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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Vintage Bazaar....

~*~The Vintage Bazaar~*~
Pettengill Farm, Salisbury, MA~*~
September 21st &22nd

"First Timers".... a dream come true.... a lot of planning...a lot of late nights...a lot of blood , sweat & tears...and A LOT of laughter.

Here's our "Bazaar" experience in pictures.....

~*~The French Flea Market Gals~*~

Susan ~ "Evelyn and Rose" & "Moi"
~Photo taken by Christy of "Dovetail Design"~

"Setting up on Friday"      "Ready to go?"                 "Woo Hoo!"

~*~Our Vintage Shop on The Farm~*~

(See Susan sitting in the background? That girl sat ALL day while I ran myself ragged! Tee Hee)

My Sisters-in-law        Hubby & Son           Son's Sweetheart

Jan from Todd Farm and MaryEllen & Karen from The Wrentham Country Store

~*~Bazaar Neighbors~*~

Cindy from "Cowgirl Emporium & Amy from "Sage and Twine"

~*~The Picker Sisters~*~
"Evelyn and Rose" and "Petite Michelle Louise"

"Merci" to our family and friends for all their support & encouragement! 
To all the lovely ladies who stopped by with such kind words....you made this experience so much more special.
To all of our new"Bazaar Friends"....you're amazing! 
And to my sweet Picker Sister, Susan..... we make the perfect team...always in synch...you read my mind every time! I could not have done this without you nor would I have wanted to!
You bring out the best in me in every way Mon Amie!
"Merci" for the memories...here's to many more!

P.S. "Susan...are you listening to me???"


  1. Oh it is all draping with beauty!!! I would have bought stuff at your booth most definetly. I absolutely love your outfit. I know how much work goes into it but it sure is fun.

  2. Oh mon amie, I just adore this post! It is bringing back the fun memories of that weekend and what a joy it was to spend it with you. You made me laugh AND cry in this post - laugh at your hilarious joke that I was sitting all day on my butt, and cry at those sweet words at the end. I just love how you captured all our visitors and new friends, too. And I can't get over your amazing close-up shots of our booth! You zoomed in on so much with that amazing eye of yours.
    Let's do this again next week! Ha ha! Couldn't have done this without you, my friend!

  3. Bravo!!
    Your space looks just amazing...all your hard work definitely paid off!!!
    The attention to detail is breathtaking...I am in total awe!
    So sorry I missed it, but I was there in spirit!
    I will pass along to Mary Ellen!!

  4. Gorgeous!! Oh I wish I could have been there! Your attention to detail is amazing! What a stunning display and so many pretties!

  5. What a joy it was to see both of you, Michelle and Susan. Your booth was so beautiful. I was so impressed with the smallest of details in everything. You would never know that this was your first show. It was stunning. Thanks for being so welcoming into your wonderful tent. Love, Mary Ellen

  6. Just saw your P.S. - yes, I'm listening Ma!

  7. You look great !! I love when you post about your adventures and show such awesome photos of of awesome things that you love and I love too !! So much fun !! Thank you for sharing...
    Have a beautiful and creative day.... Chickie

  8. I wish I could have been there Michelle. I would have spent my lifetime allowance LOL. There are so many beautiful things!!

  9. Oh Michelle, you have been having a fabulous year! Your booths are wonderful and make me want to shop! I only wish I could have been there. You two are such a great team! I especially love that you used the word "ragged", you make me laugh! I say that all the time.

    Your son's sweetheart looks just like you, she could be your sister!

    Okay, j'adore the petite ballets and all the PML touches I see - there are just so many beautiful treasures!

  10. I have been to many shows but have never seen such a beautiful booth as yours. Awesome displays.

  11. Michelle!!! Your booth is gorgeous!!! So happy that you had a fantastic day!

  12. Dear Michelle, I can tell you and your friend had an unforgettable time together,- you brought so many beautiful things and such wonderful creations, too... your booths looks amazing,- and I would have LOVED being there, picking and looking, and for sure giving you a hug. Thankyou for showing all your beauty !!- Hugs and love, Dorthe

  13. Gasp!! What a wonderful vintage market. You girls put so much creative effort into this venture-- it must have been a great success! The photos are just killer!!!! You look like a doll in those pictures-- a little vintage beauty queen!

    Amazing is what you are girlfriend!! Your booth was absolutely beautiful- I can see your beautiful creations everywhere--


  14. What fun! I hope we do as well at our Christmas Boutique as you did at your market!
    These are always so much fun.

  15. How fun was this?? Love all of the pics of the goodies, and of your friends and family! Looks like a great day!! I'm sure it was a big success! Would love to do something like this one day! We'll see!


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