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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

All Is Well...

"Merci" to all who kept us in their thoughts and prayers as we rode out the hurricane. 
I am happy to say that all is well with me and my loved ones but not all were so lucky so please continue to remember  them in your prayers.


  1. Dear Michelle. So glad everythinh is ok with you and yours. Here in Norway we have been following the news of the terrible storm. I`m so glad we don`t have storms like that here in our country.

    Hugs from Bente

  2. Thank God for your safety. Being from Houston, we have had our share of Hurricane's. I know just how scared you were yesterday. I think the anticipation and the unknown are the scariest part. I will continue to keep those effected by the storm in my prayers.

  3. So glad to hear you are well.We will continue to pray for those effected by this storm!

  4. Good to hear!
    What a mess it looks like on TV and one can only worry about those out on the East coast.
    So glad you are good and safe.

  5. So glad to hear this news and I will continue to pray for everyone affected.

    Stay safe!


  6. I'm still shaking my head at the devastation. So happy we were in contact through this! xo Rhonda

  7. So glad all is well with you and yours! John lives in NYC now and works at the Soho Grand and they put the employees up for a few days to keep the place running. That helped me feel better, he was fed, they have a generator and he is keeping busy working hard. Danielle said Charleston really didn't get much, just wind. Take Care! love, t.xooxoxoo

  8. So glad you are well Michelle. We are well here in Va. Beach as well. I read your earlier post where you wished your son were with you. I know the feeling. My son is in NJ right now and without power and no cell phone service. So, I am worried, naturally! Your words comforted me...nice to know that I am the typical mother!
    We'll worry together...we are in good company!

  9. So glad to hear that you are safe and sound. Still praying for all those effected by the storm.


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