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Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm a Wanted Woman!

No...I don't mean "the object of man's desire" (well maybe ONE man...God love him)...I mean "by the law!" Here's the long sad story that put me on the path to life on the lam...

The sun was out...the forecast called for a "perfect" weekend weather-wise so i decided to put on my yard sailing gear and head out for some treasure-hunting.
My first stop was at a humble abode with what looked like was going to be a wash for me in terms of real finds but....i started diggin (you never know). At the bottom of an old cardboard box...covered in old newspaper was this box. I loved its' shabby beauty and the keyhole too...so i lifted it out and opened it up....
Bingo! Oodles of vintage apothecary bottles and a few religious items. Oh my...time for my POKER FACE! So i asked the gentleman what he wanted for the box and he said: "Ten bucks." Ten bucks? "And what do you want for what's inside?", I asked. "Ten bucks for the box and its' contents " he replied. Okay..BREATHE Michelle...Breathe! Don't you dare let him see you hyperventilating! So..i casually took out a ten-spot and paid him and then casually strolled away and towards my car. When I got out of eyesight of him I was running like a mad woman and yelling at my "getaway driver" to "START THE CAR! START THE CAR!" That was a close one dear junkin friends but i got away!
My next stop was  at an old house up the street and if i didn't find a THING there ...i was going home with a smile on my face after my last score! But..Mon Amies...i was NOT disappointed! This woman used to own a "brick and mortar" shop in New Hampshire years ago. After she closed it, she boxed up all of her stuff and stored it in her barn. She decided to host a couple of yard sales each summer until she sells it all. We were not allowed to actually go into the barn...."too hazardous" she said. (She'd be right! No one would make it out alive after going in there but oh what a way to go!) Anyways..so she dragged these boxes out onto her driveway and let us all just start diggin!
Heaven i tell you..heaven! Lots of lace, books, china....

...old lace collars, vanity jars....sweet old pictures....

..an old bride's hat with attached veil....bottles....

...tins, Farmer's Almanacs, vintage spools...

...pewter salt shakers, wooden measuring tapes, drawer pulls...

...cool metal plaques..muffin pan...

..and oodles of sheet music...
...LOVE this bird one....
Sigh! What a day...what finds..what steals! How much for all of the above you want to know? Well...let's just say that when i got home i had to drastically alter my appearance because the law is after me "fa sure!"
All in all it was .....

 Happy treasure hunting mon amies!
Avec Amour,


  1. OH MY GOSH, Michelle, I AM hyperventilating!
    What an amazing haul, girlfriend. Don't ya just love it when you find something as wonderful as the contents of that box! Good job, wish I could have seen your face!

  2. ooooohhhh Those finds are amazing Michelle. I just can´t believe it. Everything is so wonderful. You are one lucky gal ;D
    xo Tina

  3. Oh, I wish I had been there on that caper! I see so many items I would just LOVE to have!

  4. oooooo, you are truly going to get caught...lol..what a steal..I am soooooo jealous, I need to find a mine like you found..how much FUN!!!!!

  5. Goodness what a chest of treasures you found!! Then to hit the jackpot again in the same day!! Lucky girl!

  6. Oh my gosh!!! I would have been in 7th heaven just finding those apothecary botttles! Score!!!

  7. OMG - I'm going to get fired at work because I am laughing SO LOUDLY! Start the car, Priceless. Thank you my friend for this wonderful post. I look forward to seeing everyone's finds....I so need to go junkin' but I HAVE NO ROOM FOR ANYTHING at the moment. SO I live vicariously through you ladies who get all the good finds.

    That lace is going to make me weep, I tell ya.

  8. Oh My goodness Michelle,
    I am so jealous!! I cannot believe the amazing treasures that you found!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Enjoy all of your goodies.
    Have a great week.

  9. Really a most perfect day of treasure hunting. Beautiful finds! Will some of this go to Etsy? ~ Angela

  10. WOW!!! You are such a lucky girl, so many perfect treasures. I am sitting hear laughing so hard at your story. What a great day.

  11. Amazing!!! I can't believe you found all that!! Great deals too! Awesome!

  12. Oh my...the thrifting gods were on your side this weekend! I love all the little bottles!!!

    I had a yard sale once and was selling an old jewelry box I'd had for years. I sold it to a Mexican man who didn't speak any English for about $1. He left then came back about an hour later, I'd had TONS of stuff inside that I didn't even realize! Old coins, some jewelry, stuff from high school. I was so thankful to him for bringing it back!

    That was nice of you to ask but I'm glad in your case he let you keep all those goodies:)

  13. Oh what amazing treasures you scored! I woulda been running down the street just like that with my co-hort gunning the car, cause I texted him to "Star the car" the moment I walked out that mans driveway :) Enjoy your treasures! Besos, Rose

  14. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? WOW! You really scored girlfriend ~ I'm amazed! Great job on the getaway! :)


  15. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... this is one day I am totally regretting the fact I moved to the Cape and away from all the treasure-hunting up your way!!! By the time I'm out of bed here, all the dealers have staked out the good stuff, made their deals, and hauled it all off... I feel like my treasures are usually crumbs that have fallen off the table! lol You scored MAJORLY BIG TIME!!!

  16. You are one very lucky girl!!!!! I can't remember the last time I saw that much amazing stuff at a garage sale...wait...NEVER!! lol
    Enjoy it all!!!!!

  17. Oh my goodness! What fun it must have been to find so many wonderful treasures and for such great deals, too!

  18. You are so lucky, you found great things! Oh I would have been so excited abou this box as well...
    Yesterday I've found some lovely charms for necklaces at the flea market... I was really excited about that. I don't know yet what I will do with them exactly... but I have some ideas ;)

  19. Wanted indeed! Gasp! What great treasures!

  20. Wow, what a haul!! It's so hard not to do the happy dance in front of the vendor!!

  21. I agree, absolutely a haul.
    My lucky score was free nautical book!

  22. Whoa Nellie!!! You got some real goodies and I wish I could have been there too.

    Can't wait to see what you do with your loot!


  23. OH Michelle...this has to be one of the best day's finds ever!! What wonderful goodies~ My heart would have been racing...

  24. OH---MY---GOSH!!! Michelle!!! You so scored!!! I agree with everyone here...just AMAZING!!!

  25. All I can say is WOW!!



  26. Yes Michelle, I want you - I want you to send everything over to me, lol! What a successful treasure hunt! Your finds are gorgeous! Enjoy all your new goodies!

  27. wow!

    Great haul
    enjoying my visit here.
    barbara jean

  28. Oh my what a day! Lucky you to find such amazing treasures...it's making me think I need to give yard sales another chance!

    Please join us at Brimfield next spring (so far - that's the only one we seem to get to!)

    Hugs ~


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