Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wonderful White Wednesday

Another White Wednesday...another day to share inspiration in all shades of white.

I am sharing random tresors from around my "theme" today...kind of  all over the place... pictures going up the stairs..
..a petite terra cotta pot that i painted and stamped...(need to put something in it)...
...a shelf in my workshop.. new-found "obsession"...they made there way onto my hallway chair pillow... umbrella bucket that i recently painted and decoupaged with that famous image from The Graphics Fairy...(need some old umbrellas i guess)...
..some vintage botanical prints that i adhered to the topmost windows in my pantry...(they hide the china that is not "white"...gasp!!)
...some of my seashell collection...

..this was an old, cast iron plaque that i found at a barn sale...decided to paint and stamp i need to decide where to hang it....
..some petite shoes i found at a resale shop...distressed them and now they sit on some organizers in my workshop...

...maybe they belonged to this petite angel in white?
Happy White Wednesday Mes Amies! Now go on over to Faded Charm Cottage where our hostess, Kathleen, will hook you up to lots and lots of white inspiration!

Avec Amour,

Monday, June 28, 2010

Vintage Summer Mondays

Another Vintage Summer Monday and I am sharing just a few finds...
i am in the middle of a ridiculouss huge project so there has been little time for junkin...weep...
..but i did snag this magnifique table cloth at a resale shop..look closely...can you see them??

My beloved Fleur-De-Lys!
Don't know whether i will make pillows, table runners, etc out of this or just keep it as...well...a tablecloth!

...a few vintage tins and a sweet Marie-Antoinette doll...
..she's just about 5" tall...

..this sweet recipe box....
...filled with these and so much more....(will be availalbe in my ETSY shop soon)...
...buttons inside the other tin...haven't had time to sort them yet (big project ya know...) will reveal more about THAT later...
Happy Vintage Summer Mondays Mes Amies! Can't wait until our hostess, Melinda, over at Alabaster Rose Designs is back!

Avec Amour,

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wonderful White Wednesday

Glad to see that everyone is back on schedule this week (LOL). Joining Kathleen over at Faded Charm Cottage for another Wonderful White Wednesday!

I decided to take the doors off of one of my kitchen cabinets. I've loved the "look" for a while now and decided to just go ahead and do it already! It really forces one to "edit" what one hoards stores behind those doors but i really loved the outcome.... airy....and now i can admire some of my creamy ironstone plates and pitchers instead of having them hidden...... Baby Ben has made its' way from my sun room to this open kitchen shelf...
..a close-up of a small table in my living room. I've embellished it with a vintage metal curtain tieback....(it was a "rusty" red before i painted it...)

...and the "ripple effect" with a paintbrush. I posted this sofa table in an earlier post...decided to paint it a dreamy, creamy white....
...a few things i found at a re-sale shop yesterday.....

...this mermaid was a steal at only 3.99... living room angel adorned in her summer "finery"...
...and i decided to try my hand at those rolled fabric roses.
WARNING: you really CAN get third degree burns from a glue gun! Ouch! was worth it once i saw how these turned out. I think i have a new "obsession."

Happy White Wednesday Mes Amies!
Now go on over to the Faded Charm Cottage for more white inspiration!

Avec Amour,

Monday, June 21, 2010

Vintage Summer Monday's

I'm "keeping the party going" while Melinda over at Alabaster Rose Designs settles into her new home. Sharing some vintage finds/purchases from over the week-end. I actually didn't get to any estate sales or my favorite Sunday Flea Market but, instead, went to one of my most favorites shops around here: Nesting On Main in charming downtown Concord. I purchased some of these wonderful French labels and vintage store tags as well as a sweet photograph of some "beach babes" at  a nearby antique shop....

...stopped at one yard sale on the way home and can never pass up those gorgeous silver-plated dishes and platters. I just loved the oval-shaped one with the pretty scrollwork trim. Couldn't wait to get home...polish them up...and fill them with these.....

Happy "Vintage" Summer Mes Amies!

Avec Amour,

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I dedicate this post to "my dad" who passed away 7 years ago this coming August. And even though i feel his spirit and "see" him in so many ways, places and faces.....not a day goes by that I don't miss his "physical presence" in my life. He was the calm at the center of the storm for me. A priest once said that the nicest words one could use to describe a person are: "He is kind." My father was kind. He was kind-hearted. He had a kind smile. He always had kind words for those who needed to hear them. He had a kind soul. He was  a man of few words but when he spoke them...they were abundant in meaning. Small in stature...he was larger than life in my eyes. He was my idol, my hero, my mentor, my friend.

Happy Father's Day Dad. I miss you more than words can say.

"Life is eternal,
and love is immortal,
and death is only a horizon;
and a horizon is nothing
save the limit of our sight."

Avec Amour,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wonderful White Wednesday

I hate to be the "bearer of bad news" but all you White Wednesday party-goers were a day early! Yesterday was Tuesday...NOT Wednesday and today is Wednesday NOT Thursday my dears! Oh well...doesn't hurt to have your posts up early, right? As for me, i am a day late on schedule as usual! are a few whites from around my home....
I know i posted my hallway lamps/desk in an earlier post but it goes with the rest of my "whites" so bear with me! I recently covered my hall lampshades with this "linen-look" fabric and embellished them with vintage lace trim and rhinestone buckles (the shades used to be a yellow-colored and are paper). Well...ever heard of the "ripple effect?" It happens quite often here in my home and i hope i am not the only insane person it happens to!
I change ONE simple thing and and next thing you guessed it..."the ripple effect"!

......the lampshade in the living room which can be seen from the hallway all of a sudden looks hideous "not quite right" and i have to go ahead and cover that one too!

...then...oh my....the sun room lampshade which can be seen from the living room also looks hideous "not quite right" and... well... you get the picture....

..and what about that chair next to the desk? Can i leave it upholstered in that dated yellowish fabric that matched the hideous yellow lampshades....or give into 
the "ripple effect" ....

...can't have the desk chair looking neglected now can i??? onto my living room ottoman... escape from the dreaded "ripple effect" (sorry the picture is sideways but i have tried until i was so frustrated i swore to flip it and although it appears "upright" in my picture keeps uploading sideways! So if you'll just cock your head to the right, you'll see the picture just fine. Think of it as exercise).

..and what about the kitchen chairs which can be seen from my hallway? can't have them looking

.....time to cock your head again....(you're very welcome for the Exercise Tutorial)....

Well...Happy White Wednesday Mes Amies! Now don't forget to go on over to Kathleens' Faded Charm to see more white inspiration. Gosh...i hope they're not too embarrassed when they see that their calendars are off by a day!!!

Avec Amour,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Inspiration Abounds....

WARNING: This post is very a bit "lengthy." Not wordy.....but lengthy in the form of pictures from my favorite decorating and design books. When i need a little inspiration...when it's dreary outside....or just when i'm feeling a bit blue....i just reach for my reading glasses one of these books and i am transported into another world... one where everything is perfection....i am surrounded by absolute beauty in every form.....i become inspired....see for yourselves.....'s where i escape to....

I hope you are able to escape into books that inspire you to surround yourself with beauty!

Avec Amour,

DISCLAIMER: This blog, the author of this post and the editors of the above books are not responsible for the irrational urge you will all have to go shopping, thrifting, junkin and antiquing and spend money you don't have on things you can't afford in order to duplicate the above images in your own homes!