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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wonderful White Wednesday

On this White Wednesday I'm sharing some photos from my "Inspirations Folders."
I'd like to sit at THIS table and ......

...reach for a coffee mug from THIS cupboard.....

...and look at THIS wall.

I'd like to sit on THIS chair in my garden....

...or THIS chair in my studio.

I'd like to sit here to read, write and blog.

I'd like to hang my family photos here....

....or here.

I'd like to sleep in THIS room.....

...or in THIS bed....

...with THIS above my sleepy head...

...while looking at THIS.

And thanks to all of THESE books....I can imagine doing JUST THAT!

Happy White Wednesday! I'm heading over to Faded Charm for more white inspiration!

Avec Amour,


  1. Hello...

    Ohhh...me too...me too! Such lovely, inspirational photos! I loved each and every one of them. Thank you for sharing these lovely rooms with us!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  2. Wow that is a lot of inspiration! That garden chair looks just like my Martha chairs {without the lace cover}. Love it all!!

  3. So lovely! Those are gorgeous inspiration photo's. Now you've made me want an inspiration file!!!

  4. Beautiful photos, they just make you sigh!


  5. And I could do all that too! Great pictures, great inspiration!!!

  6. I'd love to see "Good Nite" just before crawling into bed. That's a lovely idea.

  7. Love these photos! I imagine a few of us have our own inspiration files, we're all such dreamers...:)

    So glad you shared those with us...


  8. This is beautiful inspiration!! You can do it!!!
    go for it!! and then we can see your own nice room with lots of nice things!!!
    i wish you a nice day

  9. I have my own "Inspirations Folder" divided by every room in the house, I occasionally go through it and weed out the "changed my mind"
    and add all the knew pics I've been cutting out of magz.(the 25cents at the garage sale magz not the "WHAT! $9.95 for a magazine?) ones. lol

    Thank you for letting me come along on your daydreaming tour today, everything was gorgeous!!!

    BTW I have a large set of those mugs that are pictured on the far left of the middle shelf.
    I've been collecting them for years, I don't know why I luv them so but they're the ones we use the most.

  10. Gorgeous inspiration photos. I'm really enjoying your blog....Kathy

  11. Thanks for the inspiration-I remember some of these pictures, but not all-great whites!

  12. Michelle, your post is so exquisite and dreamy. Thank you for sharing. And, now I'll go to my multi-colored living room to sip my coffee and DREAM! Thank you for inspiring me to do something with that room!!! Hugs, Marilyn

  13. ...ahhhhh~ an ethereal color that requires nothing out of us but serenity!!!
    ~ fabulous inspiration pictures.

  14. What charming photographs, each one in itself, so very special!

    Have a wonderful day!


  15. I love that folding chair in the garden. Just lovely and great inspiration. ~~Sherry~~

  16. Those are BEAUTIFUL inspiration photo's.
    Love them all...

  17. Hi, Michelle! I love your blog, and everything in this post, even though I'm actually afraid of white.
    Have you heard of Vintage Thingies Thursday at ColoradoLady? http://coloradolady.blogspot.com

    I've added you to the NE Bloggers list, welcome! If you'd like to be on my mailing list for the New England Bloggers, send a note to e_bogardus AT hotmail DOT com

  18. Gasp~ Great inspirations there. I just love that writing table area. When do we get to take them out of the folder and actually have them????

  19. Some of these are my favorites too. And some I have never seen, but I love them all too. Jacqueline

  20. You'd have to push me off the chairs and out of that bed first! So lovely!

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  22. Super gorgeous images, thanks so much for sharing!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  23. Oh yes Michelle, we really must be kindred.I actually have every one of these marked in my different books and magazines (other than the studio chair) and adore each one of them too.
    Do you think when we are really, really old, we could room together? I think our styles would mesh just perfectly. I have a close friend and we always joke that if our husbands go before us, we will get a house together and spend our elderly years together...but I sure hope her styles change before that, cause I don't think I could live with what she loves. LOL!
    hugs to you

  24. Michelle,
    I wish we were neighbors, we'd get into so much trouble together! Your inspiration photos are the best. I have all 3 books in my own library. That Garden style by Jodie Farris, old but still so cool. Do you have her others? BTW, I never saw your 'dream cottage by the sea' pic before. Ditto. Lisa

  25. Sure am late, aren't I? How did I ever miss this post? Here I was all wondering about your blog and scrolled down my reading list to find this.

    I have been busy but come on...great post, I have so many inspiration photos around my room....I love inspiration...that word is wonderful. I love the angel headboard the MOST!

  26. Oh, I love it - can I move in? Next time I go to AE I'll let you know.Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog.
    Have a wonderful day.

  27. oh yes, yes yes, it is so lovely nice to look at, and gergeous to live in !


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