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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Ok bloggerettes.....i just tried to upload some pictures for this post and was told that i am "out of storage space." WHAT?? And that, if i want to continue uploading photos on blogger, i need to purchase "more storage." WHAT? Have any of you experienced this before? Did you buy more storage? Yikes....i didn't know that , at some point, Blogspot started charging for usage! HELP!

Avec Amour, 


  1. I'm afraid that is the truth. It's always been that way. Some people delete pictures from old post, delete pictures from Piccasa (I think that how you spell it) or they just pay up. It's my understanding that Piccasa is where all the pictures you've ever uploaded to blogger is stored. For instance if you uploaded 10 pictures but only used 4, you used up space for all 10 pictures. If you delete pictures from piccasa and it a picture you used on a blog post that picture will be deleted from the blog post as well.
    Good Luck!

  2. I am not sure but I heard it's only 5 dollars a year to get new storage? I am not there yet, but if the time comes, I think I"ll do it, as I don't want to delete from the blog.

  3. Sad , but true Michelle. It is Piccasa that charges I think. I wonder when mine will say that. That is one reason I downsize my photos before uploading them, but I know I will run out of space one of these days too. It is inexpensive to purchase more storage though so that is what I will do when my time comes.

  4. ~i am so sorry for your love of picture sharing and where it has led...i suffered from this just a short while ago...i tried to figure out a better way...did go in and delete a few images now wished that i hadn't...i unfortunately surrendered to google and gave then my measly five dollars...far less stressful then searching for better ways and in the end...i was blessed with an immediate abundance of photo storage space so that i could continue on my merry pictures sharing of ways...tis quite frustrating and i hope you find your way out of this here little problem...much love light and blessings~

  5. Wow Michelle,
    I'm sorry but this is the first time I hear something like that, maybe because my oldest blog is only ten months. In Picasa (or whatever program you use for uploading your pictures), try to delete the ones that have never been published in your blogs, but take into account that all the pics you delete will desappear from your blogs, so that they must be non-published pictures. Hope you understant my explanation, my English is not so good ;O(
    Besos & have a great weekend!

  6. I'm so sorry this caught you by surprise! It did me too! I thought what the heck! I messed with deleting a few unused pictures but it doesn't gain you much space. i think the five bucks a year is so worth all the pleasure of blogging. i always love seeing your creative inspirations. hope you're back soon! Thanks for coming by!

  7. Hi Michelle,
    yes, it is true! That happend to me too and I bought more storage.It is only 5 Dollar.
    Have a great weekend and I hope you're back soon.

  8. ok ladies...merci..merci..merci! I am going to go purchase more storage space right now! :) I so very much appreciate all of your help. you are all loves! (and yes marta, i understand you quite well!:))

  9. Ive not come to that point yet and been blogging for two years now....but i upload straight from my computer and not from a programme like Piccasa or anything xx

  10. Yep it's true...happened to me a few weeks ago....just purchase some more storage....$5.75 I think....£3.80 in UK.
    Doesn't take long and you will be up and running again in a couple of days!
    Something to do with the picture size apparently.....
    Julie x

  11. Michelle, just happened to me and I did buy more. I love taking photos so I guess this is the price you pay. I think I did the 20$ one. Thanks so much , I received my package today . I could smell the lavender thru the package. Thanks again . Judy Crenshaw

  12. Yep! Happened to me too!! I just paid the $5 rather than trying to delete a bunch of stuff!

  13. Hi Michelle,
    I haven't had that experience being so new to blogger, but I did read about a similar experience in Angela Harris's blog. I searched for it and her post is:
    Although I think she may have had much more photos than you and perhaps hit a max.
    Sidenote - have you been to White Elephant outlet in Essex, MA? On a whim (and a nod from hubby), I visited today & came back HAPPY! I'll show you it someday...
    Good luck with blogger,

  14. Ok- this scares me! Me- the person who more than once has had a 40 photo post!!! I may not sleep tonight---

    Making my blogging rounds dear friend- actually not to you yet- but this caught my eye and I had to stop and read it all!! I will be by in a few days to catch up with every one of your fabulous and beautiful posts--

  15. I'm sure my time is coming soon, I've been hearing this from a lot of bloggers! I'll start to save my pennies now LOL

  16. Yep! I have been paying for 2 years now... it's the problem of 'visual' bloggers LOL! I love to add many pictures to my posts, sooooo....
    It is quite doable, though, I mean not very expensive. I prefer to pay and not to have issues when I want to upload pictures!
    Monica x.

  17. Dear Michelle,
    So happy to read all this, -as I understand you will buy--and continue posting your wonderfull artpieces- Hope to see you soon :)

  18. I pay to host my website and pictures and it's a whole lot more than $5.00 a year, I can tell you that! I would consider it a bargain :) But I did jump ship from Flickr when I was told I ran out of space and they were holding my older pictures hostage (or in my fuming I thought that is what it was!). I guess there's no longer a free lunch :( boo... but... again... $5.00 is a venti latte ;) With your new found space, I hope that you post a ton of new pretty pictures!

  19. It is good to know, and I have not experienced it before. Hey there I need your opinion on a post about a french monogram piece that I framed. Come say hi and get entered into my giveaway also. Your blog is so one of my favorites!

  20. I think $5.00 is a mere pittance to pay for the convenience of all that storage.
    That coming from miss frugality here, who did it a few months ago.

    Hope you figure out what will work for you.
    Love your blog, always!

    barbara jean


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