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Thursday, January 13, 2011

"What's A Girl To Do?" (Part 7)

What's a girl to do when she is still "under the weather"  (both literally AND figuratively)?

She creates to her hearts content.


It's all about "l'amour"...



 ...and tender feelings.

First love...

 ...and innocence.

Love poems...

 ...and saying it with "words".


Treasured memories....

...of those we hold dear.

Dreams of Springtime...
...and sweetly singing birds.

Sea nymphs....

...collecting sweet treasures...

...by the seashore.

A time for reflection....


...and trying something new.

"Doing what you love....

...gives your spirit wings."

I'm ready to fly......

Avec Amour,

(All soon for sale in my etsy shop)


  1. Sorry to hear you're under the weather, but your creativity has certainly been soaring!!! ;)

  2. Hello and God bless you!

    First time visiting your blog. Beautiful and
    lovely post. I'm a follower now and looking
    foward to read more:)

    Hugs & Blessings ~Wendy

  3. ...puuuuuurrrrrrty!!!

    ~ and just what is in that tea????

    feel better sweets:)
    xo, Rosemary

  4. Hi Michelle,
    Everything is just lovely!! I am so sorry you are still feeling under the weather! Thinking of you and wishing you well soon!
    Have a great day.

  5. Such tresors! You've been a very busy girl. Sorry to hear you are still not completely well, but I'm glad to see you're letting your spirit soar while your body heals.
    These creations are pure love.
    Take care, Susan

  6. So, so very pretty! The bird collection is my favorite. That crumpled ribbon has such a great look! Get well, and stay cozy!

  7. Wish i could create like that when im underf the weather....love your work and blog x

  8. I just love visiting with you. Your creativity inspires my soul and lifts my spirits. It is so nice to see so many beautiful things in one place. Thanks for sharing. Feel better soon. Cindy

  9. Aah, I love your "What's a girl to do" posts!
    I sure wish you felt better, though. Sending healing happy thoughts your way and loving your new creations, as usual. You are amazing!
    xoxoxoxo Rhonda

  10. Your treasures are lovely, cannot wait to see them in your etsy shop. Sending wishes for a speedy recovery and hope you are feeling well soon! ~Laura~

  11. Oh Michelle,
    I don`t know where to start, --so many beautifull things- I love all you created, dear friend,- it is lovely and filled with love-just adorable all and every thing, sweet.
    I just wish you would soon feel better,
    and sends you a warm hug.

  12. Oh my goodness have your creations made my heart beat faster. :)

  13. You did all this while you were sick??? Oh my goodness, I couldn't have done this on my best day!!! Everything is gorgeous!

    I'm glad you liked my Tiny Treasures post! Come to think of it, it would've sounded so much better if I had used the word "petite"...oh well, next time:)

  14. So sorry you are not feeling well...me too...but these beautiful creations made me feel a bit better!

    Wasn't the sun just beautiful today!

  15. Oh dear, feel better soon, not good to be sick, unless you're you.....look at all those gorgeous creations!!! Man, how much do you do when you aren't ill?!!!!! They are beautiful!!!!
    Margaret B

  16. Love is in the air my friend - and you have created some beautiful treasures! If you can do all that when you are sick - then I totally give up! You are amazing!!


  17. I hope you're feeling better. You have really created some beautiful pieces!

  18. I hope you will soon be feeling better, even though your creative energy seems to be flourishing in spite of being under the weather in more ways than one! Wow, I'm SO impressed with what a prolific Artist you are even when you're not feeling 100%!!!!!!!

    Dawn... the Bohemian

  19. Gorgeous...every one! You have been a machine! I don't like to think of you ill...but wow! you are very creative when you are 'under the weather' Michelle.

    I love everything in my package! What a way to spend the morning. Opening up all my 'lovelies'. I loved the friendship poem so much..."I'll go laughing right on to the end". That is exactly how I plan to go out and everything in between. You are so thoughtful. I adored the vintage Get Well card. It made my heart sing! WHat a sweet friend you are.
    Now please...feel tip top soon!

  20. So sorry you still under the weather but you would never know it with all your Beautiful creations, It warms MY heart!!!!
    hugs Lynn

  21. Your creations are beautiful, Michelle! Hopefully you feel better soon!

  22. Just breathtaking!! So pretty! I wish I could figure out how to put word under my pictures. I always try to add at least one pic you might use each week!

  23. Hello, I'm just discovering your wonderful blog!
    What a pleasure to spent time over there !
    I will come soon for sure. Congratulations I do like the atmosphere so charming and so chic !
    Nat the fairy girl...

  24. Now don't take this the wrong way...but you should get sick more often...your creativity knows NO BOUNDS!!!!!
    FEEL BETTER THOUGH!!!!!!! ;}

    m ^..^

  25. Good golly Michelle! If you do all this when you are sick, I can't imagine how much you get done when you are well! I am going to go and hide in a corner now! lol

  26. All sooooo wonderful!!!

    barbara jean

  27. PS Love the pics on your work. Are they available on line anywhere? Would be perfect for sachets I make.

    thanks and blessings

    barbara jean

  28. Wow, your blog is gorgeous!!! I'm a new follower! Its Kim from Birds Eye View,thank you for your sweet words that you left on my friend Vicki's blog Rusty Rooster Vintage! I love tags and birds, and I LOVE yours! Do you have an Etsy shop? You make beautiful things too, I love how its snowing on your blog!:) Maybe one day I will have one, have a wonderful weekend!!! ♥

  29. Everything is beautiful, Michelle. I adore your petite boxes and the images are soft and romantic. I too have been under the weather and hope you are on the mend soon. Take care, Kris

  30. What pretty, happy pictures...all of this puts me in a peaceful mood, thank you.

  31. Oh gosh all of this is pretty! Hope you are well by now :)

  32. I really think that all the 'Michelles' or 'Micheles' I have found in the blogging world are kindred spirits. You and I love the same old things. Love this post Michelle. Signed Michele Askeroth.


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