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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me....

  1. I have the SAME thing for breakfast EVERY day....”boring” I know...
  2. I keep a very clean and tidy home but I have a room off of the basement that would make an episode of “Hoarders” look tame....(Oh yes I do!)...
  3. In college, I blew my 4.0 streak when I got a “D” in “Intro to Music”....I couldn't play Hop Scotch Buns on the recorder to save my life...(or my GPA!)... 
  4. I am never, EVER late for anything but I am the ultimate "procrastinator"...(hey, I work better under pressure)...
  5. I ate McDonald’s “Happy Meals” well into adult-hood....tee...hee....
  6. My favorite time to go to the beach during the summer is after 5:00 pm when everyone else has left OR...during the winter when it's too cold for ANYONE to go at all...(except "moi" of course)....
  7. The first time I ever tasted alcohol of ANY kind was on my 21st birthday...
  8. I started collecting rocks when I was quite little and still do....they just "speak" to me....
  9. I once told a neighborhood mean girl that there was no Santa Claus after I saw her torment (for the gazillionth time) the boy up the street who was very overweight and had a disformity...her mom called my mom...blah, blah, blah....(it was worth being punished for). Oh and..for the "record", we were in 6th grade!
  10. The toolbox in the garage is mine....

Julie ~ "Moi" ~ Suzanne
C'est "Moi"...the "angel" in the middle.

Now YOUR turn...
What "Ten" things don't we know about YOU?


  1. Since no one here knows me I could make up some dooozies !!!! LOL

  2. LOL Michelle, I love this! My hubby and I went to McD's for breakfast last Friday and I saw the kids Happy Meal Halloween buckets...I told him Okay, that's my next order!

  3. I adore your breakfast and usually have it on Sunday mornings in your honor. Love that picture of you, how adorable.

  4. Very interesting but...What DO you have for breakfast? Do tell...

    1. I have a breakfast sandwich that consists of egg whites,ham and swiss....then I wash it down with a glass of coke....;)

  5. Love your list and am wondering what you have for breakfast. You are adorable.

  6. I love knowing this about you! You are a doll! Yes Michelle! I love love love my stamps! You spied right! Send them along and I'll send you a treat made with them! Your recent posts are so very lovely -as always! Xo Rae

  7. Sweet Michelle,
    so lovely to hear little sekrets about you, and your life ,- you are such a dear soul.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  8. So funny! I drink Diet Coke every morning. It's my cup of coffee. I'm 6 feet tall; my hubby is 5' 6". I can't sleep with socks on - even in the dead of winter. I like my comforter up by my nose; can't fall asleep without it. I can't buy the first magazine in a rack; I have to pick an issue somewhere in the middle. I can't stand bag your own aisles in the grocery store and secretly count the items someone has in the 10 or less lane to make sure they have 10 or less. I weighed the same all through high school and adult life (well, until I had children). The list could go on and on. Oh and I cringe when people pronounce often wrong. Even newscasters do it. The T is silent.


  9. I love learning more about you, Michelle - these tidbits are quite amusing! Oh, and I think the Santa Claus episode was completely justified. :)


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