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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

White Wednesday

I'm sharing some tresors that I found on my week-end "junkin jaunt"....

This gorgeous framed angel picture was only 5.00. The glass is actually "beveled' as well. Sigh...

I love this old pearl necklace with rhinestone clasp...

....i love how the pearl "finish" has almost completely worn off of the beads...so nice.

Another assortment of pearl "findings....a mother of pearl utensil...

...an old choker-style necklace, earrings and strand of pearls...

I think the detail on these carved mother of pearl earrings is just divine!

These are a sweet set of porcelain bird clips...for the tree I suppose?

And these ex votos were ONE dollar...

(...you heard me rosemary....)

...ONE dollar for ALL of them!

I can never pass up old sheet music....

...I love the titles of these songs.

And, oh my, I found these in an envelope and just about fell over....

...the most delicate and delightful tatted pieces I've ever seen!

None of these are larger than a half doller....

...what patience it must have taken to make them. I wonder who she was?

And the find of ALL finds.....these stunning mercury glass door knobs!!!
(am i the only person who faints at the sight of beautiful doorknobs??)

I have been wanting to make some "upscale" Inspiration Holders and these are just what i was looking for! I think they'll make the loveliest Jeanne D'arc-inspired Christmas Inspiration Holders!

(shhhh...I'm keeping one for myself!)

Now this piece is not in keeping with the White Wednesday theme but I just HAD to share it because...well....I think it's gorgeous!
It's the front part of an old drawer....sans the "drawer." I paid ONE dollar for it..."sigh" again! 

These sweet petite porcelain matchboxes were purchased from a lovely ETSY shop. I fell in love with them and couldn't take the chance they'd be gone by the time I made up my mind so I hit "add to cart!" I am NOT disappointed!


And now some recent creations from my studio....

I think the Jeanne D'arc style is the epitome of Christmas and it has truly inspired me this year.....

...these petite matchboxes are filled with vintage tresors.

I just adore this image of Ste. Marguerite....

...these tags are sweet and simple.

And i couldn't resist using the image on one of my rusty metal tags as well.

Some Jeanne D'arc style notebooks....

...I just couldn't STOP myself!

...I made oodles of them!

Did I say I made A LOT of them??

(Jeanne D'arc-inspired tags, matchboxes and notebooks are all now for sale in my ETSY shop)

Happy White Wednesday mes amies! 
I'm heading over to Kathleen's Faded Charm Cottage for what, I'm sure, will be an eyeful of white lovelies! Won't you join me?


  1. ...be. still. my. heart!!!
    i need to be moving over by you! as you always find the most fabulous treasures and for pennies!!! love, Love, LOVE it all Michelle ~ including all the new treasures you have rolling out to your etsy shop:)
    kindred spirits we are ~ dear Ste. Marguerite has been the center of my designs too:)

    xo, Rosemary

  2. OK... I am picking myself up from off the floor, as I FAINTED when I saw those mercury glass doorknobs! Those are the epitome of vintage elegance. I can't wait to see how you transform those gems! (And to think my old house was chock full of those old glass & crystal doorknobs -- but never mercury glass! -- we should have replaced them before we sold the house! lol)

  3. I'm in awesome overload Michelle. So many great finds and creations. Every visit to your beautiful blog makes me smile.

  4. Aww Michelle - these are all such beautiful things. Love those doorknobs!! And your photos - amazing. Thanks so much for including those little matchboxes. Glad you like them.

  5. Wow Michelle, that is a ton of eye candy!!! I love the matchboxes and don't blame you for snatching them all up!

  6. Oh those mercury glass door knobs!!! And, I thought that crystal door knobs were the best ever.
    I can't imagine owning those lovelies!!!

    Just love your creations. So pretty.


  7. I love the pearls...so romantic!
    About half of your photos just would not load up for me to see here, but the ones that did load look so pretty, as usual! I love your style. I'll have to pop in again later to see the rest.

    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina

  8. Michelle,
    What amazing finds. The pearls with the gorgeous clasp is so elegant. I love all the pictures.


  9. Beautiful and be still my heart is so right!
    You have the luck of the Irish with all of your delightful finds....oh to shop where you shop.
    Thank you for sharing mon amie. xo R

  10. Wow!! I'm with Rosemary! I want to go junkin with you!!! One of my very best sources went out of business recently, and made me very sad.

    Your treasures are divine! And so are all of those wonderful pieces you have created! Like I said before, your heart definitely shows in your art!!

    The tatting is delightful! I just added to mine with some precious little squares I found on Etsy. Too much fun thinking about the hands that worked so diligently to make them!

    Hugs to you Michelle, and thank you for sharing!!

  11. You are SO talented! I actually drove all over Tulsa today looking for antique malls and thrift stores. Didn't have any luck though.

  12. You came home with some great things and all on the same day!!! I'm happy YOU found those wonderful doorknobs!

  13. Wow, what a gorgeous post, Michelle! I love your beautiful creations. The matchboxes are wonderful, and I adore the images that you use! I am sighing over all of the treasures you discovered, I sure wish I had that kind of luck out here in my neck of the woods! The framed angel is amazing, as are all of those gorgeous pearls! Nothing like vintage pearls, real or faux!

  14. So gorgeous as usual Michelle. Your treasures that you found are wonderful, I can't wait to see the "upscale" inspiration holders that you design with those beauties!!
    Have a lovely night.
    P.S. I really like the little boxes you made with the tinsel inside!!

  15. the porcelain boxes are sooooo charming!


  16. Well, Michelle, you just made my White Wednesday VERY happy. After my smelling salts were fetched I had to read this lying down because I am hyperventilating so much. My heart is racing. You know how to look for things my dear. I don't know what is more exciting. Seeing your wonderful finds, or imagining what you will create with them. Those tiny pieces of lace make me want to cry. my my my!

  17. Beautiful finds and lovely handmades Michelle!! Happy White Wednesday!

  18. I am falling over for those mercury glass doorknobs! You always find the best things!

  19. All I can say is WOW, one beautiful thing after the other. I'm going to have to look at this post a few more times to really take it all in. I'm awestruck, really... I am.

  20. Oh that print in your first photo is so breathtakingly beautiful. I' ve made little notebooks in the past as well...they are very addicting:-)

    I can't wait to see what you do with those mercury doorknobs. I found a set of white porcelain ones at the flea market and instantly thought of you. I'm thinking I might need one of your inspiration holders, my friend:-)


  21. I found you on Faded Charm's White Wednesday (yes, I know today is only Tuesday). Wow, you found some lovely things. I love the mercury glass door knobs! I didn't know such things even existed. How gorgeous!

  22. Ohhh what a lovely blog you have!!!
    So beautiful,, and this matches so nice!!!!
    Comoing back soon!
    Have a nice day!

  23. Beautiful junkin' treasures and I adore your new creations! Just gorgeous!

  24. Beautiful, beautiful, and more beautiful.
    I want to go treasure hunting with you, what incredible finds,
    and your art is as always, gorgeous!
    enJOY a lovely day,

  25. Oh, Michelle it is all gorgeous.Lucky finds.
    Happy WW.

  26. Beautiful new treasures you found!
    And I love your new creations, the notebooks are gorgeous (all of them :)

    Hugs Michelle

  27. I'm dying!! Your finds are fabulous!!! I love that feeling as my heart starts racing after finding something fabulous at a garage sale!!! You really scored!!!! And yes, those mercury knobs are FABULOUS!!! Speaking of fabulous... I just saw you article about the lovely inspiration holders in Sommerset Life. It was wonderful and I might take your inspiration and make one for myself!!! Thank you for sharing your heart and creativity with us all!!! Have an awesome day Michelle!

  28. Oh my gosh Michelle, you must be the luckiest gal around, Love love love those Ex votos, mercury doorknobs and tatting lace.... I'd be in heaven to find any one of those! You've been a busy gal too. Gorgeous creations!!!!
    I finally linked up to White Wednesday. So much inspiration there.
    hugs Lynn

  29. Hello Michelle....I am still going....1 dollar...is she kidding ??? Oh what a lot of lovely treasures you found and the little tags you made are divine ! Have a lovely week.
    Gail x

  30. What wonderful treasures and those images are gorgeous!

  31. you found some great stuff! where in the world do you find all those great black and white images? i love those!

  32. You have a great eye for finding such beautiful things. The little bird clips would be kind of cute maybe dusted with some type of glitter?? They are cute.I love the things you have created. SWEET INDEED !!. Hope you are staying warm ?? Been keeping my eye on the weather there. Have a beautiful and creative day...Chcikie

  33. Like I said....I will have to go shopping with you!I love your finds!
    Specially love the heart votos!

  34. Oh my goodness Michelle, I will be going over this post again and again just trying to take it all in. I almost fainted over the first photo alone. That angel is such a beauty!!! You have been creating the most wonderful things of late. I just love your art you know.
    sending hugs from here...

  35. Sigh...sigh...and more sigh! Gosh, Michelle, as the sheet music says - you are 'the only girl' who has such a canny eye for these amazing treasures. Oh, those tatted pieces are to die for and I am anxiously awaiting what you create for the upscale mercury knob inspiration holders! My, oh my, Jeanne D'Arc Living mag needs to knock on your door and take some notes (especially in those fab notebooks).
    Love it all mon amie!
    Happy WW to you,

  36. Dear Michelle-
    such a wonderful visit to your beautiful blog-Oh how I love the angel picture, the pearls, the ex votos-doorknobs- ALL you have found are so special, -and your created boxes,tags,and journals,are all so fabolous , -beauty welcomes me alwayes here.

  37. Everything is really beautiful Michelle, and I love your tags.
    Take care,

  38. I just don't know where to start...you have found so many beautiful things!!! I love those sweet tatted pieces...my Nana used to tat, I wish I learned how!

  39. Jealous girl here!!! Oh your finds are fabulous..each and every one of them!



  40. Hi, Oh what a beautiful post, love the mercury door knobs, so beautiful. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

  41. Oh I love your finds I love your creations but I am still sitting here saying to myself "All those x votos for one dollar!!!!!!!!!!!" Your lucky lucky day my dear!!

  42. I don't know WHERE you shop, Michelle, but I sure am glad you shared with us. Everything is absolutely beautiful.

  43. WOW, great finds Michelle as always!! I love those bird clips, my favorite!!!:) So glad tomorrow is Friday its been along week...

    {{{HUGS}}} ♥♥

  44. Stunning; what finds! Just amazing~

  45. My goodness, Michelle, you find the most beautiful things!!! And I love your most recent artwork - all of it, lovely!!!
    Happy Weekend!
    ~ Zuzu

  46. So beautiful, Michelle. You are so fantastic good of what you do.

    Have a great weekend

    Hugs from here

  47. You are so inspiring. Just loaded with it here at your blog. Thank you always for giving us lots of inspiration. Every thing is lovely.

  48. Love it all!!!
    but my fave are your tags and cards near the end. that one pic with the 3 angles singing is wonderful.

    hugs and blessings
    barbara jean

  49. Michelle,
    Your fabulous finds are to die for! Love the old sheet music. I did a whole bookcase of vintage sheet music in my art room and it came out beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog this week, oh and I absolutely LOVE my tombstone and Jane Austin inspired tags I recently got from you. They are GORGEOUS!!!!

  50. Love all your fabulous finds! I too have a thing for pearls and lace, so romantic!Love all your new creations. Can't wait to see those mercury glass knobs made into inspiration holders. How FAB!

  51. Half way through the post I fell out of my chair. I blame you! Oh my goodness! I adore your finds. Can't believe the prices. The bird clips, ex votos and lace are just too good to be true. Love the images you are using on your new creations too. I'm sure they will sell very quickly.

  52. OK REALLY??? Somehow I missed this one. Oh yes, because I was working in another town and got NO blogging time last week. The ex votos for $1? The mercury glass knobs? Oh you're killing me! I love all of your beautiful creations by the way.


  53. Where do you find your beautiful images??? Hope it is ok to ask I would love to have some to make some ornaments


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