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Friday, August 6, 2010

What's A Girl To Do? (Part 2 In a Series)

What's a girl to do when she's tired of looking at these....?

...she finds this....
...flips one of these...
...removes these...
...and these...
..looks at this....takes a deep breath and....
..hangs these....

One pair of thrift store finds...50 dollars.
One pair of trembling hands (and lots of wires)...0 dollars.
Replacing a set of light fixtures without the help of Mr. PML....Priceless!

Oh Happy Day!!
Avec Amour,


  1. ...Hip-hip-hurray!!! I'm just sitting here wondering if I would have had the courage to try that...but...those are some pretty fabo chandi finds!! ~ and a pair...complete with crystals?! Good for you dear one! They look oh-so-lovely in their new home!!!
    xo, Rosemary

  2. Super cute! I am very impressed! Wires, ladders, or countertops.....it's an accident waiting to happen for me! Great deal too!


  3. I'm impressed! You go girl.
    Happy weekend to you.

  4. WOW! Huge improvement! Kudos to you for a job well done!!! And what a bargain, you lucky girl!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh my goodness girl!! That is one thing I won't do. I let hubby do all the wiring and rewiring and rehanging! LOL LOVE YOUR CHANDY!!!!!!!

  6. Good for you! They're beautiful and make your room look so cozy and enchanted at the same time.

  7. Truly priceless! Way to go Michelle - I have been so tempted to do something like that but very intimidated - I had issues with Grade 10 Physics - the electricity part! You make it sound pretty easy and I love the change!

  8. They are beautiful!! You are a very brave girl, way braver than I am. The pay off is well worth it though, you got them up, no waiting. Now for that I will try to overcome me fear of electricution!!! Theresa

  9. You are simply amazing. I work for electrical contractors and I wouldn't have had the courage to do that! :) I am so proud of you. And of course, those chandeliers are gorgeous and what a find. Make a nice dinner under those babies and relax.

  10. Your my hero! How bout a step by step tutorial? LOL It seems I'm always asking you to share your secrets. Lisa

  11. Your chandeliers are beautiful, Michelle! I admire you for hanging them up yourself. I like to work with tools but I would have no idea which wires to connect.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. They are beautiful and to think you hung them yourself awesome. You got a really good deal on them too. ~~Sherry~~

  13. The chandys are gorgeous!!! Congrats on hanging them yourself. xo, Sherry

  14. How courageous you are!

    What a great and thrifty find, perfect for your makeover.

    Your home is absolutely lovely!

  15. All by yourself??? Tackling the wiring??? You are a brave woman! BEAUTIFUL JOB!

    (Thank you for your comment today - did you notice your little music tag inside the pink envelope in the journal?) ;)

  16. Seriously????? You're not kidding????? You just made my SUPER hero list Michelle. And believe me, that takes some doing!
    You go girl...do you rent yourself out as an electrician? I was just askin'.

  17. What FAB chandeliers!!! Love your style!

    hugs~liz @ Vintage Sweet Pea


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