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Monday, April 4, 2011

Some Bargains...

Ahhh....Home Goods...
gotta love a quick trip there for some awesome bargains every now and then.

I found these lovely items there just recently....

I adore this French basket....complete with linen-look lining and all!

This french blue platter is so gorgeous.....
they had mugs and bowls to match...

I haven't decided whether or not i am going to spray paint these eggs a creamy white yet...
i am loving that shade of blue these days so i may keep it "as is."

...and this paper mache wall hanging was too sweet to leave behind...
not quite the right "blue" so i will be painting it for sure!
~*~Oh Happy Day~*~
What HG bargains have you found lately?

Avec Amour,


  1. Wishing we had a Home Goods here in Washington. I see so many people post about the most fantastic goodies they find there! You should know by now to pick up two of everything you purchase (one for you, one for me!)lol xoox, Tracie

  2. You sure found some wonderful goodies! My Home Goods is way on the other side of town so don't get by there very often.

  3. Ooo I love the platter. It's a gorgeous shade of blue!

  4. Hello Michelle, I like that platter is gorgeous. I have found some goodies at Deseret Industries which is the only thrift store in Utah. I will be showing my goodies for White Wednesday. Have a nice day!
    XXX Ido

  5. Everything merveilleux, Michelle ! And why don't you just paint the eggs after Easter? The y loog gorgeous, but your idea is so good...
    Michelle, I wonder if you'd like to participate in my country deco blog with some pictures of yours. Well, I'd better send you an e-mail and explain better...
    See you then...
    Marta :O)

  6. Michelle, dear

    You brought home some wonderfull things--here there are no :Home Goods-- or something like it :(
    you are so lucky- about all the great shops in US--

  7. Oh don't get me going, now I will want to head to ours and see what they have, trouble!!!

  8. I love that blue platter, Michelle. So pretty.

  9. Great finds! Love that egg wreath...it's loaded with eggs!!

  10. I love HomeGoods and I was just thinking this morning that I need a HG Fix!

    Love your sweet finds. That basket with the liner is darlin. Gotta have one!


  11. I have not been for quite a while so I am due for an excursion! Loving all your finds, especially the bunny plaque!

  12. What pretty finds!!! I LOVE that basket! We have a HomeGoods in Hyannis, but I haven't been since Christmastime. :O

  13. I need to go to Home Goods. I just don't know right now where I would put anymore stuff!
    Love your egg wreath. Paint it white after Easter!!

  14. Michelle ~
    Those are awesome finds from Home Goods!!
    I haven't been there in forever and you have made me want to make the trek :)


  15. I love love love Home Goods! I would keep the egg wreath exactly "as purchased"....the colors are so springy! The last thing that I purchased there was St. Patrick's Day decorations for a gal pal...I hope to get back there soon for some outdoor items...Thanx for sharing. Make sure you enter the Giveaway over at The Cranky Queen. tiff

  16. Our Home Goods is hit and miss, sometimes they have tons of great stuff but other times not so much. I love your finds though! I actually like the Easter wreath as is, it's so festive looking:)

  17. Hi Michelle. We don't have Home Goods here in the South, but I raided T. G. Maxx recently. I didn't find anything as pretty as your basket and that beautiful platter. Love the pastels of the wreach and bunny hanging.

    Hope you're having a lovely week!


  18. You made some incredible finds. I love that lined wire basket. ~~Sherry~~

  19. I LOVE Home Goods, you found some great treasures!!!:)

  20. Don't paint the eggs!! They are perfect just as they are!!!

  21. Don't you just love that store Michelle???? I love your sweet finds! Especially that cute little bunny hanging. It looks just like a mold my mother used to have. So cute.
    Let me see...I think the last time I was there I found two of the cutest Cath Kidston look-a-like cereal bowls.
    sending hugs...

  22. Lucky girl Michelle! The basket is tres French fabulous and you know how I love the blue on that pretty platter!
    Happy WW, dear friend. Do you plan to visit Sandi's event this weekend? Maybe I can catch you there. :)
    - Susan


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