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Friday, January 3, 2014

Countdown to Downton Abbey....

It’s almost time ladies! 
Are you ready?

(Be still my heart....)

The Season 4 Premiere of Downton Abbey...
Sunday, January 5th @ 9:00 PM EST.


  1. Wish it was here ,too, but we have to wait :-( enjoy,enjoy dear friend.

  2. Oh, I'd kill for that first dress! Unfortunately, I have never watched this series, not sure why. Perhaps it's because I cannot stay awake past 9:30pm most nights, LOL Thank goodness for Kindle downloads of television shows, I swear by them.

  3. Oh my goodness! We spent 3-4 days watching the first 3 seasons which my daughter-in-love had on her Christmas wish list....we are addicted for sure! On pins and needles since Matthews accident! I just need to find the right channel! Happy New Year, Michelle!

  4. YES !!!!!!!!! i'm ready and staying home from church conferenceSunday evening to watch it LOL

  5. What a wonderful way to bring in 2014. Happy New Year and Creative Bliss...

  6. You are so going to love it, it is every bit as good as the previous series. The 2013 Christmas Special was pretty awesome as well.

  7. Love this series... it's already been approved for Season 5, and maybe beyond that. Oh to have lived (wealthy) back then, all those beautiful dresses.

  8. I need to watch the first 3 seasons before diving in. I'm so jealous of those who are all caught up! Have fun watching the new season. Keep warm:)


  9. love this show too! We watched a piece on (I think it was 60 minutes) about it and the back story of families that lived there and how families today deal with living in castles, the upkeep and such. It was very interesting! I have to get caught up, as I'm the only one here who likes it and so I don't get to watch it very often. I like to watch as I work and everyone is out of the house, exactly why I need to get caught up! enjoy! t.xoxoox


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