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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Can't Stop Myself....

...from creating these "Inspiration Holders!" 
I'm having too much fun....

Here's my newest batch...

~*~"Dark Romance"~*~

"A Little Bird Told Me"
(on reserve)

 "Black Beauty"

 "In Memoriam"

"Rusty Love"

 "Somber Devotion"


 ~*~"Brass Beauties"~*~
(All 3 On Reserve)

 "Key To My Heart"

 "Petite Princess"

 "Too Cute"

 I've embellished most of the holders in this newest line with charms and pieces that can be removed and then worn as pendants, added to charm bracelets or to use as keychains.

Oh happy Day!

Avec Amour,

(soon for sale in my etsy shop)


  1. Your "Inspiration Holders" are truly all that is beautiful.

  2. ...fabulous and mysteriously beautiful!!
    I love, Love, LOVE "in memorium"

    hey, you don't have RED shoes on do you??
    (the girl with the red shoes, couldn't stop dancing or in your case, making these pretties!)
    xoxo, Rosemary

  3. loving Black Beauty!!!!
    She is amazing, well they are all amazing but she is my fav
    Keep on truckin' they are to awesome to stop!!

  4. Oh no I knew it! You have gone quite knobby my dear!! I am in love with your new obsession!! I agree with Ozma - I love 'in memorium'. You are on a roll - who knew that knobs could be so inspiring!! Who knew indeed!!

  5. "Petite Princess" is my favorite. I love these things!

  6. What a beautiful collection! Can't wait to see them in your shop:)


  7. I love Key to My Heart! I love how unique each of these is.


  8. I just love seeing the different collections you have created. You really have a stash of door knobs!!
    They are all beautiful, it really is hard for me to pick a favorite.

  9. Love these gorgeous creations!!! They are so wonderful!!
    Hope you have a great night!

  10. How amazing you are!!! My favorite is Somber Devotion. I feel blessed to own one of your beautiful holders. It has a very special place in my home, and I enjoy looking at it every day and being inspired. Thank you for your creative heart.

  11. They are all so wonderful and beautiful! I love the extra little details you add and the names you give them!


  12. It's okay, you don't have to stop...they're beautiful. Rusty Love is my favorite.

  13. So incredibly beautiful!! I have to say The Brass Beauties are my favorites...You are blessed with a beautiful eye for detail!

  14. Hi Michelle,
    keep them coming - oh, so beautiful!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Oh my goodness, these are beautiful!!! Great job on them!

    God Bless,

  16. ...and you shouldn't stop yourself, those are fabulous! I don't know where you got so many old doorknobs but yay for you! You have made them so beautiful, we are all lucky that you are the one that rescued them! Truly genius, I love all of them, xoxo

  17. You sure do a good job on these Michelle. They are all soooooo beautiful!! I was going through some old Home Companion magazines and imagine my surprise when I ran across a picture showing a doorknob made like this. I don't ever remember seeing it before and these mags are years old. lol
    Happy Friday. I need to crawl back in bed...so tired!!

  18. Just G·O·R·G·E·O·U·S ! Can't believe they're done by hand... You are an artist.
    Your badge, 'très chic' and beautiful, very good taste.
    Je t'embrasse :O)

  19. Genious! Fantastic! (Said with a French accent of course) Mai oui!

  20. Wow!
    I love these! Great job...and it is so true...when you do something you love, you really can't stop!

    Ciao Bella!

    Creative Carmelina

  21. I also love the door knobs made into , whatever you call them card holders, stuff holders, picture holders they are fabulous

  22. Too cute! I loved the last batch too. I can understand how these would become addicting. Each one is just a bit different than the next with wonderful little surprises attached.

  23. Hi Michelle...love, love, love these! Each one is so unique and beautiful!

    Glad you are having fun creating!
    Life is good!

  24. OMG Michelle, I love these dark ones! Can you reserve the "A Little Bird told me" one for me in your etsy shop!!! I want this one, I collect bird things and this one has my name written all over it!!!:) It will go really well with my house too!!! Love, Love, Love it!!!!:) xo ♥

  25. It was sooo great to meet you today at our WCS event. I thought I was following you, so now for sure I am!! Thanks for making the trip to "At Home with White" and also for the great treasure hunt tips. It's so nice to actually put a face and personality with the "blogger". Maybe we can all get together soon for a "junkin' trip". Again, it was such a pleasure to meet you.
    Blessings and Hugs,

  26. I absolutely love these! They are so gorgeous, you are a very clever and inspiring lady! X

  27. Dear Michelle, they are wonderful- I love the brass ones- and all the last with charms on- so--they are beautiful.

  28. These creations are just gorgeous! You are so creative!
    ~ Julie

  29. These are just gorgeous and of course unique - what a wonderful idea! Just looking over your blog and loving every bit and piece of it! Come vsit jennsthreegraces too ok? Jennifer


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