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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Trimming The Tree

I love transforming everyday items into christmas ornaments. The idea is nothing new and i am certainly not taking credit for some of these but wanted to share with you my "take" on the idea....

Some old keys, medals and prisms... 

 can turn into these.... 

 ...with a little glitter....

 ...and some sparkle.

Some old tart tins and chains....

 ...can turn into these....

 ... with some beads....




 ...and beloved sacred images.

Dollar Store ornaments....

...can turn into these....

 ... with some scalloped cut out images...

 ...vintage music pages...

 ...and bottle caps...

Some canning jar lids....

 ...can turn into these....

 ...with just a little spray paint, stamps and glitter.

An old cookie cutter can turn into this...

 An old keyhole plate can say "Let It Snow"....

 A vintage buckle can say "Joyeux Noel"....

A silver spoon can say : "It's Christmas Time!"

And some vintage buttons can add nostalgia to any tree.

Here's to "trimming the tree."
Oh Happy Day!

Avec Amour,


  1. Fabulous ideas....I love the tart tin decorations. I normally use them as tea light holders but now I'm thinking along a different line....
    Julie x

  2. Hi Michelle,
    These creations are all just beautiful, as always, you out did yourself! I hope your enjoying the holiday season, please forgive me again for the package situation but it will be heading out this week. I added something extra for you as well. It probably won't get there in time for Christmas, but it can be your New Year's gift.
    Have a Merry Christmas my friend.

  3. What a beautiful idea!! I love using the tart utensils as ornaments.

  4. What an amazing collection of fabulous ornaments. Who would have thought that such mundane objects could turn into such lovely treasures?

  5. A BIG OOH-LA-LA!!!! You've been a busy bee, mon ami! ;)

  6. All your ornies are so pretty Michelle! Makes me want to start a whole new batch, but I think I will wait until next year! lol

  7. WOW, beautiful decorations. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh it is all sooooo pretty! What a gorgeous tree, full of vintage goodness! Theresa xoxo

  9. Those are just gorgeous ideas!
    Thank you for showing us how to turn
    simple things into beautiful things!


  10. What great ideas for beautiful ornaments. Your tree is stunning and I can just imagine the sparkle!


  11. Very pretty! My favorite is the tree cookie cutter one. And the buttons inside the clear ball. I hadn't thought of that!

  12. I just love everything here. What wonderful ideas you always have. I really like the buttons in the clear ball. I filled some with shredded book pages and sheet music last year and they sold like crazy.
    Thank you so much for your fabulous ideas.
    Merry Christmas.

  13. Sweet and simple and stunning in every way!
    Your tree must be gorgeous!!!

  14. Michelle, these are all so beautiful! What a lucky tree to be adorned with such special and pretty ornaments, all by your talented hands.
    Thanks so much for sharing your tresors and ideas. I love them all!
    - Susan

  15. Gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration. I have the maple sugar molds which would be just lovely all decked out.


  16. Well, they don't sell them in the stores as pretty as these. You create these so well, it must be your calling! They are so beautiful year long!

  17. I always, ALWAYS love to see ordinary items turned into such precious baubles and ornaments!!! They are all so beautiful to me....have a wonderful Christmas!!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  18. You are amazing!!! You are the "purveyor of fine prettiness"!

    m ^..^

  19. oh, michelle...these are all so lovely!!! I am really enjoying my birdie candle & plan to post it for "white wednesday"... ;)

  20. Hi Michelle,
    love all your fab. decorations!!So gorgeous.Thanks for sharing!
    Have a merry Christmas.

  21. Michelle, love all the ornaments you made out of so many fun ordinary items, adding glitter and images. Thanks for sharing such a great idea! Merry Christmas to you! Connie

  22. Great ideas! Love the belt buckle. I've got some boring buckles but if I jazz them up with some glitter like your keys they might be worth looking at. Thanks for the inspiration, Merry Christmas,

  23. Fabulous! I have been wanting to ornaments from old cookie cutters and tart tins for quite a while, but I always forget!!! Thanks for the reminder!
    I hope you have a very merry Christmas and happy New year!!!

  24. Oh, I just love your creativity! I glittered some old keys this year, but I like them better with things added. Thanks for the great ideas! All of your ornaments are lovely! Merry Christmas to you and your family! I look forward to learning more from you this year as I follow along.
    ~ Julie

  25. Michelle you are the MacGuyver of hidden treasures!!! Love each and every one!

  26. I love all of your ornnaments...very lovely. I especially like the cookie tin! Thanks for sharing your ideas. Have a very Merry Christmass.

  27. Michelle - I am in absolute awe over these beautiful creations. ONLY you could do this!! This tree and the ornaments are to die for - they are stunning - I love them all - but especially that spoon! You have the most original and fabulous ideas - your pretty brain must never sleep!

    Merry Christmas to you my friend -


  28. Oh Michelle!!! Such gorgeous, gorgeous ornaments! I love handmade ornaments ~ and yours are stunning!
    Wishing you & yours a Christmas filled with joy & love,
    ~ Zuzu


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