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Thursday, February 23, 2012

800th Follower Giveaway

It's TIME for a celebration and a giveaway! 
This humble blog of mine has reached over 800 followers and I am at a loss for words to express my gratitude! Never could I have imagined that so many of you would want to stop in, say hello and leave me such lovely and supportive comments each and every time I post! 
I cherish the friendships I've made here and  am blessed beyond measure! 

SO...what tresors am I "giving away?" 
Well....I don't exactly know right now so that's where all 800 of YOU come in!

Tell me what you'd like.....don't be shy! This is about YOU so I want the giveaway to express that. 

Would you like some of my "handmade creations"?
Maybe something similar to these....

...and these.....

OR...maybe a collection of "supplies" from my studio...
(I'm happy to share)...

OR....a few "tresors" that I've purchased at my favorite shops and flea markets....

I'm ALL ears so DO let me know.... 
1. Handmade Creations
2. Supplies
3. Tresors

I will "tailor" my giveaway to your most popular requests and announce it real soon so DO stay tuned!!
(This giveaway will be for followers only).


  1. Ohhhh how exciting,well for me this is an easy choice... one of your beautiful handmade creations would be fabulous...Congratulations on reaching 800...so well deserving of your inspiring blog.
    XX Manda XX

  2. Congrats, Michelle! I know there are many, many more to follow. Honestly, anything from you would be a prize. I'd love one of your creations.

  3. Hmmmm, yes please? LOL! Honestly, any of those would be divine, but I think I'd prefer something from your talented hands more than anything since everything you touch may not turn to gold, but it certainly turns magical!


  4. Congratulations, Michelle! Everything you share is beautiful, but I would definitely choose one of your lovely original creations.
    hugs & JIY,

  5. Congratulations sweet Michelle!
    I want to enter your celabratory giveaway! For me, supplies make me swoon...and keep me creating happily!.....but your famous brilliant and genious door knob creations would be wonderful!!! Oh my...! I think I'm swoonong over the possibilities!

    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina

  6. Oh Michelle, your blog is just so nice to visit; congratulations on your achievement. You are the one that keeps us coming to see you in your studio; so be proud of yourself. One of your handmade creations would be a cherised gift I'm sure.
    Kind Regards

  7. Congratulations sweet friend!!! And I'm so not surprised, your taste is absolutely beautiful and I love everything I see here!!! I would love to win ANYTHING from you...because I know it would be wonderful, hugs and love, Dawn

  8. Oh my sweet Michelle,
    I love your blog and anything you make. Congrats on your 800 followers!! I would be so happy to win anything!!
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  9. Ooh la la, how wonderful to reach so many with your beautiful blog. It is because you sweet creative spirit shows through in you art. It always lifts my spirits when I visit your blog, and I imagine 800 and counting feel the same. As for what I would like, well 1, 2 or 3 would be a blessing to win. I love it all. Blessings

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Hard choice but I am a sucker for vintage lace and ribbon. Anything from you would be amazing. Congratulations!!

  12. Hi Michelle

    I love your hand made items. The first piece is beautiful


  13. First congratulations.You are so talented anything would be cherished.

  14. Oh my they are all wonderful...but I think "handmade creations"...yes...."Handmade creations.....for sure.



  15. Oh Michelle, how very exciting to be an "eligible participant" in the giveaway to celebrate your 800 followers! Sincere CONGRATULATIONS to YOU! Your blog is so inviting and welcoming...it's no wonder so many of us enter and visit awhile!!! If I were to be the lucky winner, I would choose the supplies from your studio!!! Tough decision, because it's all so enticing, but maybe it would spark a bit of creativity!!! Ok, who am I kidding, I'd probably display it as I do with all the "finished" creations that I have of yours :)

  16. Hello Michelle
    First Congratulations on your CBS News Spot! Pinterest is such a Wonderful Resource for Links to other Blogs and Inspiration and How Too's. I spend far TOO Much Time on it!
    Thank you for your Visit and your Sweet Comments. I still Can't believe that I was published and I am still doing the Happy Dance! Thank you Again.
    YES Please! I would Love to be Entered in your Giveaway! I would have to say it would be so Wonderful to Have a Piece you have made!
    Thank You for the Chance and Congratulations on 800 Followers!

  17. just found your blog...your pictures are beautiful...so inspiring...800+ followers congratulations...I now follow too and am looking forward seeing more beautiful pictures!

  18. ...forgot to say..love to be included in your giveaway...love supplies if I was honoured to win!

  19. Silly girl, any of the treasures would bring a smile to someone's heart. I always love seeing what you are creating, and it's fun to see "supplies" as well! Don't you love to see what someone starts with to create their art?

  20. Michelle Congratulations your blog is lovely and of course you have 800 followers my blogger friend. You know I would love everything of yours. I really would like your door knob paper holder, if I win it will go on my desk where I sit for hours and hours.....I would not mind some vintage lace that reminds me of HOME too. That is all. Ciao Rita

  21. Congrats Michele, anything you choose would be a treasure!

  22. Congratulations on your 800 followers which is something to be super proud of. I adore everything you make so I shall vote for that choice. You are wonderful and generous and so very talented. Blissful...

  23. Congratulations Michelle! I'm not surprised at all that you've got 800+ folks smiling away when they visit here.
    You generous girl...what a difficult choice. You know how much I love your handmade delights, and oh - your supplies & tresors are so enticing. I'll go with whatever the crowd decides. Wish me luck!

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Dear Michelle: Congratulations 800 times! You put me in a difficult desition. what can I choose? All is lovely and pretty, but I love the N°1 opcion, a handmade creation. Love. Verónica

  26. I am glad to found your blog recently. Never tired of looking at your creations. If I am the winner, I would love to receive the supplies & try to make something out of them. I can not find most of the things on your supplies on this part of the world I live.

  27. I vote for handmade but I would love any of them! I also enjoyed the news segment on The Pinterest Craze by the way!

  28. How lovely one of your lovely original creations would be.
    margueritecore [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com
    Am I follower #801?

  29. Congratulations, but your blog is so beautiful it is not surprising! Your supplies and tresors are beautiful, but one of your amazing creations would have to be the best gift ever. Thank you for all of the inspiration you share.

  30. I have enjoyed your pretty blog each and every time I visit. Congratulations on so many followers. Anything that you would give away would be wonderful I am sure, but I would love it if you would offer something you have made yourself.


  31. Dear Michelle,
    I finally came back to blogging this evening, and what a surprise to not only see your lovely giveaway, but to watch you on that CBS segment regarding PINTEREST. Congratulations famous lady!! You're really getting around these days. I see I've missed sooo much while I've been away. One of your fabulous creations would be the perfect prize in ANY giveaway. Hope to see you soon!

  32. Hello Michelle,
    I would LOVE something you have made! I love to visit your blog. It is so pretty and inspiring.

  33. I would love, love, love some of your hand made creations!

    Congratulations on 800 followers!


  34. Oh no...another heart break...I can;t follow anyone...just won;t work for me!! You sure will make someone happy though...they are all so pretty!! I love the tresor collection...your sweet to do this giveaway..xoxo

  35. hi Michelle! I {heart} your handmade creations! there're amazing! :)

  36. Congratulations on reaching over 800 followers of your beautiful blog Michelle! I always enjoy visiting and appreciate everything you write about and share!
    It would be an honor to own one of your handmade creations ~ wishing everyone good luck!


  37. Congratulations on 800! Lovely blog,always feel so calm and happy after visiting,and always inspired. Thank you!

  38. Handmade wins hands down, I could never have enough of your handmade gorgeous creations. Merci, mon amie for such a great giveaway. Have a great weekend!
    Chat soon. xo Rhonda

  39. Congratulations on your big 800! Your homemade creations are gorgeous, and would certainly be my choice!!

  40. I am all in for a handmade creation Michelle!! I do love those doorknobs!! :)

  41. Congratulations Michelle - your blog is so beautiful it's not surprising! Everything sounds wonderful and I'd be super happy with whatever you choose. Thank you for all of the inspiration you share.

  42. wow, your handmade creations are awesome! i would love to have achance to win one. thank you!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  43. I love your creations ... I love your Blog ... Congratulations Michelle ♥

  44. Congratulations Michelle! One of your handmade creations would be wonderful.
    Have a great weekend.

  45. Handmade anything by you makes we swoon! I love the tintype necklace! Did you make the tintype or is it a real one, either way, too fabulous!! 800 followers? Really? OMG now that would really make me swoon, fall off the couch, wake up, do the happy dance in my underpants and then swoon again!! But I mean, duh, your blog is always filled with great ideas, giveaways and the photos always look professional. I ride the short bus when it comes to taking photos, I did NOT get that gene! Well pretty girl heart felt congrats on your 800 followers, well deserved, take a bow.xox-cindy

  46. I agree with all of these comments! Anything made by you is a gifted treasure! Count me in too!! xoxo

  47. Congrats on your 800? followers Michelle - no wonder that is.
    This is such a generous giveaway - I would love to be included in your drawing if overseas can join. It would be all to hard to choose a category - everything from you would be a treasure.
    have a wonderful weekend sweet friend.

  48. Dearest Michelle- CONGRATULATIONS - I am not at all surprised, this spot is one so very beautiful place to visit.
    As I love your handmade art pieces, I would be dancing, winning something you made, yourself.
    Hugs and a happy week-end,dear friend.
    I will add you to my sidebar :)

  49. Hola Michelle. A mi me gustan las cosas hechas a mano. Es algo especial.
    Felicidades. Abrazos.Alicia.

  50. How exciting! I love all of your work, but would be very proud to own a piece of your handmade art. thank you for the opportunity.
    Also want to thank you for keeping my husband in your prayer, from the bottom of my heart.

  51. Congratulations on your 800th follower. That is an amazing accomplishment and speaks of your hard work and your gifts and talents for creating beauty! Anything you make would be treasured! Thank you for bringing beauty and inspiration into our lives!

  52. Of course we all would want to win one of your handmade creations! Isn't that why over 800 of us are followers? Just to see how beautiful you can make something wonderful out of little bits of nothing. Count me in Michele and if you can, please pick me!


  53. I recently won one of your generous giveaways, so please don't count this as an entry... but I just HAD to tell you that I was at the British Beer Co. in Sandwich last evening, and they had vintage clear glass doorknobs on their french doors... I thought of you! :)

  54. HI Michelle,
    Congratulations sweet friend!!! What a wonderful thing but not surprising!! Your blog is always so lovely and a place for pure inspiration!
    And what an absolute stunning giveaway!!
    Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

  55. 1, 2 or 3....I would be thrilled with any of them!!

  56. Congrats on your followers!!! I am literally in LOVE with all these pieces!
    I am following by Natiiii (GFC)
    balintnati (at) gmail (dot) com

    thank you for holding this:)

  57. Oh congratulations! That's awesome for you. I am a girl who can not resist supplies. :)

  58. Congratulations Michelle!
    This is a beautiful giveaway ~ to have another creation from my friend Michelle would be so exciting!

  59. Oh Michelle anything you made would be wonderful.
    Congratulations on the many followers.


  60. From one Michelle to another, happy 800th post! I adore to have your collections as a giveaway.

  61. Hi Michelle,

    How wonderful that you have 800 Followers!!
    I am very happy to be one of them!!

    Michelle you are such a lovely lady to have this most generous Giveaway!! If I were to win your giveaway I would prefer something that you have made, for your creations are wonderful!!

    Blessings and Hugs,


  62. Handmade creation, handmade creation! hehe ;) How wonderful that you have so many followers! Congratulations!! :)

  63. I agree, with those who have said Handmade creations. Yours are just to amazing! I think I would think I had died and gone to heaven for sure if I were to win one of your handmade creations!!!

  64. Hey Michelle, congrat on reaching a new height with your creations. Good luck to all the ladies in the giveaway. Thanks Michelle for sharing and inspiring...

  65. PML everything you have listed here is wonderful. I particularly love what you have made. That being said I am not entering as I won your last giveaway! (adore my bag!). The winner will be vey fortunate! Congrats on 800. Not surprising though.


  66. Hallo Michelle,
    I give the answer in Dutch.
    hartelijk gefeliciteerd met de 800 volgers.
    Ik vind je blog mooi, verzorgt, fantasie rijk en je maakt prachtige dingen.
    Ik ben al een tijdje je volger en dat hoop ik nog lang te zijn en ik zou zeggen: op naar de 1000 volgers.
    Als ik zou winnen, kied ik de supplies.
    hartelijke groeten uit Nederland,

  67. Allo! Michelle,

    Felicitations! on your success. I am sooooo happy for you :o)

    I never doubted for a moment you would become popular and inspire so many. Your a wonderful person, and this shines through everything you do.

    Your creations are amazing! I love them all :o) Any of your pieces would be a gift to receive and cherish.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Again congrats! Smile! mon amie you did a great job!

    Have a beautiful weekend!

    Blessings & Hugs,

  68. Nothing humble about your blog Michelle. That's why you have so many followers!!! I'm always inspired and in awe of your beautiful creations. What a sweet giveaway. I think anything you make would be a treasure to whom ever was lucky enough to receive it.
    Hugs Lynn

  69. Hello Michelle.
    I can't believe it has taken me all this time to arrive here. Your blog is gorgeous and so are your creations. I am now following luckily and I would be honoured to receive anything from your heart and hands.
    It takes a humble soul to be appreciated by so many!
    Please come over and enter yourself in my Collage Givweaway too.
    Warm wishes,

  70. Oh!! Handmade creations or supplies of course!
    You are so generous!!!

  71. Congrats!
    I love your handmade creations. The images you use are so beautiful and serene.

  72. I just love your blog! Of course one of your handmade items would be lovely but being crafty myself, supplies is always a good thing. Maybe it could be a combination of both? ;)

  73. Congrats on your 800 followers. I'm now following, too!
    Please enter my in your giveway, if that's open also to international readers. I'd very much love to win one of your handmade items. They are stunning beyond words.

  74. What a magnificent milestone, congratulations! I would love to win your giveaway, and I would hope for something handmade. You have created such beautiful little treasures, I adore them ( especially the altered door knobs ).

  75. Wow Michelle!That's fabulous! 800! I can only imagine....
    That's so generous of you to give away a gift...I would have a very hard time picking..of course I love what you make yourself, and then again, you seem to find the most incredibly things in your little trips!
    I would just be honoured to get any!

  76. i gotta say that anything that arrived at my step from you would be a thrill, but i would love to open something that you made! I'll be watching...

  77. Oh, I almost missed it! Things have been hectic around here lately and not much time for blogging, but I'm glad I didn't miss your wonderful giveaway:-)

    I'd love anything handmade by you my friend...you have such talent.


  78. How wonderful, 800 but I am not surprised. Each and every post if always better than the last. I would be thrilled with anything....yummm lets see, anything featuring Our Lady, The Blessed Mother, crosses and such.
    Oh what a treat. I am hosting a Giveaway also..my mere 200 followers but it is fun. Stop by and throw your name in the pot.
    Thanks for being so generous. Kathy

  79. Congratulation! I love your blog! Vania Angelo - Brasil

  80. Amazing! congratulations on 800 followers!!! Thanks for your generosity!!! I'd love to have one of your creations!!!!

  81. Congrats, Michelle, on achieving such a huge milestone in this technical world we live in! And handmade items are such treasures with so much love poured into their creation ... so that is what I would ask for.

  82. Hi Michelle, I'm sure I'm too late for the party, but just wanted to come by and see what you've been up to lately. Now I see...a really beautiful giveaway my friend.
    I hope you are doing great and enjoying your week!

  83. I'm a little late commenting here but my vote would be for one of your beautiful creations! Your handmade items are just gorgeous and anyone would be lucky to win one. Congrats on over 800 followers!!!

  84. Oh, Michelle, I'm so excited... I love threads, I love laces, I love buttons, soooooo..... I vote for..... SUPPLIES ! Thank you very very much for giving us the chance to win.
    Marta ;O)

  85. I am late commenting as well but one of your creations would be a perfect give away.

  86. Anything made by your gifted hands would be a wonderful gift.



  87. Hi Michelle, I want to say congratulations on your 800 followers, I am not surprised your blog is beautiful and it is always a delight to visit, your photo's are such eye candy! It is always so much fun to receive beautiful supplies. I hope you have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

  88. Congratulations on both counts - your 800th post and the interview - wonderful accomplishments!
    This is a tough decision Michelle; being creative and seeing some of the lovely things you have purchased certainly sets the mind turning, but something you have made would be a delightful "tresor" indeed!


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