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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Keeping Warm....

Hello Dear Friends...
I hope this finds you all well. 
Here on the East Coast, we’re buried under several feet of  freshly  fallen snow and awaiting even more! Naturally, one tends to spend more time in a warm, cozy home rather then venture out. 

Here's where I've been spending most of MY time....

I hope you are all warm and cozy wherever you may be!


  1. Your home is beautiful. Love the angelwings on the wall.
    We also have plenty snow. In fact it`s snowing just now. I think it`s enough now.
    Hugs from here

  2. J'adore, c'est superbe.
    Tes décorations ressemblent beaucoup à mon chez moi.
    Merci de ce somptueux partage
    que j'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à parcourir
    Je t'inscris dans mes liens
    pour que plus de Françaises puissent venir profiter de tes partages
    Passe une belle et douce journée bien au chaud de ton cocon.
    Bises de la Provence en France

  3. Your bedrooms are just beautiful Michelle! I am in love with your pretty pillows and the painted wicker baskets. All of the French touches you've added are tres chic. And I love your mirrors, too! Keep warm:)

  4. Hi Michelle,
    Love all the wonderfully inspiring quotes pinned to the knits, I am so big on quotes, i attach them to my inspiration board in my home office and the frig :)
    Your room filled with pillows of neutrals speak to me, and what better then displayed with a iron metal bed.

    I have 3 iron beds,network of them in use right now and I never tire of looking at them, they feel so romantice, especially this month....as yours does the same for you I am sure.
    Thank you again for gifting such beauty.


  5. Beautiful photoes from your beautiful home, dear Michelle Louise ,
    Love your pillows, book-boks,- the lovely knit with the wonderful qoute, and the sweet heart!!
    I wish you a beautiful snowy rest of the week. Here we have snow,too, but we can`t messure as much as you ,lol-

  6. Michelle stay warm and safe. I love your beautiful home, and topping it off with all of those beautiful quotes. :) Jo

  7. Pretty wonderful! Up to your usual beauty I see.

  8. Your home reflects your heart, full of warmth and grace. xxx

  9. Your home is gorgeous! I love the mirror and angel wings over your bed. Yes, stay inside and keep warm!

  10. Beautiful, as always, Michelle. We got a ton of snow, and, it's still falling. Stay warm.

  11. Hello my friend. I always love seeing your beautiful home pics. So serene and lovely. Yep we are getting that same blizzard and snow you guys had. We got 19 inches of snow on Sunday and a few more today and a few more tomorrow. I am dreaming of seeing Spring hopefully soon. Stay warm and safe.

  12. can I move in?....lovely, peaceful, serene, calming....

  13. Your home is always so beautifully decorated. Love your style.


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