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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where Bloggers Create 2011


My studio is also my guest bedroom.

Here's where I blog away....

...at a desk that my husband used as a child.

I sit on this old chippy garden chair that was given to me by a friend.

 Here's where I create my jewelry pieces...
the dresser was in my first apartment and has followed me ever since.

An old glass and iron serving tray is my work surface.

I added ruler markings to the inside of the drawer for measuring chain.

 An old, painted, pressed ceiling tin serves as my inspiration board...

 ...it is filled with gifts from special ETSY and blogging friends....

...and anything that "speaks to my heart."

Another old dresser serves as a work surface and...

 ...a place to store fabric...

...and "ruban" (ribbon).

More measurements on the inside drawer "lip" make it convenient to measure my ribbon without having to grab a yard stick or ruler.

An old hutch stores a multitude of supplies...

... and shelves are  filled with destash and tresors.

My original coverless book bundle...

...and jars filled with destash...

...and this and that.

One of my many head vases....
I adore this collection.

A trio of old suitcases store more of my supplies....

...French ephemera and "lacet" (lace).

Wicker hampers hold my jewelry supplies, lace and millinery flowers.
I embellished each tag with "visual" reminders of what's inside each of them....
..."fleurs" (flowers).... 

..."lacet" (lace)...

...and "bijoux" (jewels).

 An old file cabinet that I found curbside holds paper ephemera and...

...more old books.

A bedside table holds more coverless books...

...ready to be made into.... 

...my signature "Coverless Book Bundles"....

My precious bust of Ste. Therese.

I painted a canvas with my "symphony."

An old Singer sewing machine table serves as my "stamping station." It reminds me of the one my grandmother had in her sewing room.

A vintage wire dish rack is the perfect way to organize my tags and stamp sets...

 Two old drawers store more of my stamps and ink pads....

 ...and tresors are on display below the sewing machine.

One of my beloved birds nests....

Oodles of supplies stored in jars on three-tiered wire racks...

 I love using old baking pans to store more of my "destash"...

I have an affinity for vintage buttons...

...and bits and pieces from "a time gone by."

An old liqueur set, which once belonged to my grandparents, helps to organize buttons and old hat pins.

I always have an ample supply of ribbon and coffee dyed seam binding at the ready....

Another bedside table holds pieces that inspire.

 A wrought iron daybed is the perfect place to rest awhile...

 ...on some of my favorite French pillows.

 A rusty garden chandelier brings the outside....in.

And an old mirror reflects inspiration from across the room...

A vintage ink illustration speaks to my heart...

 ...and my sweet chalk cherub holds more of my beloved charms and medals.

An old vanity tray holds more supplies.

A cloche displays one of my sweet oiseaux and a crown i won as a girl in my neighborhood pageant.

 Vintage game pieces represent the "initials" of my blog and ETSY shop name.

A fabric-covered memo board displays more inspiration...

...and a petite shelf holds my collection of old bottles. 

Old vases hold more supplies....

...and a framed print from an old book just "speaks to me."

 A collection of Mary items sit on my desktop...

 ...and I am surrounded by beauty and inspiration.

 My precious, hand knitted nest from Vicki...
one of my most cherished gifts.

 My grandmother...the French seamstress...
one of my inspirations.

 Words that inspire...

 My grandparents...

Some of my hand-rolled speckled clay eggs...

 ...and a sweet angel watching over me as I blog. 

One of my altered collages...

...and petite tresors that i've collected over time.

 And, finally.... my desktop vignette....

"Every heart has it's passion...
doing what you love gives your spirit wings."
~words to live by~

Please click on the "Where Bloggers Create" button on my sidebar to go to Karen's My Desert Cottage for a listing of all the participants in this most wonderful annual blog party!
**Merci Karen**

I'm also linking up to White Wednesday this week... hosted by Kathleen at Faded Charm Cottage!
**Merci Kathleen**

Avec amour, 



  1. What a wonderful place to create in... and soooo beautifully organized. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Such gorgeousness, I love it all! Thanks for sharing your space....:).

  3. Your art room takes my breath away - you have done such an incredible job of storing all your supplies in such a stunning and artful way. The whole room is just eye candy - beautiful!!

  4. Your studio is gorgeous, Michelle! I don't know where to start. I love the striped wallpaper combined with all your beautiful white furniture. Your decorated ceiling tin is fantastic. All your supplies look so very yummy in those jars and baking pans. You must have been excited to find that wonderful file cabinet on the curveside. Your wrought iron bed looks very comfy and like a great place to relax. The vintage stapler is a cool piece and all your vignettes are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your fabulous studio!

  5. I'm sorry. I just don't want to go look at anybody else's studio right now! Haha Just kidding. But only a teeny little bit. This room is the perfect room sized collage that reflects all the rest of your beautiful work. I have tons of stuff in random places all over the house. True, I haven't been creating for the past year. Too long. But your space is an INSPIRATION. A little serene chapel of creative beauty and loveliness. I've seen Debra's (Common Ground) lovely room, and now yours. A most excellent beginning to the exciting event! Bravo! And thanks for sharing your inner sanctum.

  6. Oh my sweet, your studio is just stunning!! I would adore a space such as yours. I hope you and your husband and family are doing okay. I've been thinking and praying for you.
    Have a beautiful night.

  7. Your space is magical. Love the creative storage.

  8. It's like I've looked into your soul, Michelle. Your studio is perfect and exactly how I imagined it. You set the standard of a perfect studio. To be envied that is for sure, my friend.

    I absolutely love everything and when I saw the gifts I've sent you, I smiled, oh, you know I did.

    Blessing to you and like the comment above me, I do not really need to see anyone else's studio. Yours is that beautiful.

  9. OMG I love your creative space!!!!!!!!!! And all of your beautiful supplies and decor!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. Oh Michelle, just absolutely breathtaking! I could just stay there for days creating in all that inspiration! LOVE it! xoxo Debra

  11. aaahhhhh...I feel like I'm in the clouds. So DREAMY!
    I could spend hours looking at all the treasures. Your pictures are splendid. The bust of Ste. Therese is exquisite. Just a beautiful tour. Tresors, indeed!


  12. Ahhhhh Michelle can I be your guest pretty please?
    My what a treat this must be to sleep in that elegant and pretty studio-guest room of yours filled to the brim with glorious details.
    I think I would stay away all night marveling at all your gorgeous treasures and think about what to create with them!
    I have to come back looking at this aray of eye candy again with more time.
    Happy WBC party!!!
    xoxo~ Carola

  13. Michelle, Your space is absolutely amazing! You have created such a beautiful space to work in and it comes shining through in all that you create. Thank you for sharing such inspiring photos...especially love that the desk you use was also used by your husband.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  14. Oh sweet Michelle....can I come stay in your beautiful studio/guest room???? What gorgeous eye candy I would have too!!! I may not even sleep, I would be so inspired I would have to make something with all of your wonderful treasures....your space is truly magical dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  15. Oh Michelle............your studio is one of the most beautiful spaces i have ever seen. No wonder you make such beautiful treasures.....it's so inspiring, al of it!
    XXX Marga

  16. LOVE your studio space Micehlle - it´s so pretty and filled with so much pretty stuff. So inspiring. Love all your displays.
    I wanna come and play in there too ;o)
    Wishing you a wonderful day sweet friend.
    xo Tina

  17. I came across your blog via tumblr (: it's definitely one of my daily visits from now on - I ADORE your workplace and I wish I had a job like yours! Everything is so lovely and inspiring...Thank you so much for sharing these as you've just successfully inspired another individual.

    P.S. I really like the line '...and anything that "speaks to my heart." ' as I look for things that seems to smile back/speaks to my heart too :)

  18. What a wonderful place to create...
    I love it, thanks!

  19. Such a serene and beautiful room! Inspiration abounds! I think any guest would could just sit for days and see something new each and every time they glanced around the room. No wonder you are able to create such wonderful things. Blessings, Tammy

  20. Wow Michelle!!! Your studio is so wonderful and so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I think I might barrow some of your ideas if you don't mind?

  21. Wow! Your studio takes my breath away!

  22. Hi Michelle,
    I could live in your beautiful room and only come out for food and water! It's lovely, inspirational, dreamy and everything I would want to be surrounded by. Love it.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely space.


  23. Michelle,
    I am a New Follower, Your Creative Space is just Breathtaking, full of Creative Inspiration!! Thanks for Sharing~


  24. What a beautiful creative space. I love your color palette and the incredible amount of charming, warm detail everywhere. I loved looking at all your photos and will probably look at everything a second time. Thank you for sharing.

  25. Love your guest room! I plan on doing a bedroom in my house over and you give me inspiration. Just Lovely

  26. Two words: Simply breathtaking!! :)

  27. Beautiful!!
    Theresa N

  28. Michelle,
    Ohmygoodness! Where to begin.
    What an amazing room! I want to come for a sleep over! But I don't think I'd get much sleep because I'd be poking thru all those shelves & drawers. So many great ideas to borrow. Especially the ruler marks inside the dresser drawers. Brilliant! No wonder you create magic.
    Thanks for sharing it with me.

  29. I just want to come over and sit awhile. This is the most beautiful area I have seen in a long, long time. I wish I could convert mine to "shabby and old" again...someday.
    Big Hugs,

  30. It's pure heaven, Michelle! Beautiful and beautifully photographed!

  31. So beautiful - so inspiring - what a delight to my eyes to go through each picture. I love to look at the places where my friends create and yours is beautiful!!

  32. Oh Michelle.. Your Studio is a Work of art in itself. What a Lovely Space for you to Create!Thank you for Sharing!

  33. I'm speechless. Well, maybe just for a moment because I have to tell you it is SO beautiful, Michelle. I would never leave that room. There are so many treasures to inspire you. I know you must smile as soon as you walk in the door. I love it all. I really enjoyed seeing your collections and the entire room. I only wish I could come play!

  34. Michelle, your Studio is simply stunning! Love all your storage ideas and wonderful collections.

  35. Your measurements on the inside of the drawer is so SMART! I've got to borrow that idea!! Love all your beautiful, inspiring things in your studio.

    Blessings.. Polly

  36. That's the most beautiful studio I've ever seen, couldn't expect less from such talented lady like you, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
    Have a fantastic weekend!
    XXX Ido

  37. I could stay in here all day and just hang out. You have a way of putting all the pieces together and make them perfect. Your space is beautiful and I would love to be able to come over and play for a day.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us today, Char

  38. Wow...so many beautiful treasures to create with and all so prettily displayed. It is so you Michelle!
    Hope you are doing well...thinking of you!

  39. I love absolutely everything. The white color palette is amazing -- and mine is the polar opposite, yet I'd trade in a heartbeat. There are SO many things I'd love to own. I will be following your blog now!

    I hope you have time to visit my creative spaces!

  40. WOW, I do not have words to describe how unbelievable your creative space is!!!! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE, it sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!♥
    A piece of heaven on earth, I would be happy there for the rest of my life!!! Your room speaks to me and I wish I had a little Sanctuary like that, I will live through you!:) Something about all white is so soothing! That desk is a treasure, glad you have a special space Michelle, know wonder everthing you make is fabulous, have a wonderful weekend sweet friend! Hugs~Kim :)

  41. Really beautiful! I would love to create in your space everything is just gorgeous. Love Love Love everything. thanks so much for sharing with us all. Lisa

  42. Can I please come stay in your guestroom?? Absolutely GORGEOUS! It is my favorite by far. It is so soothing. Thank you for sharing~

  43. This is indeed one of the most beautiful and inspiring work spaces I've ever seen. This is like a dream come true. I salute you and your gorgeous blog. New follower.

  44. Oh Michelle,
    Your lovely touch is all through your creative space, and I get a real sense of your beautiful heart and soul with your photos and the words that accompany them. Thank you sooo much for helping us to connect with you on a more intimate level. Just delightful...as are you!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Hugs to you!

  45. Your space is absolutely stunning! I can't even consider deciding on one favorite piece! Every single vignette is beautiful done and your collection of Mary's makes me melt.



  46. Well I am comment number 48 so obviously everyone including me loves your studio! I love everything about it, the colors, your collections. And I love all the grouping of such different things you have placed together, all so different, yet perfect together. Just wonderful! :)

  47. So much vintage goodness! It was lots of fun to take a journey with you through your studio. It is so pretty! and I love all of the french embedded in it :) Thanks for sharing!


  48. Total inspiration! I love your creative spirit. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and studio. Hugs, http://petitemichellelouise.blogspot.com/

  49. Michelle,

    My vote is for you...you should be on the cover of "Where Women Create" magazine, seriously. What a beautiful and inspirational room. Thank you for visiting too. Take care.


  50. All I can say is PERFECTION! That is your space!

  51. Wow, Michelle, What a FABULOUS studio/guest room.So when can I move in? LOL
    No wonder your art is so beautiful ,surrounded by so many pretty things, Swoon.....
    hugs Lynn

  52. What a beautiful, and most magical room , dear Michelle, filled to the brim with fantastic furnichures, and creations, from many wonderful artists, -YOU- one of the most lovely ones. I adore all I see, and could moove into this amazing and fabolous room, from now on, and not leave for many-many dayes :) -lol.
    You made the most perfect creative surroundings for your lovely soul, and clever hands,
    Hugs and blessings,-Dorthe

  53. Michelle, your room is amazing It's like being in heaven... I bet you have so much fun creating thinks....


  54. You truly are a sweet inspiration to me! I adore all of your photos which showcase beautifully all of your creative supplies. It must be a dream to sit in your studio space and create away, surrounded with so many pretties! And they are all whites and delightful!
    Thanks for taking the time to post this....there were many pictures, but for me I would have continued scrolling all afternoon just to see more and more!

    Now I'm off to reorganize my own collections....thanks for the inspirations!
    Have a great day darling!

    Ciao Bella!


  55. Wow...I'm gobsmacked. To work in such a room where beauty meets function with a dash of practicality (the measurement idea...genius!) is everybody's dream. You have made it a reality. Gorgeous, gorgeous.

  56. ...such beauteousness!!!
    if you notice another french "pillow" on the daybed,
    pay no attention
    ~ it's just me in disguise, being inspired by a most wonderous space:)
    xo, Rosemary

  57. Michelle, your work space is beautiful....and oh so neat! I've been reorganizing and getting rid of excess stuff for a week now, and still have more to go.

    Love looking at all your lovely photos, with all you wonderful collectibles. What wonderful memories!


  58. G O R G E O U S!!!!! I want to come over and PLAY! What a treat for your guests! Your space is stunningly beautiful. Love every little vignette and area. Clever girl! Love the way you made the ruler on the drawer. Thanks so much for sharing. Following too. :)

  59. Dear Michelle,
    I can feel your heart in there. Thanks for sharing it with us!
    Thinking of you.
    Big hugs,
    Monica xo.

  60. Completely Wonderful! Every picture is charming! Absolutely Love your room. Well done! Love the silver and well, everything!


  61. Such a wonderful place to create in!
    No wonder your creations are so beautiful!

  62. This is such a beautiful serene place to create in. I couldn't help but think of someone, a hundred years from now, opening a drawer and wondering why there are ruler markings inside it. It just makes it that much more special!

  63. michelle!! i am almost speechless.......your studio/guest room is amazing! your attention to the finest of details, reflects your passion for jewelry making and all things french. your space is absotootly beautiful!!! thank you for this wondrous tour and a glimpse into your soul.

  64. I love every inch of this space...the pictures are gorgeous and really give a wonderful vintage feel. Your collections are so beautifully displayed and I am just inspired by every picture! Had to become a follower and add you to my sidebar as a favorite blog..hope you will stop on over to my studio and say hello! Thanks again for sharing such inspiring glimpses into this wonderful world of yours! bertie

  65. Such beautiful treasures, especially your vintage suitcases and picnic baskets! Thanks for the tour.

  66. simply stunning!! i could move right in! love your taste and decorating style!!!

  67. Hi Michelle !
    I understand now where does your inspiration come from... Your creating space is a nest of peace and wellness. Congratulations.
    Bisous ;O)

  68. Dear Michelle, wow...your room is BEAUTIFUL...
    what a large space!
    I love all your photo's.
    I wish my studio was as big and lovely as yours.
    (Mine is such a mess, you inspire me to get started and clean it up).

    hope you are doing well...

    hugs Michelle ♥

  69. Well let me pick myself up off the floor. Wow, did I say Wow? Just perfect. simply lovely. I don't think I can ever go back into my workspace again...Oh well this too shall pass. I am so happy to see your space. Thanks Kathy

  70. Lucky guests! I'd never fall asleep in that room due to looking and looking and looking at all of the fabby stuff. This is inspiring. I bet you love it hey? Thanks for showing us your space! *smiles* Norma

  71. OMG- I have never seen such a beautiful place! No wonder your creations arevso magical. I could be lost forever in any of these photos- they are stunning. You have such wonderful vintage notions- they are all stored so beautifully- I just cannot even imagine having a space .Ike that to call my own! Your guests are so lucky to have that beautiful room to sleep in!!!

    I am so happy your nest still makes you smile. Just seeing it there made me gasp- ( you know- I don't even have one for myself!:(

    Thank you for showing your creative special place. I think this is one of the most beautiful places I have seen.
    Ps- I simply love your husbands desk- how very special that you use it in your craft room. It's totally perfect! And- I loved seeing those little eggs---

  72. What an absolutely gorgeous and inspiring space to create!! Everything in this space speaks to my heart - I am so smitten with it ALL. So reflective of your talent and cherished treasures. xxoo Heidi

  73. Oh my goodness, Michelle, I am DROOLING over each and every display. This room is filled with such wonder, creativity and beauty! I want to visit this post over and over and take in every detail. I'd love to be the 'guest' in your guest room! Such gorgeous collections and inspiration...sigh and more sigh.
    You room MUST be featured in 'Where Women Create' magazine someday. It's phenomenal!
    Thank you for all the inspiration,

  74. WOW! Your creative space is amazing to say the least. This room is a true inspiration!!

  75. Michelle, your blog is one I could visit again and again. Your creative space is full of wonderful surprises. I love how you have found so many useful ways to store and display all your goodies! Thanks for the inspiration, Marcia

  76. So beautiful Michelle! I'm not sure I'd ever leave!!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  77. Good Morning, Michelle,
    I could spend hours in your studio. I love vintage suitcases, jars filled with lace and ribbons, and muffin tins to hold precious trinkets...and how clever to mark off the edge of your drawer for an instant ruler.

    Thank you for sharing your creative space with us. I hope you have time to stop over to visit mine...there's a little giveaway at the end.

    Happy Monday ~Natalie

  78. Michelle
    I am in AWE of your gorgeous gorgeous space! You have so many lovely and treasured things to surround you while you create and a lovely history to many pieces. I could sit and look at this all day LONG! beautiful! thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  79. Michelle, your studio is beautiful. It glows with elegance and creativity

  80. Hi Michelle, Oh what a beautiful place to create. I would never want to leave. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. It is so beautiful. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

  81. What a lovely studio! I've been gone to a show and just now got home, trying to catch up! I absolutely love you space!

  82. Magnifique!!! That room is so beautiful! You have done white to perfection! I would be in there all the time whether I was working or not!! Thank you soo much for letting us have a look! Have a wonderful week my friend and enjoy the hop!!

  83. Soooo Beautiful Michelle!!! What a wonderful place to create. That space is so worthy of a magazine spread! Absolutely Stunning!

  84. Simply beautiful! Everything is dreamy.

  85. The most inspirational of all...I keep looking, studying, and scrolling through all the photos. Perfect model of a romantic (and functional) studio...pure eye candy!

  86. Besides being gorgeous....that's organization like I've never seen before!

  87. Waow Michelle, wat is je ruimte mooi en al wat je hebt is zo mijn smaak! Ik word volger van je blog en wens je veel succes.


  88. Yes I agree this is one beautiful space. A visual treat no matter where one looks. I could go on and on...Stunning! TFS

  89. Oh my goodness! I'm almost speechless! (notice I said "almost"! LOL!) From the inspiration board above the dresser w/ the architectural piece above it all, to all the Virgin Marys----I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it all!!!!!!!! Such inspiration!!! And all in one place!! Your space is absolutely AMAZING!!! I love the creative ways you store your stash of supplies! You also have a beautiful blog! I have so enjoyed visiting & will be back soon. I hope you'll get a chance to drop by my studio on the tour also... Patti in TX

  90. A wonderful space to create and play!!!

  91. I can see that you create until your heart is content.
    Ha...and I thought I got a lot of "STUFF" into one room...you beat me by far...and it's all organized too !
    My Delightful Clutter is everywhere for me. But you have given me many idea's for being more tidy.
    HOW do you get your old bottles SO CLEAN ?
    I would truly like to know. I can't seem to get the grim out of mine.


  92. Your studio space is simply stunning. I could spend all day here looking at everything and wishing I could see it in person. Love everything about your space. The vintage suitcases and all your beautiful collections. I think this is the nicest space I have ever seen. Just love it all! Thanks for sharing!

  93. Hi Michelle,
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. It's so funny because I had just browsed this post the other day (and was totally drooling). I didn't have time to leave a comment at that time (blogger has been giving me problems trying to leave comments lately.) I hope it works this time. Anyway, I just LOVE your creative space, it's just gorgeous. I think I'm going to use your idea and make measurement marks on my desk drawers.
    Have a blessed week!

  94. I am in love with your blog and shall follow it hence forth. I wish I could crawl through my computer screen and see your studio in person! It looks so peaceful and inspiring! It has the essence of what I want to do with my space when I (finally) have a "real" house. Beautiful, beautiful.

  95. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words. We love many of the same things for sure. Looks like you do a lot more with your beautiful things than I do. How I'd love to be a guest in that room and get to see all the treasures up close. Hope you're having a nice week...


  96. Michelle,

    Tres bien! It is beautiful. I'd happily be a guest in your guest room/studio. But you know I'd be touching the tresors. I would just HAVE to. :-) Be well my friend!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful space,

  97. Dear Michelle,
    Sorry that you couldn't read my message, i thought that goole translate would do the translation between you and me, computers are not always my best friends, you see :)

    I completely loved your studio, never seen anything like that before, it's just into my style, really cute, almost dreamed about it last night :)

    So i was very glad that i could follow your blog and that you joined mine too!

    Lots of luck with your studio!

    Un rêve...merci et à bientôt:)
    Carine- http://tachterhuisje.blogspot.com/

  98. Hello Michelle,

    Thank you for offering your help - I will surely contact you with questions ok. Take care.


  99. Hi Michelle,
    your studio is gorgeous!! Love you storage ideas.
    Thank you so much for the tour.Have a wonderful weekend.

  100. Just beautiful Michelle. We have the same passion for many things. :) I use a touch of aqua in my studio rather than the blue shade, but love all that you've shared with us. Thanks for opening up your studio. It's a feast for the eyes.

  101. Your workspace is absolutely charming. Such a delightful space :D


  102. What a wonderful space and so much inspiration for me as I am wanting to do a guest/craft space combo- you combined both beautifully!

    I would love to share your space with my readers with a link back to your blog if that would be ok with you.

    bee blessed

  103. Oh Michelle,
    Such a dreamy space. So many lovely treasures at ever corner for inspiration. I absolutely love it.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  104. An absolutely gorgeous room! It's amazing and I love how there is such inspiration wherever you look. Everything is so artfully and beautifully displayed. Love it!

    God Bless,

  105. Your room is absolutely beautiful. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I'll be visiting again. Thank you for sharing your wonderfully crafted space.

  106. Absolutely Stunning! Love that chair!! Oh to create in your space...divine.

  107. I love every single bit of your this and that.
    Beautiful creative space.
    Thanks for the tour.

  108. Everything looks so gorgeous! I could sit for gours and probably not see everythng! I love all your collections!

  109. What a beautiful place for inspiration. You have given me incentive to create a place for myself with my treaures to inspire. Have a nice Snday!

  110. I am sorry I am so late visiting your gorgeous studio!!! My favorite by far! This comment would go on and on and on if I told you all I loved in this room. Your storage ideas and how you have them displayed are perfect. And the color scheme makes it all feel so calming. LOVE it!!!

  111. Beautiful & Inspiring Post! I had to scroll through your photo's slowly to take it al in. Love everything about your "space"....gorgeous! xoox, tracie

  112. Thank You for your sweet comments as well! It is so very nice to meet you too. I have enjoyed following your beautiful blog!!

  113. Hi Michelle ! I'm back again... just to tell that I've 'pinned' your French pillows under 'Clothing the house' in my brand new Pinterest. I'm so excited with this new tool...
    Je t'embrasse, chère amie ;O)

  114. Michelle there wasn't a photo here that didn't have something that I love in it. Your creative space is truly beautiful and full of beautiful things.
    sending hugs...

  115. Wow, what a marvelous space you have. Your collection of treasures is quite extensive. I would certainly love to explore and play with your wonderful vintage trinkets and treasures. Thanks so much for the wonderful tour and thanks for sharing your beautiful trinket and treasures.

  116. Gorgeous! One of my favorites so far. You have so many good ideas. Very clever how you copied the ruler marks into your drawer. I will be looking back to your blog for a lot of inspiration!

  117. O MY!! What a beautifully serene room filled with so many treasures and eye candy!!
    Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!


  118. Sorry, I'm so far behind on visiting your studio; we're getting ready to move house. I have so many words that come to mind when I see your studio/guest room ~ soft, lovely, charming, restful, inspiring, delightful ~ I could go on, but they are all good!

  119. Very beautiful creative space. The colors are so pretty.

  120. OH MY GOSH--This should be on the front page of a magazine--it is totally breathtaking!! WOW! This is the most beautiful place with so many treasures...I can feel the amazing energy from all the way in the New Orleans...Your studio is astounding.

  121. I think I'd like to rent a room!! This is truly a little piece of heaven on earth! I hope one day to have a room as amazing and as inspiring as this one! Thank you for sharing your passion!


Taking the time to share your thoughts...your words...and your inspiration fills my soul....Merci.