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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

White Wednesday and A Cinderella Story....

I found her outside. 
She was cold, wet and all but forgotten. 

She called to me and, at first,  I ignored her pleas.....

...but she persisted and, with some hesitation, I finally answered her call and brought her home with me.

She had been neglected....discarded...

...her "purpose" no longer useful.

Signs of her "age" were hard to hide and, still, she stood straight and tall.

She fell in love with this old tatted-edged table runner I had and asked if I might make her a new skirt with it.

"Nothing fancy", she said.... "I like simplicity."
And so I wrapped her in two layers of the fabric so that the lovley tatted trim could be seen....

...a vintage length of lace cinched her waist nicely along with a charm I created from an old French letter.

The year she was born and where she came from was hand stamped on the skirts' edge so that all who saw her would know how long and far she had traveled.

"And now", she said...."I'd like some sleeves.
These tired shoulders could use some help from the weight they've carried for so long."

And so I used some scraps from the skirt and fashioned some simple cap sleeves for her....

...and added just a touch of vintage ribbon trim to them.
She smiled brightly when she saw them and her tired eyes began to shine.

 "I am not embarrassed by the stains on my bodice," she said.... "There's no need to hide them...

...they remind me of how far I've traveled and how much I've seen of this beautiful world. I wear them proudly."

"But you may adorn my bodice with treasures from your own travels.... 

...with gifts that bring you joy...

...and beloved tokens that remind YOU of where you've come from....

...and how far you have traveled too." 

I thought she deserved a crown.....

...but she was too humble to accept one.

And so I simply adorned her with a much-loved string of old pearls.

Today..... she stands in a corner of my studio....

...no longer cold and forgotten...

...always reminding me....
...to be proud of where I come from and "who" I am...
...stains and all.

(Happy White Wednesday mes amies)


  1. Oh Michelle ... she is so beautiful. It was the right thing to take her and give her a new home and transform her!!! Love, love, love her!!

    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  2. Fantastic story! I love your dress form and I love her transformation even more!

  3. Michelle,
    Your post made me smile and brought tears to my eyes all at the same time. What a wonderful story. Somehow I think we can all relate to her, can't we? You did her a wonderful service Michelle. So glad you had eyes to see the beauty within.
    Blessings & hugs,

  4. Absolutely marvelous!! I love how you have adorned her with used pieces that have special meaning!

  5. She needed you, Michelle. So glad you brought her home. She looks so much happier now, adorned in your beautiful treasures.

  6. I am so glad you rescued her - she is lovely.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. what a transformation, you have shown her such love and care.
    Wonderful post Michelle.

  8. Oh my goodness Michelle, you made her whole again. I just can't believe how beautiful she looks after you dressed her up with perfection. Pinning her to my dress form board.

  9. What a beautiful story! It is sooooo much more fun to find something old and tattered and watch it evolve into something beautiful with the help of your own hands. WOW!!

  10. Oh,Michelle she was just waiting for you so you could transform her.She is gorgeous!! Beautiful job.

  11. Such eloquent words to go along with your beautifully transformed lady. True poetry and a wonderful metaphor on our own journey through life. I can see that her 'soul' feels such joy to finally reside with you, dear friend.
    Wow, I can hardly believe that's the same lady we found under that table in the rain. :)

  12. I love the story. She is beautiful in every way. Very lucky to live in a beautiful home and watch all of your creativity that you do. Fun so much fun!!! Have a beautiful and creative day....Chickie

  13. What a beautifully written post!! I am a lover of the dress form as well.....so glad you found her and made her proud!!! Love.love.love!!!!!

  14. Oh Michelle! She is just divine! I couldn't have resisted, either!! I love how you styled her...simply enchanting. And the spot you chose for her...sooo lovely! I know she brings you great joy!! I have a newer one that I want to age! That is one of my "eventually" projects! My first project is to paint the girl's old room and convert it into my studio/guestroom!! I have to take it from a bright pink to a softer, more neutral palette, and CAN'T WAIT!!! I will be documenting the transformation on my blog once I get started! Too much fun!

    Thanks for sharing your beauty!!

  15. О Мишел, тази форма за рокля и разкошна. Толкова обичам винтидж вещите.
    Поздрави и хубава вечер.

  16. You did a lovely job! That skirt is absolutely perfect. And you kept the best parts. I wish I could find one of these forlorn ladies to bring home!

  17. Sweet Michelle,
    such an adorable story, and such a beautiful girl,you made her even more beautiful, with your loving hands, and wonderful loved pieces from your life.
    She now lives happily there in the beautiful corner, between all the other amazing pieces in your room.
    Hugs and love,Dorthe

  18. Oh Michelle

    I just love your story and the beautiful transformation you've given her.

    She is no longer feeling worthless and discarded - but alive once again and useful, for displaying all your beautiful creations!

    LOVE her skirt and sleeves - very special as YOU made them for her.

    much love

    Shane x

  19. She exudes pride the way a flag would! Despite being beaten up, she still stands straight and tall. You just kept her beauty alive!


  20. she is Beautiful and you made her fabulous!!!Love, Love, Love this!!! Michelle I love all the things you do!!


  21. How on earth could anyone discard something so fantastic?? And why don't I ever find things like this!? LOL -- she is just stunning -- you really turned her life around!

  22. What a great find and I just love what you did with her!

  23. She is perfect once again thanks to your special touch.

  24. She looks happy and at home in her new abode.

  25. She is tres magnifique!!! And so lucky she found you ~

  26. Beautiful...beautiful story and a beautiful again lady.

  27. What an amazing post! She is beautiful and I love your storytelling. It's perfect!

  28. are you kidding??? you hesitated?????
    I would have snagged her right up without a second thought.

    sweet what you did with her.

    barbara jean

  29. She is beautiful and I love that you saved her from a certain demise!

    You are so clever, my friend,

  30. She is beaming and I know so happy to have found a beautiful place to continue to inspire. Thank you for sharing her with us! And does this mademoiselle have a name?

  31. What a wonderful touching story. I just loved it!! You did a beautiful job. Wonderful!!!!

  32. I love her! And your post is beautifully and eloquently curated!


  33. She is absolutely beautiful Michelle, you have worked a miracle.

  34. I love her! She shines! So happy she came to live with you!

  35. What a wonderful treasure. She is definitely ready for the dressform ball now.


  36. I just love her so much! I absolutely love your story as well. She is simply gorgeous.


  37. Hi Michelle. Love the post. You are a master to create.


  38. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...oh my goodness. Have I said gorgeous already? She's lovely.

  39. She's a real beauty and couldn't have found a better home! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog as well and for the re-pins. Much appreciated. :)

  40. ohhhh I loved this post so much! Every photo and every line of her story. beautiful Michelle. So glad that I could finally play catch up and read this. Have a wonderful weekend! t.xoxo

  41. Michelle,
    She is absolutely beautiful! And those sleeves, how clever is that! Love your sweet treasure especially with the stains.

  42. What a wonderful transformation!! You are blessed to find a dress from with the wire bottom....hard to find. I'm so happy you found her, she was meant to be yours. xo R

  43. Michelle this is such a wonderful post! Not only are the photos lovely, but sentiment and story speaks volumes!!! Thank you for this!!! She is a lovely addition to your already beautiful studio. :)

  44. I love the post and the transformation..! Beautiful!!!!
    It is really a treasure... Simply gorgeous :)

    Big hug
    Ps the wreth is made of star anise, they are the seeds of a plant, and also spices used for food and desserts.

  45. What a beautiful transformation Michelle!! She is perfect.

  46. Oh I love this post and your transformation of this beautiful lady:-) Great find!


  47. Allo! mon amis,

    I'm back & recovering from the surgery well. Merci! for your prayers. Soooo grateful!

    What a beautiful heartfelt post. You created and transformed this "Belle Tresor" into a stunning work of art. She truly is beautiful! You were meant to have her in your studio. Just love the photo of your mom & dad. The rosary and beloved tokens are a blessing. Un cadeau!

    Merci! Michelle for sharing this touching post. Have a sunny week!

    Blessings & Hugs,

  48. Oh Michelle,
    I know you're going think I'm silly, but I got a little emotional with your sweet post. I KNOW! Right? But I am so glad you found her...She couldn't have found a better home :-) She looks absolutely beautiful.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  49. The things that "were almost tossed away" which can be re-birthed into something truly treasured are many, and yet they don't always find someone to save them. What a perfect find for you, and a perfect home for her.

  50. Michelle-- I love her! I own her "sister" and she was almost as badly worn when I got her! I'm going to dress her as you have the "sister"- its just perfect for these beautiful ladies! Thank you for the inspiration!

    Love you-/

  51. Michelle
    Hello, how this little note finds you doing well. I'm really surprised how creatively you dresses your lady up, the sleeves were genuis! Hope you'll be able to post soon! Was wondering if you garden, and what color choices you use! Take care, Lori

  52. Ohh, Michelle, what a touching story and what a happy end!!! Love the transformation with all imperfections that continue, she turned out elegant and beautiful!!!


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