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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Inspiration Abounds....

WARNING: This post is very a bit "lengthy." Not wordy.....but lengthy in the form of pictures from my favorite decorating and design books. When i need a little inspiration...when it's dreary outside....or just when i'm feeling a bit blue....i just reach for my reading glasses one of these books and i am transported into another world... one where everything is perfection....i am surrounded by absolute beauty in every form.....i become inspired....see for yourselves.....

...here's where i escape to....

I hope you are able to escape into books that inspire you to surround yourself with beauty!

Avec Amour,

DISCLAIMER: This blog, the author of this post and the editors of the above books are not responsible for the irrational urge you will all have to go shopping, thrifting, junkin and antiquing and spend money you don't have on things you can't afford in order to duplicate the above images in your own homes!


  1. I understand your inspiration! Those pics are gorgeous!!

  2. Thanks Michelle...perfect photos full of wonderful inspiration. It will help while I am in the shop today as I spy new treasures that the other shop girls have brought in!!

  3. I have a lot of these same tear sheets in my inspiration book. I'm just addled about shells! The big cupboard displaying shells made me crazy. Yeah, you got me goin'. Jacqueline

  4. Ha Michelle what a nice photo's!
    Lots of inspirations!!

  5. Lovely inspiration photo's! I love all the white plates on the wall, so pretty!!!

  6. Ahhh don't you just looking a decorating books and magazines. I just loved the chest of drawers distressed white.
    This is my first visit. What a beautiful blog you have. I will definitely be back.

  7. That is some SERIOUS inspiration!!! At first I thought those were all taken in your home!!!

  8. Hi Michelle! The bathroom is to die for! Gosh, I just want some bubbles and a nice glass of wine..sigh..to bad my 3yr old would want to 'help'!

  9. Hi Michelle!
    I have both of those books and I love everything in them. I get them out and look through the pages over and over again.


  10. Michelle, I do the same thing and I have that Flea Market Decorating book! We are so much alike.

    Fabulous post I loved every single picture but I always love your pictures.

    You are correct, why be blue, just get inspired!

  11. Now this is some great inspiration. I have some of the same photos in my files and love to look through them and be transported.

    Thanks for sharing.


  12. Thats a lot of inspiration there girl!! My brain is in overload. What book is that chippy chair in with the towels on top? That is gorgeous!!
    Love your disclaimer too! CUTE!!


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