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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My New Linky Button Is Up!

Google is discontinuing Google Friend Connect March 1st for all platforms except Blogger. There is also a strong rumor that they will also cancel GFC for Blogger in the near future.

LINKY FOLLOWERS (http://www.linkyfollowers.com/)

You can go to the above web address to add a Linky Follower button to your sidebar! I've added mine for all of you who are not on Blogger and want to continue following along! I'd hate to lose you!


  1. I added mine yesterday! Such a drag to have to start all over! I'm following you in Linky now so we can keep in touch.

  2. Hi sweet...I am on Blogger, but have added mine anyway, on yours ,and every other blog, where they added the Linly tool-----like that I am there and can follow, if suddenly it dissapers totally!
    Hugs again-Dorthe

  3. Although I'm on blogger I added myself anyway:)

  4. I am following you on linky follower now too.

  5. I am following you here too:) I also have this on my blog:)
    Hope you are having a great day

  6. I can't keep up with blogger. So many changes and I don't have any time to spare on this. Some days I want to unplug it all. Then days slip by and I'm curious to see what is going on.
    It's a terrible cycle.

  7. You got me girl, and thanks for the reminder, to go to all my friends blogs and make sure we're hooked up!


  8. I'm following my friend! I'm so behind on blogging that I had just heard about this last weekend. I would hate to lose anyone myself. Thanks for the reminder. Hope all is well.

  9. Hi Michelle,

    Congratulations on your segment in the news - you did a very good job! Also I have switched blogs. My new blog is Peppa's Dream. So far I think I am doing things correctly and now I am trying to reach eveyone, not that it's going to work, lol. Take care.


  10. I'm now a follower in Linky..don't want to miss a new post.

  11. Following you through linky now - just in case:)Have a great day.

  12. I added one a few days ago as well. I can't keep up with all these changes. Dial up makes it even harder. Wish they would just leave things alone, but that is just my two cents worth and sometimes that isn't worth much!! :)

  13. Hi Michelle,
    Thank you for the heads up on this crazy change. Sometimes I feel like Rhonda! But I will hang in there. LOL. Thanks for keeping all of us informed.

  14. Oh Michelle,
    Do you know how absoulutely happy it would make me to own just one little of your beautiful creations? You know I will be chanting..."Pick my name, pick my name, pick my name" from now until the 11th :-) I will definitely be keeping all my little fingers crossed. Congratulations on your 800th. I've been a follower of your awesome blog for quite a while now...Oh and I just followed in the new Linky Followers too. Good luck to everyone. Have a wonderful evening my sweet friend.

    Hugs and Kisses,


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