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Friday, March 14, 2014

DIY Simple Seat Cover Tutorial...

The makeover in the "Master" continues....
Here's a simple seat cover tutorial...
it’s similar to the DIY post of my painted seat covers ....



Paint: I used an interior latex paint in a satin finish: Bone White by Ben Moore
~Fabric: "Damask Grey" exclusively for JoAnn Fabric

~ Screwdriver 
~ Scissors
~ Measuring tape
~ Staple gun (or hot glue gun)

Remove the seat from its' frame.....

Start by laying your seat on your fabric and cut at least a 4” border all around it.

Make sure the “right side” of your seat and the ”wrong side” of your fabric are facing each other before you adhere the fabric to the seat. 

I used a small staple gun for this project but a glue gun will do the job just as well.
Start by folding one edge of fabric over and stapling it to the wood. It helps to lay your seat on a hard surface and use firm, even pressure as you staple.

I staple every 3 inches or so. Next, staple the opposite side of the seat and be sure to pull your fabric “taught” before stapling.

Now you’re ready for the other 2 “sides” of the seat and your “corner folds.” 

Fold the fabric as you would when wrapping a present. Staple where you would normally use “tape.” Repeat this step for all 4 corners of your seat. 


I'm making progress and will be sharing a 
"How To Make Your Own Bedskirt" tutorial and also some of my painted furniture pieces real soon. 
In the meantime...Happy Weekend Mes Amies!


  1. Okay, now mail me that gorgeous bench, lol. So pretty and I love the scrolls on it. Happy Friday mon amie.

  2. What a great makeover, Michelle! Thanks so much for demystifying the reupholstering process! I never knew how to do those corners! The fabric you chose was just gorgeous!

  3. Die neuen Bezuge sehen viel schöner zu den Hockern aus !!! Gefaellt mir viel besser jetzt!
    Liebe Gruesse aus Deutschland - Jacqueline

  4. Those are gorgeous benches! Amazing make over, they look a million times better!

  5. They turned out beautiful! I love the pattern you chose and the spiral of the metal. ♡

  6. Oooh la la! Double the seats, double the beauty! Love how they turned out - perfect cream paint and perfect damask fabric with our beloved grey. :)

  7. Such a pretty fabric, Michelle! I love seats like this that you can easily recover. I've done several myself over the years.

  8. Those turned out just beautiful. Love the fabric.


  9. Oh wow! It came out so beautiful! Perfect fabric choice!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  10. Hi Michelle,
    I so wish I had a cushion to recover I would so make this my next project. Love the grey-ness and white you are doing in this room, looking forward to the bedskirt.
    I have been enjoying the warmth of the coming spring to then be disappointed with what we here on the desert of So. Ca are so use to with bad weather hitting us like late winters.
    I have been spring rearranging and finding a good fit for pieces I have almost let go of to soothe my soul with abused distressed forgotten cast off, living a simpler life of beautiful salvage. With that being said, I do love when French farmhouse pieces are in the rustic mix of elegance so I added a bit of elegance to a kitchen wall that is about the only wall in my cottage that could display such a piece.
    Who knows how long I will allow it to take up this much space before I take and add something beat up in its place.

    Thank you for the inspiration, and for a moment I thought you were going to paint the fabric grey from its gold :)


    Beautiful weekend to you.


  11. Michelle,
    So pretty. Love all the pretty scrolls and the pattern fabric is gorgeous. Very pretty.

  12. Dear Michelle, is there anything you can`t do.... this is so wonderful-I love the fabric !!
    A lovely weekend to you .

  13. oh my, these look so gorgeous now! hugs and happy week

  14. Michelle,
    These stools are fabulous, dear friend!!!
    Love the scroll on the benchs!
    Exquisite choice of fabric in a subtle hue of grey!!!
    Thank you for sharing with an amazing tutorial!!!
    I'll be checking your Master Bedroom progress as it unfolds!

  15. Great tutorial Michelle ! you did a wonderful job and I love the new fabric ...Gail x

  16. Wow! I love the new seat covers. I think they’re very elegant and classy. I love your choice of fabric on this one. It just looks so amazing. Seeing your chairs for the first time, I would have a hard time believing they were from DIY projects. Good job! :D
    Jeremy Barker


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