~ looks so wonderful! Loved all the whites!!

  10. Michelle you are just hilarious - I love your blog! Your creations are just beautiful and your writing is terrific; I always laugh out loud at something you have written!

  11. You are hilarious....I love it. Most exercise I can afford to do....ha ha. I'm so lazy, I hate exercising. So thanks for the workout!

    Your ripple effect is wonderful, you do have a great decorating eye. It can be a curse, you know.

    Hope you don't mind I told my whole family your "start the car" story. Classic.

  12. Hello Ms. Michelle, I will start off by admitting that I have been stalking your blog for many months now...and after visiting many, MANY, other blogs I've got to tell you that I just LOVE revisiting yours. First of all your banner is absolute PERFECTION...if I was this talented that is EXACTLY what I would've chosen to represent me...Yes, I have BANNER ENVY. lol And your personality reminds me of one of my favorite people on T.V. (Kelly Ripa) you introduce such great sense of humor and wit...I am a NEWBIE to the blog world...but when my blog grows up it wants to be just like yours!

    An admirer and follower,


  13. Michelle my sweet friend,
    Get your booty on a plane, fly to DFW & I'll pick you up. Bring your vintage suitcase filled with linen, lace & bling & get ready to re-do my house! I love, LOVE your home. You know I love white in my house, but I always have a piece of black! Just makes it pop. Your lampshades are truly amazing. I've been on the hunt for cool lampshades forever. I even searched all over Round Top last fall with no luck. Just couldn't find what I wanted. Yours are TDF. Mean it. Elegant & not over the top. The ottoman too. That's why I need ya here. I should commission you to make me a shade?! Are you doing the blog party? I'll check back later & see. Thanks for your very sweet comment on mine. You made me feel like a million bucks! Lisa

  14. Michelle I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post!!! You definitely know how to do white right my friend! There isn't one thing that I wouldn't die to have in my home. Sorry it has taken me so darn long to come over and visit, I really have missed you a lot.

  15. O.K., I've streched my neck to the right side two times. That feels good so far but what about the left side and all the other parts of my body that would need to be streched? Will you come up with some other exercises in your next post or do I have to motivate myself here ;-)?
    Your lampshades look very pretty, Michelle and I'm so in love with your pitchers and the cloche!
    Have a wonderful Sunday, girl!


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