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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me...

1. I start and end my day by checking my Blog Reading List...(it's an obsession!)...
2. I can't fall asleep if the closet door is open...(Freud would have a field day with THAT one!)...
3. I vacillate between periods where i bite my nails down to...well...nothing and periods where they are  perfectly French manicured....
4. I am never, ever late for anything but i am the ultimate "procrastinator"...(hey, i work better under pressure)...
5. I am obsessed with old books....have hundreds of them and still my car seems to steer itself in the direction of my favorite used bookstore almost daily weekly...
6. My favorite time to go to the beach during the summer is after 5:00 when everyone else has left OR...during the winter when it's too cold for ANYONE to go at all...(except "moi" of course)....
7. The first time I ever tasted any alcohol of ANY kind was on my 21st birthday...(such a "rule-follower!)...
8. I started collecting rocks when i was quite little and still do....they just "speak" to me....
9. My siblings and I once used the candy money our grandmother gave us and bought eggs instead to throw at passing trucks make her a really nice breakfast...she made us repent by bringing books to the nursing home across the street and reading to the "old people" for the rest of the day...
10. I once told a neighborhood mean girl that there was no Santa Claus after i saw her torment (for the 100th time) the boy up the street who was very overweight and had a disformity...(her mom called my mom..yada, yada,yada....it was worth being grounded for)...

(That's "moi"...the "angel" in the middle)

There you have it...10 things you now know about me! 
Ready to reveal 10 things i don't know about you??

Avec Amour,


  1. LOL!! A fun post!! I have 4 and 5 in common , except I always seem to be running behind) and number 10 is something I would do, defend the underdog!! Thanks for the chuckle!

  2. thanks jody...nice to know i'm in good company!

  3. So Funny! Good stuff to know. I too began collecting rocks as a very young child...they "speak" to me too. I still collect rocks...I have them here and there all over my house.

  4. Great post. If you don't mind me asking, judging from the picture and the fact that your name is Michelle, as mine is too, what year were you born? (if you don't mind me asking of course) I remember wearing clothes just like that and having shoes like the ones you are wearing when I was about 7. Just curious!

  5. I like your childhood photo, and the fact that you told that santa thing to a girl who was very mean to the boy. I was the middle child also just with 2 mean brothers. haha

  6. YOU first....What year were YOU born "Something special??"

  7. Hi Michelle,
    What a fun post! I think #10 was justified. I'm just like you with #4. Your photo is adorable! Reminds me of ones with my 2 sisters & our matching outfits. Thanks so much for your super sweet comment on my first WW post. This is such fun!
    - Susan

  8. Love this post! I will have to do this sometime! People would be shocked! LOL

  9. We totally have #2 in common, I cannot believe it. I agree, what an absolute fun post. That photo of you and your sisters is so adorable.

    I'm lucky if I get to read my reading list of blogs once a day. I squeeze some in during lunch at work and some at night - it is our way of keeping in touch since some blog every day.

    Love this Michelle, you are so much fun.

  10. Oh Michelle ~ what a terrific fun and enjoyable post. Love the 'plaid' outfits ~ it is the 'Scottish' in me. We have #4 in common and I am doing it right now (I should be working on many items). Ha! And as for rocks. Too long to explain here but our family has a cottage at Humarock. Legend goes that the sound of the waves as tides go in and out ~ make a "humming sound". Millions of rocks on that beach by the way and the Native American's named the beach ~ Humarock. Then, legend further goes on to say that if you find a rock with a circle encompassing the middle ~ PICK IT UP. It will bring you luck. And, I can attest to the fact that it does and it has. I often shellac them for the brilliance the rock brings out. I love #10 ~ GOOD FOR YOU. We need more people like you that will step up and help! Thanks for sharing my friend ~ gets us all to thinking. :) Hugs, M

  11. I Loved getting to know a little more about you! #1 and #4 yep thats me too! and your #9 cracked me up. Your such a bad girl! LOL not really just read #10!
    Love the Christmas photo, something else in common, I'm a middle child to!

  12. Loved this post such fun i share to things the same and thats number 2 and 6.


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