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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Vintage Summer Monday's

These preparations for Vintage Summer Mondays' sure do make those "Monday blues" just fade away! I am joining Melinda @ Alabaster Rose Designs for another Monday of sharing vintage weekend finds.

...i found an assortment of old photographs and souvenir postcards at an estate sale this week-end. I especially love this one of some "friends on the beach." There are no names on the back or a date. It always makes me sad to think that they might have been forgotten if not for a junker like me rescuing them.

..gotta love the swim "trunks" on this guy. How brave! LOL!

..and "who" are these sweet boys playing in the sand?

...i just love these souvenir postcards featuring actual photographs. The back of the one below reads:

"To Miss T. Hefis:
Take a sail in this some times next week? Start for Louisville, Kentucky. How about it?
I wonder if she went? I wonder how they "gossipped" when she did??

If you want to chase away those Blue Mondays...then click on my sidebar button and go on over to Alabaster Rose Designs for some more Vintage Summer inspiration!

Avec Amour,


  1. Hi Michelle,
    What wonderful photos you found this weekend! I love the one of the little boys playing in the sand. Thank you so much for joining the party and for your continued support! Don't forget me while I'm away, I'll talk to you in July sometime, once I've moved.
    Have a great week.

  2. I wish I were junkin' in your neck of the woods. One day, we will. Great finds, I love old photos so much. We looked at so many at my 88 year old Aunt's home on my trip. She's the keeper of all of the family photos. Lucky woman.

  3. Love those old photos Michelle! I love the one of friends on the beach especially! I always feel sad when people have no regard for the old memories and they are just put out in a yard sale. But then I suppose my kids will do that someday with my stuff! lol I am glad you rescued them and will enjoy them.

  4. I just adore those old beach photos!!! Especially the one with the guy wearing the fuddy-dud bathing suit! ;) I have some vintage 60's beach postcards and they make me giggle with those old fashions.

  5. Very cute photos. I just love estate sales!

  6. Oh my gosh, the man-kini is hilarious! What wonderful photo's those are.

  7. What a great find. The photos are great and it is fun to imagine who the people were. You never know, someone may recognise them one day! xx

  8. Hi Michelle...do you think those women were blushing standing next to that gentleman on the beach?! Wonderful peeks from the past ~ thanks for sharing! Have a great week!!

    xo Sandi

  9. Hi Michelle,
    Happy VSM!! I absolutely love vintage pictures!! Thanks for sharing these with us...they're terrific!
    Have a great day!
    Hugs ~ Jo

  10. So lovely, Michelle! Love old beachy photos!

  11. Michelle I love the photo of the pals on the beach! I'd say that guy is brave. That suit is a scream!!!
    I have missed some great posts here while I have been gone. Your WW post is gorgeous! Missed you!

  12. Jason Mraz is the sweet voice rockin' on my blog. ;)

    YES! We must meet up when you come to the Cape!!! I will send a convo...

  13. hello sweet michelle! so looking forward to swapping with you. :) your blog is lovely and your etsy shop is to die for!!! xoxo


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