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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Little Blue....

...shades of "blue" have slowly crept their way into my home....

...no big "splash" of color....

...just a calming influence on my previously neutral color scheme.

I scoured my home for ways to add more of it throughout Maison Petite Michelle Louise....

...all of the books pictured above were in a cabinet in my studio....

...it was time to let them "breathe."

This sweet plaque was found in my garage....

...it used to be in my garden.... 

...but has found a new home in my living room.

This lovely frame was part of a giveaway from the talented and delightful "Villabarnes." I just love the steel blue finish she created. 

I made this paper butterfly (it's actually a Moth) and found this petite butter pat in my pantry cabinets.

The gorgeous French Grain Sack pillow was another giveaway win from the amazingly talented Michele at "Summersoul." The pale blue stripe in the pillow inspired me to add more of it to my living room. 

I painted my dining room china cabinet last summer and just found this frame in my inventory....

...and painted it to match.

This serenely beautiful Immaculate Mary statue was a recent thrift store find for 18.00!!

I just adore her....

I painted her sash.... 

...to match the blue in her eyes...

I found this lovely Incolay Stone jewelry box at a flea market last Sunday....

...on the "Dollar Table"....

...along with THESE!

...(oui...oui...a dollar each!)

My dear Maman bought me some blue dishes for my birthday....

...I love the look of them alongside my old ironstone and my "every day" dishes.

This demitasse was a gift from my sister many years ago....

...I almost forgot I had it.

The blue"Gluggle Jug" was also a birthday gift as well.

This Frenchy wire caddy and bottles was a recent Home Goods find.... 

...I made some Frenchy labels to add to the bottles...

("Merci" Graphics Fairy!)

This trio of old bottles were a flea market steal for $5.00 all together!
One of them is marked "Boston", which is close to home...

I love the way the color catches the light through my kitchen window....

...and I love the way all of these shades of "blue"have not only crept into my home...
 but my heart as well.


  1. yes I am all about the shades of blue.
    They all look so soft and sweet Michelle
    blue is my favorite color and I always look for the perfect shade to bring into my home.

  2. All so beautiful Michelle.

    I love the statue of the Bless Virgin Mary. Here eyes have such a holy expression.
    My best

  3. Oh how pretty...so soft and romantic!!! I love all your things...and your photos are so well done! Hope your well my sweet friend! x0x0

  4. Love the touches of blue through out your beautiful home.It add that little touch that draws your eye to it. Your pics look awesome. I hope you are having a beautiful and creative day... Chickie

  5. Very pretty blue at that, Michelle. Your white french bowls are to die for....Anthropologie?

  6. Merci Michelle. Blue is my favorite color ! ...and me too, I adore the steel blue finish.
    Je t'embrasse,
    Marta ;O)

  7. Beautiful color of blue. Looks very pretty to the white.

  8. All so lovely.But I agree your Mary statue is beautiful.What a wonderful find!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Everything looks so lovely! I am not a blue person, but lately I've been feeling abit differently toward it and am finding that I'm adding some here and there too! All of your "blues" look amazing! Love your Mary statue!

  11. Michelle I love your sweet soft blue accents all over, and your Mary statue is do beautiful.
    A most love and inspirering post sweetie.

  12. You know I'm especially adoring this post, with all the serene blues to behold. You've added this beautiful color to your home in just the right dose, bringing such tranquility. I love your exquisite Madonna statue and am so happy to see her again here. Your eloquent transformation of her garment & crown are truly worthy of this Blessed Queen!

  13. Oh that statue is just heavenly!!
    Loving your blues Michelle...so inspiring!
    I picked up a blue french book myself in Brimfield!

  14. Your home is so beautiful Michelle - love those little splashes of blue in between. Love those little french metal numbers - too cute

  15. Michelle-
    Subtle shades of blue against your stunning white decor is sheer bliss-- these photos are fabulous. I'd love to walk through your home with my camera in hand--- this is just so beautiful--

  16. Ps- thank you for not having that silly comment moderation thing on your beautiful blog- that thing drives me crazy!! I wish more people would give it up!


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