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Monday, August 30, 2010


Yesterday, Mr. PML and I moved our "One-and-Only" into his college dorm room. He is beginning his second year at a college here on the East Coast. (I know...I know...his second year not his "first." I should be used to this by now, right?) 

So WHY have i been absolutely sobbing weeping since he let go of my embrace and opened the door to his new home...his new life....his new "family" (for now)?

Because THIS is what i see every time the door closes behind him.....

~*~*~"First Day of Kindergarten"~*~*~

...And my heart is ever so heavy this morning beacuse i woke up to an empty house....
and looked into a little boy's room whose bed was still made...
 and at walls of memories of the child he once was and is no more.

No wet towels on the bathroom floor and toothpaste in the sink...
No cereal bowls and juice cups on the kitchen counter...
No TV's left on when he is in his car and waving goodbye.

Only whispers of the energy that filled our home for 19 years with a whirlwind of tears and joy.

So...in the days and weeks ahead,
I will miss the boy he once was and
 the next time I see him...
I will embrace the man he has become.

Avec Amour,



  1. Now you've got ME weeping! This is going to happen to my oldest son fairly soon... he's starting his sophomore year in h.s. in a few days. There aren't any 4yr colleges here on the Cape, so he's sure to make the big move in a few years, and ALREADY I'm depressed!!!

  2. Michelle...I have been doing the same thing all morning and we don't move Jac in until Wednesday and she will be a senior! I guess I know in my heart that the next move will be to her very own nest! {Hugs} from one proud Mom to another!!

  3. Aww Michelle...it will get better! I promise. I have three children that I had to watch fly the coop and then our first grandchild lived with us for four years. That was a KILLER when she moved 3 hours away! UGH! But...somehow I made it through and life is just grand. She is 11 now and I am still trying to figure out where the years went. Hang in there...btw...your son is a cutie!

  4. It IS hard! But so satisfying to see them out on their own, being a "grown up"! Using all the love and wisdom we've tried to instill in them all these years.
    It WILL get easier. stay busy, and don't sit still too long in their room.
    big hugs,

  5. I don't know what to say since I never had children but it makes me remember my Father not wanting me to move out of our home. My Mom is a strong woman and believes in letting go but not my Father. I thought it would have been the other way around. :)

    My thoughts are with you at this time he is at school. Just think, he will be back for Holidays soon.

  6. Oh Michelle,
    We moved my youngest into his dorm yesterday for his freshman year, (I have 2 boys, the oldest is a college senior this year). I feel your heart, all I have done today is picture my sweet little boy, so proud of the young man he is, but so missing the precious little boy he was.
    You're not alone, if that helps,

  7. Awwww, it's because he will always, always be your baby!

    Big hugs,

  8. My heart aches for you! My oldest graduated this year. I know one day all too soon, he will marry and have a family. It may be ten years from now, but it will seem like only a moment. Bless your mothers heart.

  9. Michelle, what a sweet little boy who I am positive is a very handsome young man with sparkling (brown ?) eyes and a smile that can still light up a room. Gentle hugs to you my friend. Marilyn


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