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Thursday, November 17, 2011

White "Thursday?"

I thought I was only joking, several weeks ago, when I said I was so late for White Wednesday that it might as well be "Black Friday!"  
Yes....I'm late!
"Why," you might ask? Because of this.....


I let it get away from me.

I didn't have as  much of it as I had thought.

It "flew"right by me...

...and I didn't use it wisely.

It was not well spent.

I needed more of it.

"How rapidly time urges his flight; sometimes as a relentless, unsparing destroyer; but oftener as a swift-winged and beautiful angel: changing, yet not taking away this world's blessings: making our past sorrows look dim in the distance; opening many flowers of pleasure on our way, and gradually ripening our souls for the great eternity."

~William Chambers, September 22, 1921

Happy belated White Wednesday mes amies. 


  1. Great clock collection beautifully shot and a cleverly written post, I enjoyed reading it and seeing it.

  2. cute post ! but now I have a Pink Floyd song buzzing round in my head haha ! Like the quote too ! May you have "many flowers of pleasure" today !
    Gail x

  3. Oh you know how I love clocks!!! You have some wonderful ones and they are displayed beautifully!
    Have a great day.

  4. Hi Michelle,
    What a fabulous collection of vintage clocks!! I have been wanting to start a collection of these. So glad you made it to White Wednesday!
    Have a beautiful day.

  5. Wonderful post! Love all the puns... and I love all your vintage clocks even more! ;)

  6. Wonderful collection & post, Michelle! I was watching the sunrise and wondering how the sun managed to be so far south. November? Already?
    Wishing you a lovely day,

  7. WE are having the same week it seems! I too love your clocks, we all seem to have a weakness for them! Have a wonderful day! t.xoxoxo

  8. Love this post with ALL of your fabulous Clocks!!



  9. You're too cute, Michelle! I didn't get a post done for WW either!! So many ideas, so little time!!

    Hugs to you! Happy White Thursday!! :o)

  10. oh...and the clocks are sooo charming! :o)

  11. Oh, how I know the feeling Michelle. Loving all your clocks:-)

    Better late than never...I always say!


  12. Its "Hazy shade of winter" in my head, lol

    I think we all understand how time is flying these days. Not much left in between waking up and falling asleep anymore.

    Love your collection of vintage clocks. Now you need to set all of those load clacking alarms as not to be late to a very important date...wait that was Alice.

  13. Cuuuuute post Michelle! I love all your clocks, I really want to start a clock collection...haven't broken the news of that to my hubby yet:)

    Happy WW...Better late than never right?

  14. Sweet Michelle, oh yes , do I know that--I so do.
    You made a wonderful post, with all your clocks, and that beautiful verce.
    Hugs and love, Dorthe

  15. This year has flown by but I will always have my memories of all of our chats and laughter!

    No matter what time it is, I will always have time for visiting your blog!

  16. I love that crusty clock!

    I haven't even had time to visit WW this week!


  17. I'm sometimes guilty of not spending my time as wisely as I should. This is such a busy time of the year and the day is over before I know it. Love your beautiful clocks.

  18. It really is about time! You have finally posted something....and I'm here to gobble it all up. Such a beautiful and timeless collection of vintage clocks! I love them all.
    Too bad that we couldn't actually buy more time, just by buying clocks, eh!


    Ciao Bella

    Creative Carmelina

  19. All those clocks Michelle....be still my heart! I Love them old and rusty, and also rhinestone ones as you can tell by my blog header. Can't wait to see you in December at the shop!
    Blessings & hugs,

  20. Hi Michelle,
    It gets away fast, doesn't it? Sometimes I feel like the calender spins on me like in those old black and white movies! But I really think the more you enjoy something in life, the faster it goes by. It's really bittersweet isn't it?
    Have a beautiful weekend, I am sure it will be gone before we know it! LOL

  21. Hi Michelle,
    I know that feeling. It's as if I blink and the day is over. So many things to do and so little time. Your clocks are wonderful. I really do have a thing for them, too!

  22. I love the clock pictures, I only have 6! My mom was a clock repair lady and my grandpop was a clockmaker! Love your sweet blog. Di@cottage-wishes

  23. I have had a great time reading this post...hee hee!

  24. I love your collection. Thanks for sharing!

  25. I hear you Michelle! Can't we figure a way to make it stop.

  26. As I read and looked at this post I kept hearing in my head the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland saying "I'm late I'k late for a very important date...."

  27. Time does seem to slip by doesn't it? You shouldn't beat yourself up you get soooo much done....it's just all part of the season.
    I met one of your number one fans today in my shop. Carolyn just adores you!


  28. Well, it's about time! Hee hee...
    Those clocks look very familiar...I had so much fun 'junking' with you last week Michelle!
    I haven't heard back yet from Karen about 11/29 (it's a no for Sandi), but we're still on for 12/4.
    Can't wait,

  29. Time gets away from us all. Every day I say to myself that I am going to take the time to do a new post but I always seem to run out of time. And it has been over two weeks sense my last post. I would love to do a post every day but it just dosen't happen. But I will keep trying. Have a wonderful weekend. Rebecca

  30. At least you were only late, I missed it completely, sigh. What a marvellous collection of clocks.

  31. Oh I just love all your beautiful clocks! Each one has its own personality and beauty! So sweet! I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  32. Hi there!
    Boy do I hear ya!! Really love that beautiful poem :)


  33. Time has gotten away from me to these days. Lol we need an extra 4 or 5 hours in every day right now! Great post
    hugs Lynn

  34. Michelle--
    I'm having such a wonderful "time" here- the photos are magnificent. That rusty old clock makes my heart beat faster-- love it!! Beautiful- just beautiful--


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