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Monday, October 21, 2013

"Handcrafted Volume 9" Giveaway....

It always surprises me to see some of my "creations" in the pages of a magazine. To think that someone finds them "worthy"truly humbles me. There are so many very talented and creative artists out there. So when I received word that my "Inspiration Holders"  (originally featured in the Autumn 2011 issue of Somerset Life) would be included in Stampington's annual issue of "Handcrafted", I was beyond humbled.  

~Cover page necklaces by Becky Shander~

These doorknob Inspiration Holders were my very first publication and will always bring me back to that "over-the-moon" feeling I felt when I saw them on the cover of Somerset Life...

 Becky has several pieces in this issue...
no surprise there, she is an amazingly talented artist.

 Monica Sabolla Gruppo's sweet hand-stitched bags were amongst the lovely pages as well as....

....the always inspiring creations of Abby Bastedo. 
Ladies...I am honored to be in your company. 

A very heartfelt "merci" to Christen Olivarez and the staff at Stampington for making this humble creative heart so happy once again.

 Now for the Giveaway......

In keeping with my past "publication celebrations",
I am offering up a copy of this issue as a celebratory giveaway!

All you need to do is leave ONE comment on this post to win this tres beau issue of Handcrafted.
You MUST be a current follower as of 10/20 to win!

The winner's name will be drawn on October 28th.
Bonne Chance!


  1. So exciting!!! Congratulations my friend, well deserved!
    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed...and if I win, please sign it for me!!

  2. I remember seeing your holders the first time they were published - such a beautiful and clever idea. Congratulations!
    It would be wonderful to win. Of course, I should add that I am a Follower and have been for some time.

  3. I have the Somerset Life copy you were on the cover of! It is the only issue I have...a gift from my best friend Dore of Burlap Luxe. Would love to win because you know, I just can't afford to buy all the lovely magazines out there! Congratulations for the publication. xo Kerrie

  4. Congratulations Michelle! So nice when one's work is recognized,well deserved and well done.Yes it would be lovely to win one of these lovely looking publications.

  5. Congratulations Michelle. I loved your inspiration holders the first time and I love them still. I'd love to be the lucky winner...so many fabulous ideas and treasures.

  6. How cool is that?! With Christmas coming it would be great to be inspired by some awesome creative things. Thanks for the chance. I've been a follower a long time!

  7. Michelle, your work is so beautiful it deserves to be honored. Congrats on being published once again.

  8. Congratulations, Michelle! Your work is beautiful and deserved to be featured twice!

  9. Congratulations on being published once again. I love your doorknob inspiration holders. How fun to also see Becky on the cover as I follow all she creates. Huge honor for certain. Creative Bliss...

  10. Congratulations, Michelle! It's wonderful and well deserved that your gorgeous inspiration holders are published again.

  11. Congrats to you. Reading all the other comments I feel the same way as they do. Well deserved. Thanks for the chance.

  12. Congratulations! I was published in Haute Handbags and when I saw my bags in the magazine, it was thrilling! You have original and beautiful designs... Linda

  13. big congratulations! I am not on google plus so can't follow that way, but I do read you through bloglovin. If that qualifys please enter me. thanks-I love Stampingtons magazines so would love the chance. Kathy

  14. How exciting! Congrats! Just love your creations. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  15. How wonderful! So happy for you all, and congratulations!

  16. Well, it doesn't surprise me, Michelle! I look forward to getting your posts in my email box. You inspire me with your gentle touches and simple and somehow compelling designs. I will be looking for this magazine to see all the wonderful goodies in it.

  17. Michelle,
    Everything you do is inspiring and I love to see your blog post in my email so I can take a few minutes and dream.
    Thank you and Blessings, nancythedove@aol.com

  18. You surround yourself with beauty and beauty emerges in your art. It's so beautiful to know you and all that is a part of your soul. Congratulations and I believe this is only the beginning, mon amie. Shine on.

  19. Congratulations, it is much deserved! Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  20. I remember seeing these inspiration holders the first time they were published and I was fascinated by them. Your blog is in my favorites bar...oh I love visiting and dreaming and being inspired. You truly are a joy and a gifted artist.

  21. So happy for you. I would love a chance to win a copy, thank you.

    xo Danielle

  22. Congratulations! It is lovely to see such talent... I would thoroughly enjoy winning the copy.

  23. Oh this is wonderful, Michelle! Your blog is very inspiring! I've been collecting do-dads, torn lace, and old fabric since I've been visiting you in hopes to some day soon......create something beautiful! Looks like a great publication!

  24. Oh my goodness! I had no idea! Thanks, Michelle!
    I'm so sorry you couldn't reach me via email, maybe because you have an old one! Please use my "contact form" on my website, link on my blog's left sidebar (contact page).
    Your inspiration holders are so wonderful, and I can still remember how funny the emails we exchanged back then were when they made it to the cover! Remember that??:)
    Hugs to you,
    Monica xoxo

  25. i don't remember seeing the necklaces with the bits of lace. how beautiful! i especially enjoyed seeing the door knobinspiration holders. i love seeing everything you make. i would love to have this magazine. i'm sure it contains lots more beauties.


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