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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Grey Dey Thursdey #22....

Happy Grey Dey Thursdey Mes Amies!
Today, I’m sharing a "mood board" I created for my master bedroom makeover...

I'll share some "before and afters" when this whole project is completed.

Of course, my "grey obsession" is in full swing with this makeover vision of mine.

Contrary to popular belief, grey can be a very soothing color. 

Forget "dull" and "boring"...

...try "calm" and "relaxing." 

Fabric: Print: “Damask Gray”~ Exclusively for JoAnn Fabrics 
Solid: "Paloma Silkessence" at JoAnn Fabrics

Paint: “Cathedral Stone” & “Silvery Moon”
in Satin Finish by Valspar
“Bone White” in Pearl Finish by Ben Moore 

Seam Binding: “Grey Mist” purchased from Zipperstop.etsy.com

Now For The Party...

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A few simple rules so that we all enjoy this weekly gathering....

1.  You don't need to be a "follower" to participate. ALL are welcome!

2. Post anything in grey or "shades" of grey  (I would hate to have to delete your Post so kindly respect this rule. "Merci")

3. If it's not something you've created or own, then please give credit to its' original source.

4. Kindly link back
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Let's add a little "grey to our deys!"
"Merci" for joining in.....


  1. Michelle,
    You've chosen some amazing fabrics and paint samples for your Master Bedroom, dear friend!!!
    I adore the serene and tranquil ambience that the Agreeable Gray from Sherwin~Williams gives to our Guest Room. The Aqua hued (now called Spa) accessories, drapery and upholstered vintage desk chair really bring about a peaceful night's sleep. I will be sharing this room in its entireity for next week's Grey Dey Thursdey!
    Thank you for hosting this weekly linky party. . .it is rapidly becoming my favorite in The Land Of Blog!!!

  2. LOVE the mood board for your bedroom, don't you love those little sample pots of paint, so pretty! thanks for hosting, Michelle!

  3. Oooooh, now you have me intrigued on this makeover! Can't wait to see the "after". Judging by your mood board, it will be absolutely fabulous. I'm chuckling, because I have the same Valspar Cathedral Stone paint sample - great minds.....
    xoxo - missing you!

  4. I love your grey inspiration board! I am awaiting a beautiful grey sofa and ottoman. Just need to finish the layaway payment first, lol. So excited! Thanks for allowing me to link-up my blog!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  5. Dear Michelle, your mood board is filled with beautiful grey tones in patterns and materials, -I wish you happy hours giving your room the lovely makeover .
    Hugs, Dorthe

  6. It's hard to go wrong with a name like Silvery Moon. That is practically a mood board all by itself!

  7. Love all the posts! Thanks for hosting!

    locksley lane

  8. I find grey to be a very elegant color and it gets along with so many other colors. Your grey design palette is dreamy bliss.

  9. Thanks for your fun party Michelle.

  10. Thank you for hosting Grey dey Thurdey!

  11. I love your inspiration board that you shared! So pretty!

  12. Grey is brightening up my old house and making me fall in love with all over again!
    Love the look you are going for Michelle...can't wait to see!

  13. I agree grey is very soothing and peaceful. Your inspiration board looks like a very beautiful beginning to a soothing grey bedroom. Can't wait to see more! xxoo Heidi

  14. Oh so much fun creating one of these Inspiration Boards where you get to use all the co-ordinated elements together. It is looking gorgeous Michelle!

  15. Love the textures in your inspiration board. I will never give up a true board, sorry Pinterest.


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