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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bon Jour!

I haven't posted since White Wednesday and, frankly, i don't have much to post today but i wanted to check in with you all and say "hello."

So.....i'm sharing a few things i purchased this week-end....
this chippy-white, solid metal candlestick($3.00 at S.A.)

...and this gorgeous French Pillow from Home Goods. Oooh La La!

And here are just a few shots from around the house.....

Playing with new stamps....

...and a project "in the works."

How did YOU spend your week-end??

Avec Amour,

P.S. My 300th Follower Giveaway winner to be announced tomorrow....1/24!


  1. I'm intrigued by the project in the works! I can't wait for my Etsy purchase to arrive. Oh, and love those new stamps. I think I see a rooster in there! Had family over all day yesterday and made homemade pizza. So much fun. Headed out on a nature walk today then time in the studio...can't wait.

  2. Your finds are fantastic and your treasures around the house are always beautiful. Love those stamped tags;-) This week was mostly spent creating jewelry.

  3. Your around the house pics are so gorgeous, and I adore the new stamps and the work in progress!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I love it all, your new project looks as beautiful as we have come to expect! I was able to play with family yesterday and create a few goodies myself! Happy Sunday! Theresa xoxo

  5. Hey Michelle...we now have matching pillows!! Isn't it amazing and huge? I love mine too and I love Home Goods!!!! Can't wait to see your finished project. (I could boot myself for NOT purchasing some french script lamps last time I was at HG!)
    Happy Sunday!

  6. I love your candle sticks and your French pillow from Home Goods. I love that store! I am looking forward to seeing your projects finished.

  7. I like them all, your acquisitions are really cute ! This weekend I've had the idea of organizing a virtual party for Valentine's, and you are also invited ! If you would like to participate, come and visit my blog www.encasadetiagretel.blogspot.com, click on the sidebar logo and you will see how to join us. The more we are, the funniest it will be !!!
    Have a nice and warm week ;O)
    -I've fallen in love with that little cute bird-

  8. I love your art and what you choose to share. I missed seeing your white wednesday until now. So wonderful and pretty!

  9. Sewing away and loving my creative energy. But enough about me, your finds are awesome, they always are and your new project looks very pretty!

    Stay warm and we are going to being watching the Bears game with some Chicago friends!

    DA BEARS!!!

  10. I love your finds and the pics of a few bits from around your house are beautiful! I just bought myself a sewing machine at Joanne's for $60, the cheapest one there. I have never used a sewing machine so I thought I'd start with one that is cheap and simple just in case it doesn't go well:) Wish me luck!

  11. Michelle I love your projects in work -and seing beautifull shots from your house.
    You live in wonderfull surroundings.

  12. What great finds, and I love your stamps!! Great photos Michelle!

  13. Love that pillow! wish I had a Home Goods near me!

  14. Bonjour Michelle,
    love your projects in the works and your finds are just fabulous. Have a lovely evening.

  15. Hello Michelle! Lucky you to find that candlestick at a steal, and the perfect French pillow for you (gotta love HG). Your projects look gorgeous as usual. I'm crossing my fingers for tomorrow's reveal!
    - Susan

  16. Hi Michelle...loving those clock bases!!

    The weekend went by too fast...packing up my princess for her last college semester! Where did the time go?!!

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  18. I'm loving your new stamps! And I can't believe you scored that fabulous pillow at HomeGoods! With only one HomeGoods here on the Cape, things there go pretty quickly, much to my dismay. Your new project is looking lovely -- can't wait to see what it is you are making!

  19. Everything is lovely. i'm sorry I missed your giveaway! Love that wonderful package you put together and your fabric tags. You are so creative, and I love all of your creations.
    Have a great week! I'll get back and visit more frequently. I always love to see what you are doing and creating.
    ~ Julie

  20. Lovely finds and I love what you are doing with your stamps!
    I spent my weekend off making a ripped edge crazy quilted heart - a new idea I wanted to try for a blog swap I joined. It was fun to try something new!

  21. Home Goods...gotta love it and lucky you on scoring that awesome pillow. I spent the weekend shopping for material and recovering my dining room chairs.


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