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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Down By The Sea

"It is in the cold and sometimes lonely days of winter
that i long to see the ocean.
I hear her calling me when the winter wind blows.

Today.... I was there...though not really.
Miles away from the salty ocean air,
a seagull hovered above and perched upon a rooftop.

And, like the wind that calls me to the shores of the playful sea....
a seagull reminded me of the days i've spent there."
(written by me at age 18)

Avec Amour,


  1. What beautiful words for such a young girl. With the awful weather around the country, so many of us are dreaming about the breezy days of summer.

  2. You are a poet my friend...beautifully written!


  3. Adorable! And that picture is precious!

    m ^..^

  4. How beautiful Michelle. Wishing you warmer ocean filled days ahead. xoxoxoxo R

  5. Great poem! I've been longing for the ocean myself lately! Trying to figure out how I could live there a few months during the winter!

  6. Michelle that is a lovely poem! Written from a soulful heart at such a young age!!

    Thank you for sharing!

  7. Beautiful! Many years ago I lived up north on Lake Michigan, it was my first experience of the lake in winter and the enormous crashing waves and beauty of its fierceness captured my heart. I would love to go back there and see it again. Thanks for the memories and the beautiful poem! Theresa xoxo

  8. What a sweet memory Michelle ... thanks for sharing. So when will you be publishing your book of poems? *smiles* I do so enjoy them!

  9. What a lovely post! Have a blessed Sunday.

  10. Hi sweet-
    such a dear poem,- so beautifull, Michelle

  11. What a literary talent, starting at such a young age! You're full of surprises, Michelle.
    I saw a flock of seagulls (not the 80's band) in my neighbor's yard yesterday. Come visit me any day! :)
    - Susan

  12. Love this Michelle, you are quite the poet! I love the ocean its my favorite thing about Florida!!! It always feels like an escape! I just got my special package I love everything! you are so sweet, thank you for thinking of me!!! Have a great week!!! xo ♥


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