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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Grey Dey Thursdey #6.....

Happy Grey Dey Thursdey Mes Amies!
I hope you're feeling “a bit grey” todey?

Photograph I took of an abandoned Farm Stand in Concord, MA.  It would be a DREAM to have a shop there.


Now for the party......

(I would appreciate it if you would kindly add this button to your sidebar)

A few simple rules so that we all enjoy this weekly gathering....

1.  You don't need to be a "follower" to participate. ALL are welcome!

2. Post anything in grey or "shades" of grey  (I would hate to have to delete your Post so kindly respect this rule. "Merci")

3. If it's not something you've created or own, then please give credit to its' original source.

4. Kindly link back
to this post or place the blog button on your sidebar with a direct link.  

Let's add a little "grey to our deys!"

"Merci" for joining in.....


  1. So happy to be joining this week!


  2. I love your photograph of the old farm stand. Thank you for hosting Michelle, so happy to be here.

  3. Swooning over the farm stand. Thanks for hosting.

  4. Beautiful grey, sweetie-
    I will add your button to my sidebar Michelle..
    Oxo Dorthe

  5. Oh yes... The color and this barn would be a good fit to have a shop.... I hope your day is bright and creative ...Chickie

  6. Oh yes, it would be quite a dream to have a shop there!!! I can just envision peering through that old window and seeing fresh beauty within. Hold on to that dream mon amie!
    Sorry I don't have any grey this week, but the clouds sure provide that. xoxo

  7. Hello dear Michelle
    those windows and boards have a wonderful patina - gorgeous looking through to the view through the inside window.
    Thank you for hosting Grey Dey Thursdey!

  8. There is plenty of grey outside today, but I also found a little grey inside to share.
    Thank you Michelle for sharing.
    hugs and JOY,

  9. Awesome grey home with lovely windows! Just add lace....thanks for hosting the party!

  10. Gorgeous grey wood, how I love that color. You've captured such a beautiful window! Joining in this week and hope to chat soon, mon amie. xo Rhonda

  11. Oh, Michèlle, i hear you girl you and me both putting up shop here, but better yet I think I want to live in it :)

    Thank you for the perfect grey!

    Lots of grey days ahead.



  12. Loving all the greys here!
    I thank Kerrie for inviting me over...following you now in friendship ;)

    All my heart,


Taking the time to share your thoughts...your words...and your inspiration fills my soul....Merci.