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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sweet Sentiments...

 It was a very crisp Autumn morning here in New England, and quite possibly my last chance to go to my favorite Outdoor Flea Market, so I put on these...
....and headed out. 

The early morning rain kept many a vendor and treasure hunter snug in their beds. 
My finds were few but they were precious nevertheless....

...a single piece of cutlery with my initial on it....

...two petite & delicate Meakin butter pats....

...and two sweet books that I purchased simply because their “inscriptions” delighted me so....
To my Little One:
"Our noblest thoughts, our dearest
sentiments, the choicest echoes of the soul
~ how good it is to follow up their
trail of play as it winds through the
lives of others! If misery loves
company, happiness must die without
it. Blessed, love, the thought & that
in our supreme happiness we are not
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~With many
many happy returns of the day."
Your Own"

To Harrie
“As I love nature, as I love gleaming stubble, and flowing waters, and morning and evening, and summer and winter, and all things beautiful, I love you my friend on this day~~~Your Birthday.” ~Thoreau

Sigh....to go back to a time when the gifting of a book was cherished for not only the words that lay within but for the sentiments sent along with them. 

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  1. Lovely findings and love those boots!!

    Greetings from the Netherlands,


    My little white home by Nadine

  2. Love your boots and you lovely treasures!

  3. Lovely sentiments on a Sunday full of anticipation and joy for the new week. Di@Cottage-Wishes

  4. I have to join in and say I love your sweet boots too. Adorable. These lovely words of love are precious back when a nice letter or poem or words were written down. Beautiful.

  5. We need to return to giving as those before us did. Beautiful finds.

  6. Yes, great boots. Love the findings, but I must say.. that cutlery has MY initial on it!!!!!!!

  7. you managed to find some great stuff! i look old letters.


  8. SO sweet...oh, to go back in time and receive something like this! These books were meant for you to find on that cold fall morning. :)

  9. I can see that I'm going to have to look at old books more carefully from now on! Your beautiful finds are even more lovely together.

  10. Great finds. I always love little dishes and the butter pats are so pretty. Blessings

  11. You are so brave to tackle a rainy flea market. I know your passion sweet friend. Adore those precious butter pats. Sweet finds.

  12. Oh....the patience it took to translate the handwriting! Thanks for taking the time for us. I gloss over those writings that are not easy to read in haste. You have taught us to look beyond...but this is a special gift! Such treasures to behold as you share your findings with us. Thank you again.

  13. Oh those books are amazing Michelle!!
    Loving the butter pats too!
    I need to get out junkin', my booth is low on smalls!!

  14. What a beautiful post! Those are truly treasures. I love to hand write notes to people, although they are nothing like the ones featured here. I feel that in this day and age, when everything is sent through cyber space at ridiculously fast speeds, it makes an impact when you sit down and take the time to hand write a note to someone and send it through the postal service. :) I think of you every time I use the bag I won in your giveaway a long time ago.


  15. Love those boots, gal! And I completely adore those inscriptions! How utterly lovely!! Sure does beckon back to a completely different time, doesn't it? You must have great fleas there. Florida is such a transient state...I think we lack a lot of historical things here.

    Hugs to you!


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