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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wonderful White Wednesday

Another White Wednesday and another very cold day here on the East Coast so, once again, i am forced to share pictures from INSIDE my home and around my studio.....

Spring fake blooms everywhere....

...petite oiseau singing a happy springtime song....

...and signs of new life.


A few glimpses from around my studio....

Tag love.....

Happy White Wednesday mes amies! I can't wait to see all of the white inspiration i will surely find at The Faded Charm Cottage!

Avec Amour,


  1. Your birds nest with the eggs and snippets of lace sent my heart aflutter for spring. I love finding nest with small items that have been dropped on the wayside and they have retreived for their nest. Thanks for sharing your lovely items. ~~Sherry~~

  2. Your whites are beautiful! I love those roses!!! And your studio looks lovely, I wouldn't mind being housebound in there:) Happy WW! Enjoying my book bundle, I'll put it up on my blog tomorrow so you can see its new home!

  3. I love this post especially the birdie things!!! Looks like you have a lovely studio too, Happy Wdenesday and have a wonderful week!:) ♥

  4. Love your tags! All of your photos are gorgeous, your i could sit in your studio for hours taking all of the beauty in! HAppy WW! Theresa xoox

  5. Hi Michelle,
    Gorgeous post!! I always love the gift tags that you create, I would love to show these off on the blog and photos of your studio!!
    Have a beautiful day.

  6. Whay beautiful photos of whites, your roses look so real makes you want to smell them.

    Have a fabulous day,

  7. Michelle, love the bird nest and other goodies! judy

  8. Beautiful! I love the tag ladies with the lace on their heads.

  9. Those roses are gorgeous for being fake. thanks forthe tour of your studio...you've gotten me in the mood for Spring.

    Stay warm.


  10. Those roses are gorgeous Michelle. I agree that they look real! Beautiful photos of peeks inside your studio also. Happy WW!

  11. Michelle,
    such a gorgeus post-
    I love your spring decor, -flowers-bottles- and beautifull tags.
    Thanks for showing your lovelyness.

  12. Hello Michelle;
    Your Work is so Lovely! Beautiful!
    Thank you for your Visit and Sweet Comments on Katelyn's Project! She was so Happy you liked it!
    Happy Wednesday
    Jill and Katelyn

  13. As I walked outside just now, the Arizona birds were singing, it smelled like a nice spring day. The sun is out and it's close to 75 degrees. Won't you visit??? It will warm your heart.

    Lovely Post, Michelle - stay warm and know you would be welcome here!!!

  14. Love your pictures today! They're always inspiring and dreamy. Where in the East Coast are you from, I'm in NJ. It would so cool to meet:)


  15. Such delights for the eye! Love every photo, and especially the pop of blue in the nest. How clever to make doily crowns for Blessed Mary. Just beautiful, Michelle!
    - Susan

  16. Beautiful Michelle, about the only white inspiration I could share is the snow we got again today! sheesh...
    hugs Lynn

  17. Happy WW Michelle! As usual, your post leaves me breathless. Thank you for the visual inspiration.


  18. Oh Michelle... I didn't realize what a hoarder I'd become! I STILL have plenty of treasures remaining -- but you are correct, I'm destashing to focus on jewelry (summer is right around the corner, even though it's not even spring)! Your shop is looking LOVELY! I've been watching your shop and everything is so romantically French! If you ever make it to the Cape this year, do let me know!

  19. Inside or outside, everything you share is beautiful. I love those flowers made from gauze, so clever. I can see a stamped spoon sticking out in the back....that's how I spent most of my day, pounding and stamping away. Thanks for sharing your whites and thank you so much for visiting with me.

  20. Great post! I LOVE all your "spring" posies... :-)

    Warm blessings,

  21. Hi Michelle. Thanks for a lovely visit. We're all into Spring, welcoming it with open arms. I love all of your creations, especially the bird's nest.

    I found my "nest and eggs" stamp at Hobby Lobby, on sale of course.

  22. I love visiting your blog. It is one of my all time favorites for sure. Thankyou for giving us all some lovely french eye candy everyday!


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