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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

White Wednesday

Sharing photos from around my home and in my studio....
...white roses from my garden...

My new lampshades....
...should i paint the lamp base???

Bathing Beauty tags.....

(now for sale in my shop)

...and my finished garden trowel assemblage....

Happy White Wednesday mes amies!


  1. I think your lamp base is beautiful exactly as it is. Absolutely gorgeous lampshade!! love it.

  2. Oh so pretty! Love those girls! Can't get enough of those fun old photos.

  3. Hello Michelle Louise

    Who could resist the call to do some gardening from such a tempting trowel. These are all such beautiful images.


  4. Oh Michelle, everything is gorgeous and I say Yes, paint the lamp base! I love the bathing beauty tags and the little trowel is just too cute:)

    Happy WW!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing all the whites around your house. Love the lampshade. Can I ask where you purchased it? Gotta love the "bathing beauties"!


  6. Oooh, such pretties. Are those iceberg roses from your garden? They look much better than mine.
    Love the bottle they're in, and your new lamp is tres chic! Hmmmm...tough call about painting its' base. Maybe try to live with it as is for a while, then paint it if it bothers you. :)
    See you SOON! - Susan

  7. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful vignettes. Love your assemblage. I kinda like the contrast with the lampbase, it compliments the spineless books. However, if you plan to leave it there and you want an airy look, paint it.

  8. Happy Wednesday Michelle! Your roses are delightful, and that trowel is magnifique!! I love seeing what you create...you're sooo gifted with an eye for beauty!

    I adore those old knob photo holders, too! Probably one of my favorite creations ever!

    As for the lamp...I like having some color to make the whites stand out. If it were mine, I might just splotch glaze it to give it a little more aged, distressed look. But I do think it looks lovely as is!

    Have a wonderful day!

  9. How beautiful are these shots around your home! Thanks for giving us a glimpse. I love love love those bottles Michelle!

  10. What can I say, Michelle? Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS!!! You inspire me!

  11. Gorgeous things around your home! I really like the way the lamp looks right now, the base matches the writing on the shade.
    Have a lovely day!
    XXX Ido

  12. Paint the base white and then sand off parts of it so some of the brown shows through. That's what I would do anyway!!! Lovely white roses and shade!!

  13. Just gorgeous, comme d'habitude ! Sincerely, I wouldn't paint the lamp base. I adore the look of the 'raw' wood.
    Marta ;O)

  14. Very pretty whites. Your little garden shovel is adorable. I like the lamp base as is but it would also be nice painted in a warm white antiqued a bit.


  15. What beautiful whites! I love the lamp!!

  16. Hallo
    I love your Blog !
    Beautiful things !

    Vriendelijke groetjes van Manja
    from Holland
    Brocante de Knotwilg

  17. GORGEOUS - a simple bottle adds so much charm.
    I would not paint the lamp base, although, I'm sure it would look fabulous if you did. Oy what to do - xo Rhonda

  18. Wow Michelle! Everything is beautiful! I think I would leave the lamp base as is, especially if you're leaving it surrounded by your other goodies in the pic. It all flows together!
    Blessings & Hugs,

  19. Your always have the best stuff!
    Love the bathing beauties!

  20. Who would have ever thought to decorate a garden trowel! You of course!!!! gorgeous photos and my vote is to paint the lamp base a lovely antique white then distress it, it would go so well with all your decor. all just breathtaking!
    Thanks for entering my giveaway Michelle and best of luck!!
    hugs Lynn

  21. Hi Michelle,
    always such a pleasure to visit you:)Love all your whites! Oh, I would paint the lamp base.
    Have a wondeerful day.

  22. Hi dear Michelle ,just taking 5 minutes to blog- as my little Mathilde is here and takes all grandma`s time :)
    but I just had to tell you how beautiful it alwayes looks in your home, I so love the showel, what a cute idea- and your lampshade /lamp and the madonna figure looks so beautiful together.Love your tags, and flowers,too-and wishes you a happy rest of the week.
    Love and hugs,Dorthe

  23. Hi sweet Michelle! That was YOUR gorgeous garden trowel!!! I should have known...I love all that you post on Pinterest ~ your taste is just beautiful to me....absolutely gorgeous! hugs and love, Dawn

  24. Hi girl!
    I've been away, so I had to play catch up on your blog. Here we go.
    Love the resin, lace & religious charms your making.
    Love the way you layered your platters & starfish!
    Love the bathing beauty tags.
    Love that you re-opened your etsy, good for you!
    Love that your doing a give-away. I need to get in on that one!
    Have a great day friend.

  25. Beautiful pictures, I love the ones with the seashells and the gift tags!
    Have a lovely day...


  26. Love, love, love everything!! I can see why your trowel sold already!! I think my favorite are the bathing beauty tags. I love those old swimsuits!! I have a group photo of some swimmers from 1924 with my grandfather front and center! It is one of my favorite photos.

  27. Oh these are enchanting, as is your blog!!!! I have just discovered you and I am now a new and very happy follower!!! I adore the lamp as it is, the wood is a divine shade! Bu then having see your sublime creations I'm sure if you do paint it, it will be gorgeous!!!!! Warmest wishes from a 500 year old farmhouse in England filled with French brocante! Glenda xxx

  28. I always enjoy a peek into your little corner of the world Michelle!
    Love the lampshade and I say paint away!

  29. Hello my Massachusetts friend! ;) Your treasures are lovely!!! (I've been admiring your etsy shop for ages; everything you've listed is just gorgeous!) I'm sorry I haven't been around much. I've been working three part-time jobs as well as being mom-to-four. lol I started a new blog with mostly just photos of the Cape (it's easier for me to maintain for the time being). The link is the last post on my blog. Happy weekend!


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