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Thursday, February 2, 2012

White Thursday?

I sure hope it's not too late to join in on all the White Inspiration over at Faded Charm Cottage! 
I'm sharing more "White Amour" from around my home....
A petite vignette under glass.....

...I won this gorgeous layered flower from Cathryn....

Creamy roses from Trader Joe's....

.....I just love petite paper dollies...

....a lovely metal heart from Sandi....

...a simply divine tag from Rhonda...

...candles on my mantle...

...and some flowers to brighten up the kitchen.

Happy White Thursday Wednesday mes amies! 
I'm heading on over to Kathleen's Faded Charm Cottage with my tail between my legs   for some lovely white inspiration. 


  1. Very beautiful.
    Congrats to all the winners in your former post.

  2. Love all your photos Michelle! The roses are gorgeous! Hobby Lobby has those hearts again this year. :)

  3. White Thursday lol...too funny but hey, it works! I love all your gorgeous whites!!! The metal heart hanging over the mirror is beautiful:) Happy White...Thursday!

  4. HWT, Michelle! It all looks so beautiful!!!

  5. So pretty, I just headed over to Faded Charm myself, I guess we are just a day late but still there! Di @ cottage-wishes

  6. Such lovely white Valentine's Day decor! I love the little "fleurs" tag on the ironstone pitcher and the sweet vignette under the cloche!

  7. I was missing you yesterday. So happy that you shared some more pics . Love the sweet touches around your home. I enjoy them each time you share them. Have a beautiful day Michelle.....Chickie

  8. Always worth the wait!
    enJOY a lovely February,

  9. Oh everything in your home is soooooooo very romantic! I just love it when you tour us through..and show off all of your vignettes! Those glass domes are wonderful...I found a small one not long ago.with a wood base...but alas...it sits here in my studio empty still.....I really should think of filling it with something!

    thanks for inspiring dear Michelle.
    stop by and peek at my newest art collages!

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  10. Sweet Michelle, such lovely photoes.
    And such wonderful things- the domes are fantastic- and I love the flower from Cathryn inside the one of them.....the white pitchers with flowers in are beautiful, too.
    Your home is a dream, dear.

  11. There you are! Better late than never, and it's a nice treat to see more white on Thursday. I love all your amour-inspired touches here, and especially those creamy white flowers. Ahhhh...romance.
    Best of luck this weekend at your historical event - we'll chat soon mon amie!

  12. Beautiful whites (as always)! Your Trader Joe's roses are wonderful!

  13. Oh so pretty...I am in such a decor rut,nothing I do is working out,think its just the time of year(hope so anyway) I tried to email you but it would not work,likely my antique computers fault..so heres mine if you want to try....chrissy_mcconnell@hotmail.com Talk soon! x0

  14. oh so calming and pretty to look at.

  15. Love all your beautiful white treasures. I love white too. It is so clean and crisp. I know some people feel it is boring, but I think the opposite...understated beauty.
    Have a good night

  16. I agree, it is always worth the wait. wink wink! Beautiful displays of romance, as only you can inspire us with all your collections and vignettes.

    I'm feeling better, mon amie. Hope to chat tomorrow!

  17. Beautiful, White post... I was still making my way
    thru the long list of W.W. posts, so your not late,
    I thought I was ~ Thanks for sharing, I hope you'll stop by for a visit too~

  18. Such beautiful, beautiful whites Michelle. I just loving see glimpses of your lovely home!

  19. Merci, Michelle, you 'white amour' is always so inspiring... and those heart doilies, oh my...., they're just delicious !
    Je t'embrasse,
    Marta ;O)

  20. Hi Michelle!
    So pretty...I see a mirror I love!!

  21. Just love the first picture, the vignette under glass, beautiful!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend :-)

    Hugs Michelle

  22. Hi sweetie!:)
    i didnt recognize my rose becuse of the little heart Lol. Had to look twice, was that?? No it was not hmm yes it si ... " Such vignette clocks are so pretty. I dont have such a large one, but surely I do need one I certenly anderstand, they are eally fun to play with and make pretty vignettes under.
    Pretty strange to think about that my roses now have new homes in all continets almost. Tha farthers one is in Brasil. And you of course far away. :)
    Lots of kisses!
    Happy weekend

  23. Your beautiful ideas and decor always brings a smile to my face.

  24. Hi Michelle,
    Absolutely beautiful and dreamy whites. Loved it all. Lovely vignettes. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  25. All so beautiful!!! I "need" some of those cloche's!!!
    Have a lovely weekend Michelle!
    Hugs Lynn

  26. Oh these photos are just too pretty..it makes me want to turn every room in my house white! guess I could start tomorrow... :)


  27. Beautiful whites!!! Your vignettes are just beautiful and so inspirational :o)
    Have a great weekend!!!

  28. Beautiful vignettes and photos! I hope this finds you well. I've been planning and executing a spa bday party for Kara this week. Now, I need a spa day!

  29. Pretty, pretty photos and vignettes.

  30. lovely lovely lovely ! A girl cannot have too many hearts...! Gail x

  31. It seems that of late, I am more late that timely, so here I am reading this for this weeks WW! So you see, you are right on time for me :) Everything is just beautiful and makes me want to add more pretty hearts around the house!
    I am hoping to be able to join in today, one down with the flu bug over here and hoping that everyone else can stay healthy!
    Have a great Wednesday!!!

  32. I am feeling a bit (lot) of envy looking at your Valentines decorations. But I am happy at the same time that you are sharing and many, many people are enjoying it with me. You did such a great job, my friend. It is a good thing we live so far apart. Some things might find their way into my house. ;)
    *Smiles and Hugs*

  33. So sweet and romantic... love it all :) Who knew white could be so dynamic? :)

  34. Michelle, I am now an "official" follower of your blog! YAY! Although you know how much I admire you and your creations, I'm excited to be leaving the first of many comments today! I love the photos and inspiration you share...gets me motivated to add a few touches of vintage whites in my own home!
    Hugs, "C"

    1. YEA!! you're here??? OH happy day mon amie! ;)

  35. Dear Michelle: Today I've recived my lovely bag. It's adorable! And you too! I wrote a post in my blog because I want to share my happiness with everybody. Thank you!

  36. What a great find, I clicked over to your blog from another one and fell in love with everything. I will be checking this everyday.

  37. Your home is like a sanctuary of art and tranquility. I adore all your stuff!


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