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Friday, December 24, 2010

Gifts From The Heart

When my son was just 5 years old, he lamented about not having money of his own to buy me a "special" gift for xmas. I explained to him that he didn't need money to buy "special" gifts ...... he could make them with his hands and his heart...

That xmas , i had been making clay ornaments and so i gave him a chunk of the clay and told him that he could make me a gift with that. 
He looked  a bit perplexed but then he took it, asked for a few more things and went up to his room.....

...he spent several hours in there and when he was done, he covered my gift with a blanket and put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on his bedroom door.....

...I could hardly wait until Xmas morning to see what his little hands created.....

....it was one of these.....

And the first of many.....
because a tradition was born....
Each year he would ask for clay and each year he would spend hours in his room with the sign on the door making me some thing "special"...

 ....up until he was 18 years old and a senior in high school!
 He would always say "Oh Mom...you can't be asking me to make something for you out of clay again THIS year! I'm 15 years old"....or "i'm 16 years old"...and then "i'm almost 18!" But each year my answer was the same.....

I cherish these sweet clay angels, santas and snowmen more than any gift i've ever received. And , now, i cherish the memories of a boy who spent so many christmases making me something "special" with his hands and his heart.

Joyeux Noel mes amies!
I cherish our friendships.

Avec Amour,


  1. I am teary-eyed reading this post. What a blessing to have years worth of creations made by his very hands....you're a lucky mama.

    Have wonderful Christmas!


  2. AAAWWW how sweet, a cherished gift made with love. WAY better then a quick store bought gift, these are so special.

    Merry Christmas ♥

  3. What a wonderful tradition you and your son had created, Michelle! These are wonderful gifts which will always bring back sweet memories.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family!

  4. Oh Michelle, you made me cry. What a precious story to share with us.

    Bless you sweet friend of mine, you are an angel on earth and I wish you and your family the best Christmas ever!

    xoxoxoxoxo Rhonda

  5. I just love the snowmen! Handmade is the best! Merry Christmas

  6. Hi Michelle,
    so precious - thanks for sharing.
    Have a very Merry Christmas.

  7. What perfectly sweet creations and you are one lucky mother!! Merry Christmas!

  8. excuse me while i go grab a kleenex to wipe my tears...
    from hand and heart...so beautiful!! a treasure.
    merry christmas!

  9. A single precious Christmas tear just magically appeared on my face.

    May you make some wonderful Christmas memories and we wish you the peace of the season.

  10. What a beautiful post....so touching...
    Have a very Merry Christmas.
    Julie x

  11. This is one of the most moving posts I have read recently! How woonderful Michelle' to have these memories from your son!

    Come and enter my Giveaway from My Sparrow, you will love it!

    Joyeaux Noel!

    Art by Karena

  12. Oh Michelle,
    This is perfect. Your ornaments are lovely and the best, made in love throughout the years!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours. Enjoy the season!

  13. A beautiful son with a beautiful mother. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Anne xx

  14. Nothing is more special than a gift from your child that is made with their hands. It's always full of love and beauty no matter what it is. Sons have a way of melting our hearts.

    I love all of the little clay people and the way you have displayed them.

    I wish you and your family a beautiful, joyful and blessed Christmas.


  15. Aren't sons just wonderful!!! Merry Christmas Michelle ~ so, so happy to have met you this year! Maybe we will get to meet in person in 2011!!!

  16. What a blessing your son in. Merry Christmas Michelle.


  17. Merry Christmas Michelle.
    I hope you´ll have a wonderful and blessed holiday.
    xo Tina

  18. They are so precious, Michelle!!!

    Wishing you and yours a Merry, Merry Christmas!
    ~ Zuzu

  19. Hi sweet Michelle!

    What a beautiful story! It filled my eyes with tears.

    Gifts like that are soo precious.

    Big hug

  20. These are just so precious and the best gift you could ever ask for. I just love the story behind them and the way you have them displayed is amazing. Home made gifts from our children are priceless.

  21. Oh, dear Michelle,
    that endeed is a very special collection of love and hard work,-how wonderfull a treasure, to have for ever...they are precius,dear.
    I hope your christmas was happy and joyfull,and wishes you, a lovely hollyday.
    Love and hugs, Dorthe

  22. Oh Michelle, I just saw this post today and it brought tears to my eyes. What a heartwarming tradition. These clay gifts are simply beautiful and rich with love.
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, my new friend!
    Love Susan

  23. Wow....that made me cry. Sentimental fool that I am. Beautiful story. Happy Holidays to you and yours.
    P.S. Your display cloche is perfect for these beautiful gifts made from your adoring son :)

  24. The one word that comes to mind is "priceless." I hope you and yours have a very Happy New Year, Char

  25. Oh Michelle, your story brought tears to my eyes!! That was so special! You are indeed a very wealthy woman! I can image how much joy you get every time you look at those sweet gifts.


  26. Michelle this is the sweetest story and I just love his gifts. They look so cute under the cloche with the "cherish" tag. What a treasure!

  27. What a sweet post this is. So touching and sentimental.
    Happy New Year!

  28. What a truly wonderful story. I love your precious collection. Have a blessed New Year!


  29. Oh my gosh!! This is so so fantastic!! :) I LOVE them!! :) Totally made me smile!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

    Happy New Year!!
    xoxo Jenny Holiday



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