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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vintage Summer Mondays

I'm back!! Have been away from the blog lately. Got a new computer and THIS rigid creature of habit is having some hissy fits challenges getting used to the new technology. SO sorry for my absence! 

Happy to be back and sharing some junkin' finds from a yard sale i went to this past week-end. Alas...haven't been to my favorite flea market in a while (long story). So..here are the goodies...

i know...i know...i need more Mary Vases like i need a "you know what" but how could i resist them??

...also....some vintage napkins with gorgeous tatted trim...

....lots and lots of crochet thread....

...and bobbins in my favorite creamy white...

..a bag full of these crocheted rosettes (someone was going to make a very lovely tablecloth)....

..this adorable picture of sweethearts feeding squirrels on a park bench. the flowering tree and flowers are made out of the tiniest most perfect sea shells you've ever seen...

..and an antique reverse glass-painted picture of a woman at her spindle (both of these pictures will be for sale in my vintage shop soon so if you're interested in them..just let me know!)

...i can never pass up old Christmas ornaments...

Did you find any "tresors" this week-end??
Happy Vintage Summer Monday!

Avec Amour,


  1. You always find such yummy goodies, and I'm totally impressed with your electrical skills hanging chandys! Go Girl!! Have a wonderful Sunday,

  2. M ~ you have the best 'eye' when finding white items. And, as far as I am concerned one can never have too many "Mary's". The linen napkins are so pretty and I love the crocheted rosettes. You definitely have the gift. Have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, M

  3. Hi Michelle,
    I am not at all a techie, so I know exactly what you are saying. Good luck with the new computer.
    I always love to see what others find while out hunting and gathering. You brought home some awesome 'stuff'. I love those bobbins of creamy whites.
    hugs to you from here...

  4. great finds!! especially the little framed number with the sea shells...so sweet. the crocheted rosettes would make an interesting garland, maybe? i'm sure you'll do something spectacular with your finds.....have fun!

  5. Each and every find is so very sweet and lovely. Our home computer took a nosedive and one of our laptops is on the fritz. Technology is great but when it all goes wrong can be quite frustrating. Have a super Sunday. :) Tammy

  6. Well I would say that you hit the jackpot Michelle!! How fun for you! Loving your bobbins, ornies,crochet threads,mary's ...just all of it!!

  7. Oooh Michelle,
    Those ornaments are in my favorite colors!! They would look fabulous with my collection! hee-hee;~)
    I also love all of your creamy doilies and bobbins! Beautiful treasures! You have a great eye for gorgeous things!
    Have a great week Michelle my belle!

  8. Why yes I did. Digging through drawers and boxes and baskets, we have so much in common. My feet hurt from walking so much shopping but in encouraged me to go to bed early and be more energetic today!

    Love your treasures, Michelle. I'm glad you're back - so missed you. I got a new laptop and I paid $40 extra so they set it all up for me. I don't have the patience for this stuff. I feel for you.

  9. I like the vintage christmas goodies you found.

  10. Hi Michelle, Love all your treasures. The Christmas ornaments are beautiful. Christmas is coming up fast. My favorite holiday next to Halloween.


  11. Bonjour Michelle! I love all your treasures! Good luck with your new computer and have a wonderful week!!

  12. Pretty treasures! And those Christmas ornaments have me thinking of much less humid weather! lol ;)

    If you go to "Projectplaylist.com" you can add their music widget to your blog. They have very simple step-by-step instructions. ;)


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