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For as long as I can remember, “art” and creativity have been a part of my life. As a child, I would sketch the myriad of birds that would flutter outside the window of my parent's Cape Cod-style home in Maine. Long walks with my father in the woods behind our home, inspired me to capture nature forever by putting pencil-to-paper and drawing the majestic Pine trees and sweet egg-filled nests that we saw along the way. A Saturday drive along the rocky coast of Maine yielded a treasure trove of smooth, sea-tumbled rocks that were all the materials I needed to create petite figurines. Once glued together, a paint brush and some paint brought my imagination to life. As I grew, my love for artistic expression took hold and became more than just a hobby......it became something that was absolutely necessary in order for me to feel “whole.” The desire to create, no matter what the medium, was as essential to me as breathing. I considered majoring in Art in college but was called in a different direction. There were many years that my studies, my job and my family required my time and attention over my artistic expression. Although it lay dormant ,I always knew that one day it would emerge to feel the warmth of the sun on its’ face and smell the fresh spring air once again....another season to bloom. That “season” came to me several years ago when our only child graduated from high school and was preparing to go away to college. It was at that same time that I lost one of my most lucrative contracts as an Educational Audiology Consultant and, with a husband who traveled frequently, I was facing a completely “empty nest.” It was my mother who said to me: “You need to go back to doing what you love...you need to pursue your artistic passion once again.” And so....with no direction or vision to follow but with the unwavering support and encouragement of my loving husband...I listened for that whisper in my heart to guide me on the path that would lead me back to my heart’s true passion...my “art.” In doing so, I have once again found my “wings.”
“The desire to create is one of
the deepest yearnings of
the human soul. No matter our
talents, education,
backgrounds, or abilities, we
each have an inherent
wish to create something that
did not exist before.
Everyone can create. You don’t
need money, position,
or influence in order to create
something of substance. Creation brings
satisfaction and fulfillment.
We develop ourselves and
others when we take organized
matter into our hands and mold it into something of

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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  1. Michelle I LOVED reading your story!! I too have a passion for creating that came from my childhood. It kinda completes me when I can do it. And I LOVE it when others love what I make and do. I have the support of my family. I listen to hear what God is trying to tell me. I am really trying right now as I have a disease that keeps me from working at a big girl job. You have inspired me today as I read your story, And I am working on my studio and yours is so beautiful. I can see how you can create such beauties!! I hope and pray as God opens doors for me I don't just run in to them!! Thanks for sharing!! XOXO Love Fran.

  2. Dear Michelle,
    Thank you for your beautiful, thoughtful writing and Blog' I have just started a blog; http://marianndunsmore.blogspot.ca/

    I am 57 years old. For the past 10 years I took care of my aging parents, who now have both passed on. They are fine, I am taking God's hand and returning what I love to do, sit with ancient images of the Madonna, and interpret this interior place as it comes to my imagination. Peace to you Mariann D

  3. Loved reading this Michelle! And so true that creativity dwells in each of us! So many people truly believe they can't create anything. I always tell them they most certainly can!!
    Blessings, sweetie!

  4. Michelle, I met you today at Pettingill's Vintage Bazaar ~ you were my best find all day! I can't wait to get back home and display all the treasures that I bought from you. Merci!

  5. Michelle, I met you today at Pettingill's Vintage Bazaar ~ you were my best find all day! I can't wait to get back home and display all the treasures that I bought from you. Merci!

  6. Hello dear Michelle, reading your profile it's almost like reading about myself (with some differences in details of course). I'm so happy to have come accross your beautiful blog. Thank you for your sweet visits and comments too :)
    I love the quote from Dieter F. Uchtdorf! I think it was from his talk "Create", wasn't it? One of the best talks ever!
    Wishing you a sweet day. Hugs,

  7. Hi Michelle...I found your blog by surprise today and enjoyed browsing through all of your lovelies, reading all of the interesting quotes and your past columns. What a delight! I wanted to look at your pinterest boards, but was unable to make anything happen when I clicked on "Follow Me On Pinterest". Did I click on the wrong thing?
    Anyway, I wanted to compliment you on your enchanting blog and let you know I'll be visiting quite often.

  8. hi judy....you left me no way to contact you so i hope you see this message....if you click on the collage of pictures of my Pin boards, it will take you there OR just click on the Pinterest icon above where it says "welcome to my blog" on my right sidebar. so happy you stopped in! "merci" for your very kind words! ;)

  9. Hi Michelle, you are so very talented with an eye for beauty. What lovely things you have created. I would love to replicate your Holy Mary craft in the watch cases for a young Catholic girls group. Do you mind if I ask where you got your sepia pictures of Mary from? Thank you and God bless you! Terkim99@yahoo.com


Taking the time to share your thoughts...your words...and your inspiration fills my soul....Merci.