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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I'm Still Here.....and Still Having Problems....Help!

Hello Mes Amies. 
I'm still here but I STILL cannot "see" my blog. I also cannot "see"/read any of your blogs if you use Blogspot either. I am soo frustrated and miss this "connection" tremendously! 
Please know that I will stop in and catch up with all of you when this issue is resolved. 

P.S. I cannot upload pictures either or "preview" this Post so I apologize for its' appearance.
P.P.S. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions on how to fix it?:(


  1. This is terrible. Are you able to contact blogger for assistance? I'm sorry I can't offer any technical help but I'll be praying you'll find the solution. I can't imagine not being able to see your own or other blogs.


  2. I am having issues with blogger too although not as extreme as you. I keep getting a box with an error message that pops up when I want to review comments or view other blogs. It's crazy!


  3. How terrible,Michelle.Are you using Google Chrome?? A few month ago I couldn't upload photos in AOL and switched to Google Chrome - no problems ever since.Hope this helps. I miss you too:)
    Sending hugs,

  4. Update blogger-profile to "+" after installing Google Chrome.

  5. I'm so sorry, Michelle. This can be so very upsetting. Most likely, everything is safely stored in the Blogger database & can be retrieved.

    Maybe start here:
    and under Fix an Issue, click on Posting and Editing.

    ~ Zuzu

  6. Hi Michelle,
    have you tried getting in touch wiht Karen Valentine ~ maybe she can help you? It is worth a try. Otherwise as Zuzu said go to blogger and get help.
    I wish you that this problem is solved very soon for you and can't wait until you are back properly.
    many hugs,
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  7. So sorry for your problems Michelle! I downloaded Google chrome quite some time ago and it seems to work fine except that I always get error messages when I am downloading pics for a post, but they always load. Hope you get it resolved soon!!

  8. How very frustrating for you. And for us, because we miss your posts with your beautiful photographs! I hope you can get this resolved quickly.

  9. Do you know if you have possibly reached your photo limit? I've heard of that, and it requires that you purchase storage space. I would try looking into that.
    Praying you get it resolved soon.
    Hugs to you,

  10. Michelle:( I'm so sorry sweetie...I keep thinking that maybe you should contact Karen Valentine!! She's a wiz ob blogs and may know what may be going on...I see her badge on the right side of your blog so I know she designed it....I bet she could help you!! I hope there is not a virus/bug going on....are you having issues with any programs on your computer or internet issues?? I do hope this gets fixed soon...I miss you! :) email Karen though ok!! xo, Jules

  11. Hi sweet Michelle, I also say Google Chrome , they try to make life difficult for bloggers ,as they want us all to change to Google Chrome-since I did that, I have had no problems.
    Miss you dear and your beautiful blogging.

  12. Oh what a bummer Michelle! Are you using Google Chrome? It's the browser I use. The only problem I've been having is when I go into my blog, I can't view my blog list...so to read blogs I follow I have to read them from my front page blog roll! So frustrating!!!

  13. Don't make me drive out there...LOL - Come on blogger get it together! We miss our Michelle.

  14. This is so terrible, Michelle. I so hope you soon find out of this problem.

    Have a nice day

  15. Gosh, how frustrating! I can see and read this post fine, as well as the comments here. Have you tried viewing your blog using other browsers? I hope it's not some kind of virus, but that would probably affect anything you try to view online. It's got to be something specific with Blogger. What a nuisance!
    Hope you resolve this very soon my friend.
    xo, Susan

  16. We see your blog fine sweet Michelle...Have you tried downloading Google Chrome and using it as your internet browser? xxoo, Dawn

  17. Sorry to hear you are having issues Michelle. I hope one of the suggestions above can fix your problem.

  18. michelle. we can see everything fine. sorry youre having such a time with this. i bet karen can help you. i certainly hope that you dont have to jump thru hoops to get things back on track. dont be stressed. we miss you dearly, but dont want to see you in anguish. hope you get some resolution soon. take care hon. good luck. :( susy

  19. I do hope things get fixed up for you soon, so very frustrating. We will be waiting for you as I think we all miss you. Take care!

  20. Oh no I hope you can get it fixed.I think Elena Yamalskaya is right I would make that switch.I have heard of other bloggers having issues like this.

  21. Hey sweet girl, I don't think the problem is Blogger. Otherwise we would all be experiencing it. I think the problem is probably on your computer. Especially since it is all blogs on Blogger(and not just your own). Perhaps some sort of virus?? I would try taking it in to the genius bar (I think you have a Mac right?) Or maybe the Geek squad at Best buy if you don't.
    I hope you find a solution soon my friend. If I learn of any other possible cause I will let you know.

  22. So sorry you are having trouble! I miss seeing your beautiful photos and reading your posts!!
    Hope you will be able to resolve the problem soon!!

  23. Oh no--- I hope you get this fixed soon-- this would drive me crazy!! We miss you!!


  24. Hi Michelle,
    I am so sorry to hear you are having problems. I have been there too, so I am going to your email now to see if you need some help. This can be quite frustrating, so I want to help in any way I can.


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