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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bonne Fete to Moi!

Bonne Fete to Moi (Happy Birthday to me).....
Today is my birthday. Oh my...another year older but i am counting my blessings!
Here's a sweet birthday card that i received from my sister, anne-marie....

Inside it reads.....
"You and I are proof that there can be room for two princesses in one family! You rule today, though!"
Soooooo sweet...and i well remember going to the "penny candy" store to buy those candy necklaces (yes..back when they were really just "a penny!")
Truth be told...there were 4 princesses in our house (well 5 including mom)! I have been blessed with three sisters all of whom i consider my dearest friends.

Here's a picture of us from dancing shcool (they are going to die when they read this post...)
Many happy memories spent at dancing school every saturday..all day! That's me, second from the right, along with my sisters...Julie, Suzanne and Anne- Marie. 

And here's a picture of me after i won "The Miss Martin Drive Pageant." The older girls in our neighborhood used to run an annual pageant. We'd practice our "talent" routine, model our favorite summer clothes and all the neighborhod parents would show up on the day of the pageant to watch the new "Miss Martin Drive" be crowned. The year I won was the first year that they had an actual rhinestone crown! For all of the previous years the crowns were handmade out of cardboard that were embellished with jewels and glitter.
I was QUITE the envy of the neighborhood that year!

And...because i am such a sucker for nostalgia...here's my crown today...

...which will be my birthday hat for the day becasue...TODAY I RULE!!

Have a Happy Day!
Avec Amour,


  1. What a CUTE post! And a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!! You must have had such fun growing up with all those sisters!

  2. ...oh what fun memories!! Happiest Bonne Fete to You!! xo

  3. Bonne Fete Michelle! Enjoy your day!!!! Love the tiara!

  4. Happy Birthday, Michelle! Have a wonderful day filled with lots of joy and happiness! Thanks for sharing your cute girlhood pictures!

  5. Happy Birthday Michelle! My sister is my best friend, we laugh at the exact same things! We shared a big bedroom growing up, how could we not be close? Put your tiara on and strut around, today is your day! If you wanna talk old, come talk to me....yikes!


  7. Happy Birthday Michelle.
    The pictures of you and your sisters in your dance costumes is so cute.
    Well your crown with pride your majesty!


  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! and st patty's day too!those photos are adorable!


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