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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Asking For Prayers

Hello mes amies....i just wanted to let you all know that I'm taking some "time out" to be with my family and support them through a difficult time. I don't know when i'll post again but I WILL stop by your blogs regularly and leave comments when i can. I put my ETSY shop on vacation for a bit as well and will be back as soon as time allows. Being creative has always been an outlet for me whenever i've had to face times of trial so i will surely be in my studio whenever I can...just not as much as i have in the recent past.  I would appreciate your prayers as we take one day at a time and accept what He has planned.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

White Wednesday


...sharing some of my coverless book bundles....

....a custom order for a sweet bride-to-be....

.....wanting these... 

...for centerpieces.....

...at her vintage-inspired wedding!

I am always so honored....

 ...when a bride wants some of my creations....
....as part of her very special day!

 I feel a part of her joy....

 ...and wish her love!

Wishing you all joy and love this White Wednesday!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Finally...some blooms....

Oh Happy Day!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Celebrating The 100th White Wednesday

A vignette in honor of Kathleen at Faded Charm 
and her 100th White Wednesday Post...

Happy 100th White Wednesday Kathleen and all mes amies! 
It has been a pleasure sharing these inspirational White Wednesdays together!

Now don't forget to head on over to Faded Charm where some really lovely giveaway prizes await!

Friday, May 13, 2011

When The Lilacs Bloom

This was a post I did last Spring but I wanted to share it with you once again since it's "Lilac Season."

“I miss you most when lilacs bloom
And leaves catch drops of rain.
The scent of budding lilacs
Sweetly touched by sun again.

I miss you most when lilacs bloom
And summer’s in the air.
Traces of a season spent
With one another there.

I miss you when the days are long
And nightfall fills the room.
But the times I miss you most
Are when the lilacs bloom.”

I wrote that poem for my grandparents many years ago. Whenever it is lilac-blooming season...i always think of them. I'll tell you why... 
There used to be this really beautiful lilac bush in front of their home. Whenever we went there to visit during lilac season..the scent of those lilacs would follow us through the front door and into the house. I loved it. When it was time to leave, my grandmother would always let me cut a bouquet of them...and she would wrap them in tinfoil for the ride home. I kept them long after they dried up and died because they still smelled so beautiful. When my grandparents had to move into an elder housing center, i missed that ritual so much. I asked my parents if we could plant a lilac bush near our front door and we did. But..by the time it grew to the point where it really bloomed, my grandparents had both passed away and i had left for college. On one of my  visits home during Lilac season...i cut a bouquet of them, wrapped them in tinfoil  and borrowed my dad's car to make the long trek to the cemetery to visit them. It became a ritual for me whenever i was home during that time of year. Years later, when my husband and i were looking for our first home, we came upon an old colonial set on a corner lot. We did the "walk through" and checked out every nook and cranny but what "Sold" me on the house was when i looked out the dining room window and saw the Lilac bush in the backyard. It was absolutely beautiful and...as luck would have it...in full bloom! I took it as a sign from above that we would have many happy years in this home and so we bought it. We still live here to this day. Unfortunately, when we were re-locating our driveway from the busy front street to the back...the guys who did the job destroyed my lilac bush. I was devastated and saddened. They took away so much more than my lilacs but...they didn't take away my fond memories of them.  And...to this day..whenever i smell lilacs and see them in bloom i remember my sweet grandparents. I hope you have fond memories of yours. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

White Wednesday

It's an overcast day here and, once again, I'm "bringing up the rear" this week as far as joining in! 
These pictures are not the best what with no sun in sight.....

I made new slipcovers for the backs of my dining room chairs...

...added a few bottles to my hall rack...
(they need some blooms!)

 Flowers from a wedding we went to on Saturday...

 ...and a sweet metal rose.....

Happy White Wednesday #99 mes amies! 
Due stay tuned for Kathleen's 100th White Wednesday Giveaway featuring many talented gals. You don't want to miss it!

Friday, May 6, 2011


Last December, I was browsing the aisles of one of my favorite stores...Home Goods...when I spotted this gorgeous French sign. It looked exactly like the ones I had been coveting from stores like Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and Ballard Design. It was stunning and I fell in love with it but, alas, I was there shopping for Xmas gifts and, sadly, that did not  include shopping for myself! So...I tearfully left it behind and drove home. I regretted it the minute I left the store and went back several days later to look for it. Of course, it was gone by then! I vowed then that, if I ever saw it again, I'd buy it no matter what! Well, mes amies, almost 5 months later, I was browsing those same aisles and...lo and behold..there she was in all her glory!! Oh happy day for me.....

I hugged her and took her home...

She's large.....and yes, she's "dark" but I love the contrast between this beautiful print and all of my serene "whites." And, the best part of all...I snagged her for 40.00!!

Oh Happy Day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

White Wednesday

Better late than never is what I always say and this WW...i am late..late...late but joining in nevertheless! 
Sharing inspiration from some of my favorite decorating magazines...

(Photos courtesy of Flea Market Style ~ August 2010)

(Photo courtesy of Quick & Easy Decorating ~ Spring/Summer 2005)

(Photos Courtesy of Flea Market Style ~ 2003)

(Photos courtesy of Creative Home ~ Summer 2004)

Happy White Wednesday mes amies. I am heading on over to Kathleen's Faded Charm Cottage where I know i'll be inspired by some "wonderful whites."