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Friday, February 8, 2013

Here in New England, and Massachusetts especially, we are preparing for The Blizzard of 2013. Shovels at the ready, candles and flashlights too....pot of soup on the stove....wish us luck!!

Saying prayers that all will stay safe until this storm passes!


  1. Stay safe, Michelle. Just sent a prayer.

  2. Stay safe and let us know that you are ok as soon as you can after the blizzard has passed. I'll be thinking of you.

  3. Stay safe, may God be with you.
    XXXX Ido

  4. Oh Michelle. Feel sorry for you. Stay safe please.

    Hugs from me

  5. Good luck! Stay safe. Thinking of all my friends and loved ones in the storm. It will be fierce, but probably beautiful too. At least to begin with. . . .

  6. We're in for a doozy, huh? I've got the kids home with me today, as we brace for the blizzard. It's quite pretty outside - I'm just praying we don't lose power.
    Stay safe and cozy mon ami!

  7. Dear Michelle,
    I hope you and your family, will stay safe,-
    and I hope you can soon return to us, telling you are ok,
    safe and warm.
    Thinking about you, dear.

  8. Hi Michelle,
    here in south Ontario is has been snowing since last night and it still hasn't stopped! It looks beautiful but I am not heading out today.
    Stay safe!
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  9. Too bad airports are shutdown. I would switch with ya in a heartbeat. I was tuned in all morning to the news just to pretend as if it were snowing outside my door.
    Stay warm and hope all passes over safely

  10. Michelle I will hold you and your family in my prayers. Will pray that you all stay safe and warm.

  11. We here in Arizona were talking about your storm and some of us, not all, said they missed snow. Not me, no way, it's pretty to me but only in pictures. Living in Chicago ruined snow for me....too much shoveling and ice chipping for my taste. When I didn't drive, living in the city, walking in the park when it was snowing was beautiful. I think for now, I'll simply cherish the memory.

    Saying a prayer your snow storm isn't a bad one, you've been through enough already.

    xo Rhonda

  12. Sending lots of prayers out your way. Stay safe!!

  13. I hope you stay warm, and safe! WE are supposed to get more this weekend,only 6 inches last night. They were predicting up to 12 so I guess we lucked out. Just enough for a day of sledding for the kids! Take care! love, t.xoxoox

  14. Praying for you all, caught the news last night and thought of you right off.Stay safe and warm. God bless!

  15. Warm hugs and prayers for safety. Blessings...

  16. So sorry you are getting such a bad storm.Stay safe!

  17. Oh, please stay safe, Michelle! I'm praying for you and your family. My four sisters and my mom are scattered across MA. I'm most concerned about the ones who live in Boston and Salem.: (

    Hugs and a late-night cup of hot cocoa,

  18. Hi sweetie,
    Hard to believe you are in for a blizzard & I'm getting ready to go paint furniture in the driveway! I hope you stay warm & cozy.
    Just checked out your key rings. Wow, love them all! I need something like that, I'm notorious for losing my keys in the bottomless pit called my purse:)

  19. I`m thinking of you !!!

    Love from Holland

  20. Stay safe. Peace from Vieques, Puerto Rico

  21. Hi, I just found your blog. I hope everything is well.
    Your blog is beautiful and I like to follow you. If you want to, your very welcome at mine.
    Bye Lilian

  22. wow, uyou are one popular chiquita. your blogs has come through every post this week. hope all is well. susy


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