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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wonderful White Wednesday

Another wonderful White Wednesday and since i have only been able to go to my beloved beach ONCE this summer...i thought I'd bring the beach to moi!
So here are some pictures of my sea-shell-loving home....

...the living rom mantle...
...i have no idea who these beach babes are but the picture just "spoke" to me when i saw it at an estate sale...

...a sandcast of my son's foot...
i made one of either his hand or foot from the 1st summer he ever spent at a beach until he was
"too old already ma!"

...she sells seashells by the sea shore....

...more of my beautiful sea pottery...
...and my sweet sea nests...

...(are you tired of the sea pottery all ready??)...
...love my "etoille de la mer" too...

...and some sweet "cadeaux de la mer" preserved forever under glass....

...summertime memories...
drippy castles and sea shell hunting..

...my "guys"...
..the hallway writing desk....

...my dining rom mantle...

...the kitchen table..
...and my winged "mermaids"....

Happy White Wednesday Mes Amies! I'm heading on over to Faded Charm to see what else Kathleen has for some Wonderful White Inspiration!

Avec Amour,


  1. Michelle,
    Love, LOVE all the shells. We save them from every beach vacation & add them to a huge glass apothecary. It's very tall & full now. I want to know how you did the foot and hand cast? That is too cool. I'd love to have done that when my kids were little. Not too late tho. I truly love the shadow box you made with all of the beach memories. Great post. We're on vacation right now, not at the beach but the mountains of Co. Happy Hump Day. Lisa

  2. Oh I love those sandcasts you made, what a wonderful keepsake! All of your seashell whites are so pretty, really so many gorgeous vignettes to look at. The shadow box is fabulous as is the halo/wreath on the angel. i just love everything! Thanks for the inspiration! Theresa

  3. Beautiful as always Michelle. I am nowhere tired of the sea pottery yet; as someone who has mostly spent time at lakes, sea pottery is a completely new thing for me - I love it! I also especially like the sandcasts you made, now those are treasured keepsakes of happy shore days!

  4. Michelle, I so enjoyed this post and could never tire of sea pottery! Lovely, lovely treasures and creations. Thank you for sharing. ~ Angela

  5. Oh Michelle I do love the shells, being a Floida gal myself I love anything about the sea and especially shells and light houses, hugs and blessings, Barbara

  6. What a lush and lovely post you have here! You have some wonderful collections. I am charmed by your old photos also! I never tire of shells, they're like flowers to me. Your place is a feast for all us white fiends! Jacqueline

  7. Love all your beautiful beachy whites. The combo of textures and designs is gorgeous. The sandcasts are interesting but my babies are all grown...maybe grandbabies?

  8. Beautiful whites and sweet mementos!

  9. Wonderful whites ~ your home looks so warm and inviting! Glad I stopped by for a visit!! Happy White Wednesday!

  10. I just love the star fish. To me they look like they are made from antique lace....

    Stuck in the shop today working a floor move I needed this....Your whole post just felt like the essence of summer....thank you for that.

  11. I adore those old beach pics of the ladies showing off their swimsuits. Can't get enough.
    I think you have done a wonderful job bring the beach to your home. It is all so fresh looking.

  12. You have captured the essence of beach style.
    I love all the shells inside glass containers, bowls and silver trays. So pretty.


  13. Oh Michelle ... the photographs of the images you love so dearly are just out of this world. I especially love the photo of 'my guys' and the first photo of what I believe is your living room? You capture images so beautifully and I find myself sitting her oohing and ahhing at every photo. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. Love and Hugs ... Marilyn

  14. You certainly do have a lot of beach to share with us. I love how all your whites 'pop' against that wonderful wood mantel.....beautiful!

    Take care,


  15. Hi Michelle,
    What absolutely beautiful beachy displays!!! Also your picture in your banner is one of my all time favorites!
    Happy day!

  16. OMG!!! What a gorgeous post!!! Everything is just what I love. And thanks so much for the heads up!!! I am off like a prom dress to HomeGoods this morning to see if I can complete my set of Crown stuff. I live in CT so I have one not too far away. I will always be amazed at what people get rid of at GW. I picked up an antique crock a few weeks ago that is worth over $500! I paid $30. Happy WW!!!

  17. So lovely, all your photos on this White Wednesday. I've been too busy to participate but I'll be back soon....that day job thing I do is pretty busy right now.

  18. What a beautiful assortment of whites and lovely shells!

    Have a wonderful Friday!

  19. Nope Michelle I could never tire of the sea pottery! I could so move into your beautiful home right this minute. I feel as though you can hear the waves. You have created such amazing vignettes everywhere.
    Your comment was so lovely and I am so lucky to know and adore you.

  20. Hi Michelle, I just found your lovely blog! I also like to decorate with seashells and your vignettes are beautiful. I just became your newest follower. Hugs, Sherry

  21. Hello Michelle,

    I'm visiting via OC Cottage,
    what a pleasure it is perusing your beautiful blog.
    I too am in love with seashells,
    thank you for sharing ALL your beauties !


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