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Friday, July 18, 2014

Happy Week's End....

Happy week’s end Mes Amies...

...I hope it's a lovely one! 


  1. sweet! monsoon rain here in South Louisiana....and of course a HAIR APPT!! happy day to you Michelle....

  2. Happy Week's End to you too Michelle. Enjoy!

  3. Hi Michelle! This week we were up in Concord to visit my favorite shop, Nesting. I was talking to the owner and we got on the subject of Somerset Life, which was how I discovered the store a few years ago, and she mentioned your name. I told her that I read your blog. I knew you lived in that neck of the woods, but how fun that we both shop at that store! I only go up there once a year. I envy anyone that can go more often! Have a great weekend. Sue


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