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Thursday, September 26, 2013

My "Reunion" With Rhonda From "A Little Bit French"...

   I call it a “reunion” because that is what it felt like to me...not two strangers meeting for the first time but two old friends who had been long parted.

I imagine that in another time...another place, most likely Paris, we were great “amies.” We were school chums a la “Madeline”. We chose each other first when choosing teams...we shared each other’s lunches...we skimmed rocks on  “La Seine” and hop scotched our summers away. 

As we grew...we shared first loves and first heart breaks. We cried..we laughed...and we missed each other when we each left to “pursue our individual dreams.” 

We reunited in Paris (mais oui) and rented a flat together on the Champs-Elysees. We filled it with brocante finds and shared tresors. We bought fresh baguettes & chocolat at Chez Pierro just around the corner and sipped French wine while sharing secrets under La Tour Eiffel. We understood each other without ever speaking a word. Kindred spirits...soul sisters.

And on a late summer day in New England, we “reunited” once again. 
Arm in arm, as if we were never parted,we picked up in this life where we left off in the other. 
The quintessential town of Brimfield and its’ famous  Annual Flea Market was the perfect place for two old souls like us to meet. And what a “reunion” it was! Here is that very special and memorable day in pictures.....

"ParisGal56" and "Moi"

I wish we had taken more pictures together but time stood still and flew by almost simultaneously and the day was over before we knew it. 

Someday Mon Amie.....some day...I hope this will be us.....

In the meantime.....


  1. That is so sweet...I am so glad to have come across both your paths this week and am now following and 'hearting' you (on etsy). I feel the same way about Dore' of Burlap Luxe...we have yet to meet in person but we have become best friends through this crazy thing of blogging(and etsy). You have a lovely studio...love all your Mother Mary's. Beautiful and Calm.

  2. Awwwww....I just adore those first few photos of girlfriends through the ages - you and Rhonda are two peas in a pod! What a beautiful gift to have met such a wonderful kindred spirit. I'm thrilled for you both. Oh if only Rhonda lived closer....

  3. Oh, as I wipe the tears away, how sweet is this post. Merci for such a heartfelt meeting. I know I somehow feel more centered now that we've met. The timing fit and I know we wished for more time but I sm forever grateful for that day. Next year again for certain. Xoxo

  4. A beautiful post reflecting on a beautiful friendship of shared kindred souls. Merci...

  5. Michelle how beautifully written. There's nothing better than a girlfriend who is your kindred spirit. The Brimfield pics are making me twitch with excitement. I wish I were there.

  6. What a wonderful post.. the pictures, your "story" and to top it all off a day at Brimfield.
    Thank you so much for sharing you day with us.

  7. Two kindred spirits with beautiful smiles reunited...how wonderful!
    Thanks for the Brimfield peeks too!!

  8. What a lovely post. Love the photos of all the 2 girls together. You are blessed to have the time together, the memories and lasting friendships. So smart to take advantage of opportunities and the enjoyment of all will never be regretted. Thanks for sharing...a tear or two later, best wishes to both of you.

  9. Your post put a big smile on my face this morning. Beautiful photos, too.

  10. Awww... This is such a sweet post. The pics you chose are such a great fit. I really enjoyed this . Its a warm feeling to know that there are people special as you that value friendship. Thank you for sharing the time and the pics. I hope your weekend is beautiful and a creative one....Chickie

  11. Wonderful in every way! Oh I wish I could have been there. Your post is so charming.

  12. Sweet Michelle, you captured your and Rhondas day and feelings for each others so beautifully, and lovely in this post-- with a smile and love,- you made your one day meeting shine in those photoes and your lovely words. You should be seing each other again... older but still soul-sisters!!
    I`m so happy for you both ,you could chare this wonderful day!!
    Hugs, Dorthe

  13. Hi Michelle, I'm happy for both of you that you could meet and have so much fun. You chose a wonderful event for your get together. It must have been a very exciting day. Hopefully you'll be able to meet again soon.

  14. What a grand place to meet....enjoyed viewing the burlap and lace.....and the reunion of two new-old friends!

  15. Great to meet you at the Vintage Bazaar. Your booth for Brimfield looks gorgeous. Loving my spindles....xox

  16. Awwww, great post. Kindred spirits, indeed. Wonderful photos. Wish I could have been there.

  17. Aw, you two are sooo cute!! I love both of your blogs, you must have had such fun together, such kindred spirits! Love the photos!

  18. What a lovely post, Michelle. I'm sure that at times it must seem as if the day you and Rhonda spent together at Brimfield was a dream... thank goodness you have such beautiful photos to remind you that it was wonderfully, amazingly, and always-in-your-hearts real.♥ xoxo


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