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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

White Wednesday

It was a cool but sunny spring week-end here in New England....
the perfect weather to go yard "saling" and "fleaing"....

Here are some of my finds....

...an album full of old photographs....

...an old ironstone vase....
it has a large chip at the base so it was marked $1.00....

...I just LOVE the shape and the details...

....old cutlery, not mother of pearl but a 50's bakelite....still love them...

....my first Frozen Charlotte and an old bracelet with petite white rose cabuchons...

...I found a baf full of these NOS rhinestone jewelry findings...
not sure what the "shape" is supposed to be but I just love them...
(keeping some for myself and will list the rest in my ETSY shop if anyone is interested in some)...

...this is just about the sweetest petite coin purse I've ever seen...
only about the size of a quarter...

...I snagged a box of old crystal and glass salt & pepper shakers...

.....most of the caps are marked "sterling"...

...couldn't leave this divine bottle behind....

...another "petite" find....a tiny Holy Bible...

....and this heavenly Mother and Child plaque just stole my heart...

All in all...a delightful week-end of treasure-hunting!
Happy White Wednesday mes amies!
As always...I am joining the White Wednesday Party over at 


  1. Michelle I just had to laugh, these photos of women in bathing suits just proves that bathing suits have always been unflattering to a womans body ;)

    Beautiful finds, it must be such a treat to have great fleas and shops to hunt in.


  2. Michelle,
    Wow! What awesome finds! I especially love all of the vintage pictures. They really tell a story, don't they? That's what makes them so special.

  3. I love it when you take time to share such great finds. I get excited Im sure you were even more excited when you eyed them. I think toy found some really fun finds. Im sure you cant wait to find their own special little spots.Fun Fun I love it !! Weather here been nice. Have a beautiful and creative Michelle....Chickie

  4. What a fantastic day that have been, dear Michelle! so many gorgeous finds, all beautiful,and things I would never meet here,in a flea market.Well if I was to be very lucky I can find an album with old photoes, but it would be LOTS of money!
    Everything is beautiful, and special,dear- I love the rhinestones,and will look after them in your Etsy.
    Love and hugs,Dorthe

  5. What fun finds! I especially love the beach pictures. I've been "collecting" them on my "By the Sea" pinterest board!


  6. Wonderful finds Michelle - love those rhinestone pieces. I also look for those too. The coin purse and the tine holy bible is perfect.
    Have a wonderful may day

  7. Michelle,
    It all looks so pretty.What great finds.

  8. Ooh, the little girl all wrapped up in white is too cute! Such wonderful finds you've got here. Hmmmm..had you been to Todd Farm? Hope somebody didn't 'lure' you back...hee hee.
    Happy WW mon amie!

  9. It's all gorgeous, every one of your treasures. I love the rhinestones, and those wonderful old photos, but my favorite is the tiny coin purse. What a treasure.

  10. Great finds!!!.I really like the jewelry.Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Michelle, you are THE best treasure-hunter!!! Your "finds" are incredible!!! I love it all!

  12. Pretty finds for a pretty lady. These are amazing, Michelle. You keep me hoping there are lots of vintage finds out there!

  13. ...sigh...what a beautiful collection of finds!!

  14. Michelle- you found the best "stuff!". I love the vintage pictures- especially the ladies in bathing suits! All of your treasures are wonderful- that must be a great flea market that you visit!!


  15. You always find the best stuff,Michelle:)Love your treasures.

  16. Love your finds Michelle...every one of them! You have an eye for display as well.
    Blessings & hugs,
    P.S. Can't wait to see my Inspiration Holder... :)

  17. WOW, wish we had yard sales like that around here. What gorgeous finds!!!
    I want to hide in your purse and tag along!!! LOL
    hugs Lynn

  18. You find the BEST things. You really do!!!! We have great sales here in Oklahoma because there is so much farmland, etc. You'd love it here. So...if you are EVER in this area give me a shout out :) and I'll take you to the best places around! :) :) :)



  19. Oh my goodness, my friend. You SCORED! I love it all, particularly the photo of the two gals in the swimming suits. Wouldn't you just love to put a caption to that one??? Enjoy your weekend!


  20. WOW, I'm speechless so many beautiful things!!! I love that little vintage coin purse!! Enjoy your weekend! ~Hugs~

  21. That little girl with the muff looks SO uncomfortable! I hope she cheered up after the picture was taken.

  22. What sweet bounty! So many really cool things that aren't easily found here in central FL {at least at reasonable prices} I need to make some buying trips!!
    Thanks for sharing your goodies!!

  23. Hi Michelle,
    What some fabulous little tresors! I am in LOVE with that picture of the little girl dressed in all that fur. So adorable!!! Thank you for visiting with me the other day, and thank you for those amazing compliments, I must admit, I got a little weepy eyed over them. Have a great week Michelle!


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