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Monday, July 5, 2010

Vintage Summer Monday

Sharing a few tresors that i found on Sunday at my favorite Flea Market....
...some nautical-themed Bridge tally cards...

....some vintage lace (time for that "exercise routine" i taught you a few posts back)...
..these really gorgeous vintage French playing cards...
...love the graphics on the them...

..and my most favorite find of all...
this vintage French Souvenire bracelet...
...all of our beloved French buildings on mother-of-pearl....
...and for 10.00!!
....some tres, tres beau postcards...
Happy Vintage Summer Monday!!
Can't wait for Melinda at Alabaster Rose Designs to come back already!!

Avec Amour,


  1. Michelle! Michelle! Michelle! You are killing me this morning! I LOVE all this stuff! The shipping motif bridge tallys--the french cards--and THE BRACELET!!!!!!!! I was enjoying Melinda's VSM too! Hurry back Melinda! Jacqueline

  2. You've hit the French lottery with all those treasures!!! I LOVE the bracelet - it's "charming" (bad pun, too)!

    Are you melting where you are??? I live on the Cape and I can't even get near a beach they are so crowded... my kids are a little bummed out to say the least! :O I think the towns can make a pretty penny off of parking tickets at the beaches this summer! ;)

  3. I'm booking my ticket over to your place right now Michelle, so you can take me shopping with you. You always find the best stuff! I LOVE the playing cards SO much!
    Your swap box in the previous post made my jaw drop. Just gorgeous!

  4. Lovely finds Michelle!! I found a few things too and must post them soon. I am getting so behind in everything! UGH!

  5. Hey girlie,
    You got some very cool things, & they all look like you! I just looked over your latest swap, OMG, what a haul! That French General box was beautiful, everything was. And your box to them, oh la la! Lisa

  6. Hi Sweet Friend,
    I love all of your new vintage goodies, especially that fabulous bracelet!! That's so yummy!
    Have a wonderful week!

  7. You have found some lovely treasures Michelle! The little tags are adorable and I love the playing cards. xx

  8. How darling!!! I love it all! The bracelet is wonderful!

  9. I could spend ALL day looking at your beautiful blog. Ohhhh so much to see and love...I am drooling.


  10. Stop it, you are killing me with your delightful finds!!! My favorite and "close to home" antique mall closed. Arizona does not do flea markets like this, let me tell you. I'm at a loss right now. As if I had the room to buy, seriously, I need to expand my studio.


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