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Monday, May 31, 2010

Vintage Summer Monday

I am joining sweet Melinda over at Alabaster Rose Designs for another Vintage Summer Monday. What a way to chase those Sunday night blues than to wake up to Vintage Summer Monday! Here are a few "tresor" that i found at my favorite Sunday Flea Market yesterday....

..some floral lamps and sconces along with 4 of these Fleur-de-lys trays....( i can see these lamps painted in a creamy white...)

...a silver plated souvenir dish from Paris...a petite note written in french...some French perfume..and some tatted buttons...
..lots of old porcelain...ribbon...seam binding...shabby hardware and some sweet baby shoes on  a vintage dresser mirror...

...and this beautiful Singer print....
Happy Memorial Day and Happy Vintage Summer Monday mes amies! Now click on my sidebar link and go on over to
Alabaster Rose Designs for more vintage treasures!

Avec Amour,

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wonderful White Wednesday

Happy White Wednesday! Finally....i am able to cut some flowers from my own garden instead of buying them at the market. My spring and early summer flowers are in full bloom. After a long winter and very wet spring...it is so refreshing. Here are some of my white azaleas....

...a petite shadowbox in my kitchen...
..oops...some fake blooms  (how did they sneak in there??)
..a little vignette in the sun room...
...sconces in the sun room and my Baby Ben on some shabby books with a creamy white oiseau!

I hop you all have a wonderful white day! Now go on over to Kathleen's
Faded Charm Cottage for some more wonderful White Wednesday inspiration!

Avec Amour,

Monday, May 24, 2010

Vintage Summer Monday

My first Vintage Summer Monday and I'm already running late (Sorry Melinda)! I am sharing just a few vintage "assemblages" that will be listed in the shop soon. Old cabinet cards... book covers..lace..buttons..tresors.

Happy Vintage Summer Monday mes amies! Now link up with Melinda at
Alabaster Rose Designs for some vintage summer goodness!

Avec Amour,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wonderful White Wednesday

Sharing some "whites" soon-to-be-listed in my ETSY shop. I guess I'm anxious for summer...the beach... and seashells because that's all i can think about creating these days...

...and a few vintage "goodies"...

Now grab my White Wednesday link and go on over to Kathleen's Faded Charm and be inspired by all the other WW lovelies!

Avec Amour,

Monday, May 17, 2010

"I've Come Out of Hiding"

It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been “on the lam” and mostly in hiding. It hasn’t been easy trying to shake the law off of my trail but I’ve been O.K. And…because I love “living on the edge”…I decided to come out of hiding this past Saturday to hit up a local Estate Sale. Lots of preparation for this “job” dear junkin friends…new hair color…hat…sunglasses… oh yea…and a new “getaway car” because my old license plate number, make and model are well known in this county since my last “heist.” Several hours later…with the adrenaline flowing…..I was ready for my next one. Off I went….

Whew....this was going to be a challenge but not for this "professional!"
... a junk thief's heaven my dear junkin friends....tatted doilies, pressed flowers...
...millinery...old wooden rulers...
..a Baby Ben ...crystal lamp...vintage photograph in brass frame...

..old sugar sack...baby bottle..silver plated soup bowl...gummed labels...button card...
...can anyone say "Ooh-la-la?"..lots of French books....

...and, oh my, how many relatives can i rent today???
...and lastly...more old photos in frames...a book filled with ink illustrations of French architecture...

...and some vintage seed packets and boxes....
"How Much" you ask? Well, let's just say that I am no longer considered just a "petty thief" now! Can anyone say : "START THE CAR! START THE CAR!"

Happy junkin season to all...and to all a good night!
Avec Amour,

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"When The Lilacs Bloom"

“I miss you most when lilacs bloom

And leaves catch drops of rain.

The scent of budding lilacs

Sweetly touched by sun again.

I miss you most when lilacs bloom

And summer’s in the air.

Traces of a season spent

With one another there.

I miss you when the days are long

And nightfall fills the room.

But the times I miss you most

Are when the lilacs bloom.”

I wrote that poem for my grandparents many years ago. Whenever it is lilac-blooming season...i always think of them. I'll tell you why...
There used to be this really beautiful lilac bush in front of their home. Whenever we went there to visit during lilac season..the scent of those lilacs would follow us through the front door and into the house. I loved it. When it was time to leave, my grandmother would always let me cut a bouquet of them...and she would wrap them in tinfoil for the ride home. I kept them long after they dried up and died because they still smelled so beautiful. When my grandparents had to move into an elder housing center, i missed that ritual so much. I asked my parents if we could plant a lilac bush near our front door and we did. But..by the time it grew to the point where it really bloomed, my grandparents had both passed away and i had left for college. On one of my  visits home during Lilac season...i cut a bouquet of them, wrapped them in tinfoil  and borrowed my dad's car to make the long trek to the cemetery to visit them. It became a ritual for me whenever i was home during that time of year. Years later, when my husband and i were looking for our first home, we came upon an old colonial set on a corner lot. We did the "walk through" and checked out every nook and cranny but what "Sold" me on the house was when i looked out the dining room window and saw the Lilac bush in the backyard. It was absolutely beautiful and...as luck would have it...in full bloom! I took it as a sign from above that we would have many happy years in this home and so we bought it. We still live here to this day. Unfortunately, when we were re-locating our driveway from the busy front street to the back...the guys who did the job destroyed my lilac bush. I was devastated and saddened. They took away so much more than my lilacs but...they didn't take away my fond memories of them.  And...to this day..whenever i smell lilacs and see them in bloom i remember my sweet grandparents. I hope you have fond memories of yours.
Avec Amour,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wonderful White Wednesday

Joining Kathleen at Faded Charm for another Wonderful White Wednesday!
Sharing pictures from around my home....

Happy White Wednesday dear friends. Now go on over to Faded Charm for a lot more white inspiration!
Avec Amour,

Sunday, May 9, 2010

To My Mother

This post is dedicated to my Mother….my inspiration…my guiding light…my friend…

~*~elementary school~*~

Who taught me all of the lessons in life I needed to not only be the mother I am today but “who" I am today. Who taught by example...not just words. Who not only allowed me to "march to the beat of a different drummer" but encouraged me to. Who showed us what selflessness is when, time after time, she put her own wishes and needs after her 5 children’s. Who spent countless hours crocheting in a waiting room while her four daughters took tap, jazz and ballet lessons. Who let us stay home from school on “recital day” to wrap our long, straight hair in strips of wet cotton and let us play in the sun as it dried our hair into long, beautiful ringlets.

~*~dancing mom~*~

Who never let us stay angry at each other for very long because “friends will come and go but your siblings will always be there for you…they will be your lifelong friends.” She was right. Who reassured us that being late bloomers was really a blessing and that all of the other girls were just “peaking too soon”… and they’d be “losing their bloom” just about the time we were really coming into our own…and that it would be worth the wait. She was right.

~*~high school~*~

Who made us smile again when some foolish boy was careless with one of our hearts. Who showed us determination when she went to college for the first time only after raising her children …seeing them all through college and watching them start lives of their own. Who became a kindergarten teacher and always started her morning sitting on the floor with her “smarty pants” and reading "Oh  The Places You WIll Go."

~*~high school graduation~*~

Who inspired us when she never left our father’s side as he faced the battle for his life. Who held his hand from the moment we heard the heart-wrenching diagnosis until the moment he became the angel who watches over us now. Who showed us strength when she picked up the pieces of all of our shattered hearts and helped us put them back together.

~*~mom and dad~*~

Who showed us faith by saying “it is not the life I want right now but it is the life God’s given me to live right now and so I will accept it.” Who showed us courage when she got her driver’s license at 70 years old.

My Mother...who continues everyday of her life to teach me about faith, strength, courage, determination and hope….

Happy Mother's Day Mom!
I love you…