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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Divine Finds

I found a lovely lot of religious tresors recently...

...these vintage scapulars are in perfect condition...

...the stitch work is so divine.

 There was also this trio of tatted-edged pieces as well.

 This cross is really unique....

....I love the intricate design on each side....

... and it slides open to reveal a small prayer.

These crucifixes are both marked "France."

I just love this grouping of blue enamel Immaculate Mary medals.

And this petite collection includes two sterling silver medals....

...how divine!!


  1. Everything is all so gorgeous, Michelle! You always manage to discover the most unique and beautiful treasures!

  2. Love your finds and especially crosses with a France mark on them, very hard to find. I have similar French scapulars, aren't they beautiful?

    I needed your post today! It lifted my spirits!

  3. Would love to shop with you....you always "find" the most amazing and wonderful treasures! Hugs...tracie

  4. Absolutely gorgeous !!I love when you finds stuff that you really love !1 Hope all is well with you. Have a warm and creative day...Chickie

  5. Oh, my. I am nearly speechless. What a magnificent collection of religious treasures! I find the scapulars and the carved floral cross especially precious.♥

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful finds with us!


  6. Salut, Michelle,
    Your findings are always awesome.

  7. Such beautiful finds. Treasure hunting is so much fun don't you think?

  8. Simply beautiful Michelle! <3

  9. These are stunning Michelle. You always find the prettiest treasures. Love them!

  10. What wonderful finds Michelle! You definitely found the motherlode. Such beauty is getting harder and harder to find.

  11. Oh my, that necklace that opens is so amazing! And the stitched cards are so gorgeous as well!

  12. OH my dear friend, they are so beautiful, all your finds, but I simply adore the scapulars , what a fantastic and lucky find for you.The medals and crosses are so gorgeous ,too, dear Michelle.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  13. Здравей Мишел, изключително красиви тагчета. Харесва ми обшивката отстрани толкова е очароватилно. Винаги е удоволствие да те посещавам.
    Поздрави и хубав ден от мен.

  14. How divine indeed! Those scapulars are breathtaking - I adore their colors. You've found some perfect treasures here with your keen eye.
    As soon as you are done with those IH's, give me a shout and we'll do some pickin'!

  15. Where do you find such beautiful religious articles? I never see any scapulars, religious medals, etc. . . anywhere (other than new ones at my Catholic Supply Store) and I would give anything to find ones as beautiful and well made as these. I am going through such a bad time with my health and each time I open one of your posts it lifts my heart and spirit, God Bless you!

  16. Oh Michelle, those scapulars are so gorgeous! That was some score, and the little slide cross medal is exquisite. Going now to do some pinning of those beauties! Have a great weekend my friend!

  17. I agree...so divine!
    Are you ready for the storm...nice name, don't you think?!

  18. soooo divine! What beautiful treasures you have unearthed. I can just imagine the beautiful artwork you are going to create with them! love, t.xooxo

  19. Hello Michelle

    I just love your gorgeous scapulars...they are divine! take care.


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